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Photographs-Trego and Ellis Counties

Date: 1895 - 1915

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Photograph

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Title (Main title): Photographs-Trego and Ellis Counties

Scope and Content

Scope and content: A collection of photos taken mostly in Trego and Ellis Counties in Ks-

185. Joseph, Theresa (Weber) and daughter Sophie Erbert (Note Religious Pictures and articles on the wall.) Erberts are emigres from Bucowina, crown province of Austrian Empire, Ellis County;

189. Erbert Family: L to R Sophie, Joseph, Theresa (Weber) and baby Leo. (Note wearing apparel and house furnishings)Ellis Co.,. Ks. Eberts are emigres from Bucowina, crown province of Austrian Empire.

183. Joseph and Jodepha (Fuchs) Erbert in 1896 in Ellis Co,. Ks Same setting as 185 and 189.

205. Family gathering: Frank Erbert, Regina (Flachs) Weber, Theresa (Weber) Erbert, Catherine (Neuberger) Erbert, Josepha (Fuchs) Erbert and unidentified woman. All are emigres from Bucowina, crown province of Austrian Empire

196. Family gathering: unidentified, Joseph Weber, Jr., Joseph Weber Sr., Joseph Ebert Sr., unidentified, Rudolph Erbert, Joseph Ebert (standing, Herman Erbert (small boy standing by Rudolph Erbert. Emigres from Bucowina, crown province of Austrian Empire.

166. L to R : Theresa (Weber) Erbert, Pauline (Flax) Miller. Regina (Flachs) Weber.

91. Joseph Erbert, Sr. farmstead one mile northeast of Ellis, Ks.

103. Same as 91 Joseph and Josepha (Fuchs), Theresa (Weber) Erbert, holding Englebert, Sophie, Joseph E., and Leo Erbert (Standing on chair).

97. same as 103.

93. same as 103.

169. Leo Erbert with sister Sophie, Ellis. Ks.

207. Grave Marker of Joseph Erbert--first burial in St. Mary's Cemetery. Died 25 Feb 1900. Ellis, Ks.

151. Indian Wrestling, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

175. Close up of young fans of Indian wrestling. See photo 151.

77. Gunplay, Rudolph J Erbert, Joseph Erbert Jr., (big) Joe Erbert, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

79. Doing some hunting. Rudolph J. Erbertand Joseph Erbert, Jr. Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

113. Joseph Erbert Jr. and Rudolph Erbert with fold down top buggy drawn by white horse. Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

110. Herman and Frank R. Erbert in two wheel horse drawn cart. Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

199. Mourners at gravesite in Ellis Co., Ks

195. The deceased on a draped table in the home.

204. Same as 195.

201. Same as 195.

129. GoodChuck (Culjack) sisters, Mildred and Mary standing by first St. Mary'ss Church on Washington
street, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

187. Organist, Leo Tauscher with choir consisting mostly of his brothers and sisters in the loft of
First St. Mary's Church on Washington Street, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

137. Same as 187.

133. Choir of St. Mary's church consisting mainly of the family of Joseph and Therea (Behne) Tauscher, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

126. Twin sisters -Victoria and Anna--of Michael and Victoria (Ottaq) Goodchuck standing by front of St. Mary's Church, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

