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Greenwood County Scenes

Date: 1875 - 1932

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Summary: 1) Bessie Lindamond; 2) Alida Hanson Crumrine; 3) Mabel Nelson, Dora Johndal & Alida Crumbine; 4) A.R. Peters Jeweler, 1895, Eureka, Kansas. A.R. Peters was Will Peter's father & Frances Hartman's grandfather; 5) From right to left: Earl Hager, Dick Crebo, Ed Walker, Will Peters, Murray Homes & Frank Bowman, 1904; 6) A fishing party at S. Brookovers, April, 1897. W.T. Peters is on the right. He is Frances Hartman's father; 7) Melvin Hanson (died from a fall from the top of a silo, c.1930); 8) Wayne Sumner; 9) Moss estate farm scene; 10) Hazel Gilroy riding the stacker horse west of Quincy, 1910 or 1911. the man in the background is stacking hay at the Zack Gilroy farm; 11) Tom Brown of Fall River showing 4-H steer at the County Fair, August 4, 1932; 12) Anita Rockley near the front porch of the original Munger ranch house. The house burned July 4, 1920; 13) Margaret Ann & Joseph Burke of Greenwood County, Flint Ridge area, married June 19, 1875; 14) Chester Reich of Eureka; 15) Amanda Burke of Eureka; 16) Elk on the Munger ranch; 17) Burke family, 1900: Margaret Isthman Burke (mother), Walter (oldest), Amanda (3rd), Joseph A. (father), Ernest (4th), Anna (5th), & Frank (2nd). Greenwood County settlers to the Flint Ridge area

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Title (Main title): Greenwood County Scenes

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    Eureka (Kan.)
    Fall River (Kan.)
    Flint Ridge (Kan.)
    Greenwood (Greenwood County, Kan.)
    Quincy (Kan.)
    Stores, Retail