157. Same as 126 but with other members of the family.

71. Tornado destruction of farm buildings in southeastern Trego County, Ks.

72. Same as 71.

68. Tornado destruction near home same as 71 and 72.

67. Over-turned wagon destroyed shed for steam engine by tornado ssme as 71,72,68.

69. Another view showing overturned header box from tornado, same as 67,68,71,72.

144. Tauscher with violin seated by pump organ, Ellis, Ellis Co., KS.

124. Rudolph with violin and Minnie Tauscher seated by pump organ, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

123. Katherine (Mahlberg) Tauscher seated by pump organ, Ellis, Ellis co., KS.

57. Teacher with Horse in Tauscher Yard, Ellis, Ks.

177. Tauscher dressed in Sunday best, Ellis, Ks.

132. Tauscher brothers with uniform, Ellis, Ks.

74. Rudolph Tauscher riding bicycle, Ellis, Ks.

82. Leo and Rudolph Tauscher out for a Sunday hunt. Ellis, Ks.

20. Men standing in field of rye, Ellis, Ellis Co., Ks.

81. Rudolph Tauscher dressed in Spanish American war uniform. Born Feb. 1878 in Bucowina, crown province of Austria.

193. Rudolph and John Taushcer seated discussing politics. Note flags on wall. Ellis, Ks

190. Same as 193.

145. Tauscher holding child in yard, Ellis, Ks.

138. Tauscher sitting in house, Note furniture and wall hangings, Kerosene Lamps, Ellis, Ks.

161. Same view as 138 with child seated in high chair. Ellis, Ks.

84. Man with saddled horse standing in Chalk hills, Ellis Co., Ks.

59. Young man with saddled horse. Trego County, Ks.

34. Same as 59 but close up view, Trego County, Ks.,

60. Young boy on small horse, Trego County, Ks.

83. Man with horse, Trego County, Ks.

27. Man with horse, Trego County, Ks.

56. Two men riding horses followed by dog, Trego County, Ks.

87. Man and woman riding horses, Trego County, Ks.

47. Horses, Trego County, Ks.

28. Horse grazing, Trego County, Ks.

54. Mare with filly, Trego Conty, Ks.

44. Horses in field, Trego County, Ks.

51. Same view as 44 with a man holding reins, Trego County, Ks.

136. Silverdale School with pupils in foreground, Ellis Co., Ks.

147. Closeup of children at school. See 130.

105. Children at school. Note lunch pails. Ellis Co., Ks.

115. Children at school, note dress and lunch pails. Ellis Co., Ks.

95. Country School, Trego County, Ks.

104. Same as 90 and 95. School Children in foreground with teachers. Trego County, Ks.

191. Same as 104.

120. Spring Wagon with two-horse hitch, Ellis Co., Ks.

7. Grain wagon with horses hitched and driver. Ellis Co., Ks.

121. Horse drawn wagon, Ellis Co., Ks

119. Same as 121.

114. Two-horse wagon with top. Passengers have lap robe cover, Ellis Co., Ks.

116. Two-horse drawn wagon. Passengers have lap robe cover. Ellis Co. Ks.

111. Surrey with top, drawn by two horses. Ellis Co., Ks.

122. Horse-drawn carriage with fold down top. Passengers are covered by fur lap robe, Ellis, Ks.

108. Horse drawn carriage with many passengers, Ellis Co., Ks.

107. Various models of horse drawn carriages on farmstead, Ellis, Ks.

112. Single Horse drawn carriage with top, Ellis Co., Ks.

40. Cowboy holding saddled horse, Ellis Co., Ks.

52. Same as 40.

38. Same as 40 and 52.

35. Same as 38,40, and 52.

53. Same at 35,38,40, and 52.

37. Cowboy on horse. Same rider as shown on 35,38,40,,52,and 53.

76. Rabbit hunting with game on ground, Trego County, Ks.

85. Ready, aim, fire. Hunting in Trego County, Ks.

80. Hunter with belt of bullets. Trego County, Ks.

86. Ssme hunter taking aim and firing the shotgun. See smoke, Trego County, Ks.

78. Man holding gun with stock resting on the ground. Trego County, Ks.

152. Man in uniform holding gun resting on ground. Trego County, Ks.,

18. Double horse drawn grain wagon. Trego County, Ks.

14. Drill drawn by four horses driven by William Lutz. Trego County, Ks.

6. Same as 14, another view. Trego Co., Ks.

16. William Lutz Standing by grain drill. Colt following drill. Trego County, Ks.

39. William Lutz holding reins of horse. Note header in rear. Trego County, Ks.

109. William Lutz dressed in Spanish-American war uniform standing by feed stables. Trego County, Ks.

11. Harvest scene. Header being pushed by team of horses. Trego County, Ks.

13. Another view of photo 11.

25. Header box pulled along side of header to receive cut grain. Trego County, Ks.

23. Same harvest scene as 25 but another view from the rear. Trego County, Ks.

21. Threshing scene, water tank, steam engine and threshing machine. Trego County, Ks.

26. Threshing scene. See 21. Trego County, Ks.

3. Threshing scene with harvest crew. See 21 and 26. Trego Co., Ks.

55. Harvest hand on photo 3. Trego County, Ks.

2. Threshing crew same as 3 and 55. Trego County, Ks.

1. Threshing crew same as 2,3 and 55. Trego County, Ks.

41. Close up of rider on horse on photo one. Trego County, Ks.

4. Early morning for threshing. Trego County, Ks.

17. Moving steam engine and wagon to next Location. Trego County, Ks.

5. View of header and water wagon for harvest. Trego County, Ks.

19. Threshing equipment being moved to new location. Trego County, Ks.

15. End of day for threshing crew. Trego County, Ks.

12. Harvest crew taking a break. Trego County, Ks.

63. Cattle in fenced area. Trego County, Ks.

22. Cattle in barnyard. Trego County, Ks.

29. Bull standing by wall. Trego County, Ks.

30. Cattle standing by wall built for protection from elements. Trego County, Ks.

49. Cow looking at camera. Trego County, Ks.

96. Farmstead. Note man in windmill. Trego County, Ks.

8. Another view of farmstead. See 96. Trego County, Ks.

46. Cattle out to pasture. Trego County, Ks.

64. Cattle at pasture. Trego County, Ks.

24. Large heaRd of cattle at pasture. Trego County, Ks.

61. Farmstead with cattle in foreground. Trego County, Ks.

92. Cattle Shed. Trego County, Ks

32. Barnyard with wooden windmille. Trego County, Ks.

88. Another view of 32. Trego County, Ks.

58. Farm Scene with cattle grazing. Trego County, Ks.

10. Hauling straw or hay for winter feeding. Trego County, Ks,

206. Gathering 9of People--possibly a farm auction. Trego County, Ks.

176. Two Women - one holding child. Trego County, Ks.

165. Two women standing by young calves, Trego County, Ks.

9. Crew ready to proceed with butchering a pig. Trego County, Ks.

94. Drilling a water well, Trego County, Ks.

42. Grove of trees, Trego County, Ks.

101. House in Trego County, Ks. Note architecture.

106. Farmhouse with vines on porch. Trego County, Ks.

36. Horse by Farmhouse with man holding reins. Trego County, Ks.

98. Shed with Children on roof and fence. Trego County, Ks.

175. See 98. Same Children photographed on ground. Ellis, Ks.

62. Resting. Note woodpile of old trees. Ellis, Kd.

198. Marching band in a rural town. Trego County, Ks.

89. Foundation of church. Trego County, Ks.

102. Same view as 89.

31. Church in small town, Trego County, Ks.

99. See 31. Clearer view of church, Trego County, Ks.

182. Lady sitting in tree. Ellis, Ks.

174. See 182. Two ladies dressed in white. Ellis, Ks.

186. Lady seated at pump organ. Trego County.

125. Typical garb of emigres from Bucowina, province of Austrian empire who arrived in Ellis-Trego Counties beginning in 1887 to approximately 1910.

127. Seated young lady in wool dress. Trego County, Ks.

141. Child seated on bed, Curiosity on wall above bed. Draped shelf with tassels, Ellis, Ks.

150. Same as 141. Mother is holding child. More detail of shelf shown. Ellis, Ks.

188. Living room setting. Possibly people of Scandanavian origin. Ellis, Ks.

50. Two youngsters by fence. Trego County, Ks.

100. Children in farmyard with turkeys to right. Ellis, Ks.

172. Children in yard. Note tricycle and Sunday dress of each. Ellis, Ks.

140. Children in winter wrap. Ellis, Ks.

200. Game of baseball in progress in farmyard. Ellis, Ks.

75. Man riding bicycle. Ellis, Ks.

73. Same as 75.

173. Three young ladies. Trego County, Ks.

168. Children in farmyard by house. Ellis, Ks.

139. Children with wooden bowling pins and wooden train. Ellis, Ks.

156. Boy with dogs. Ellis, Ks.

162. Boy holding dog so he wouldn't chase rabbit in foreground. Ellis, Ks.

181. Family posed by farmhouse. Trego County, Ks.

134. Children in farmyard showing wooden windmill. Trego County, Ks.

155. Children ready to roll the ring. Trego County, Ks.

148. Children with winsome smiles. Trego County, Ks.

179. Engaging child by house, Trego County, Ks.

130. Child in house. Trego County, Ks.

159. Young lad by picket fence. Ellis, Ks.

128. Four children dressed in Sunday best. Ellis, Ks.

158. Same as 128.

170. Children posed outside. Ellis, Ks.

163. Boy with Bulldog. Trego County, Ks.

171. Boys with white shirts. Ellis, Ks.

160. Girl holding china doll by flower bed. Ellis, Ks.

131. Two girls standing by Flower garden. Ellis, Ks.

164. Two children posed inside house. Ellis, Ks.

209. Same as 164.

203. Baby in wicker buggy, Ellis, Ks.

184. Small child seated in wicker buggy. Ellis, Ks.

202. Small child on day bed. Ellis, Ks.

153. Small child propped on Chair. Ellis, Ks.

149. Small Children standing by stone house. Trego County, Ks.

135. Two mothers and their daughters seated on hill. Ellis, Ks.

197. Girl with horse petting dog. Ellis, Ks.

167. Mother with two daughters standing by picket fence. Ellis, Ks.

146. Family gathering by farmhouse, Ellis, Ks.

48. Young man in 146 petting doe and holding reins of horse. Ellis, Ks.

192. Lady in 146 without coat standing in yard. Ellis, Ks.

194. The latest fashion. Same person as in 146 much younger.

208. Ladies by horses. Ellis, Ks.

180. Two families on Sunday visit. Ellis, Ks.

117. Couple in fold down top buggy. See 180.

118. Couple in Buggy. See 180.

178. Couple with children by stone house. Trego County, Ks.

142. Man and Woman with small boy standing by house of cut limestone. Trego County, Ks.

154. Close up of small boy in 142.

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