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University of Kansas Paleontologists

Date: Unknown

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

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Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 312105

Summary: 1) Unidentified man in front of tent associated with KU Paleontology; 2) Man (possibly Handel T. Martin) with dead wild animal, KU Paleontology; 3) Four unidentified men at unidentified location, KU Paleontology; 4) Two men (Possibly Handel T. Martin (in cap with firearm) and his brother) with wild animal, Patagonia, KU Paleontology, c. 1903; 5) Handel T. Martin & crew at work in trench on south slope of Rhino Hill, Wallace County, Kansas, Men pictured: Martin, Roernike?, Herdbuder, Johnson, Bearnes?, Pennock?, KU Paleontology, c.after 1900; 6-7) Handel T. Martin sitting on chair reading book, Patagonia Expedition, KU Paleontology, c.1903; 8-9) Handel T. Martin examining specimen, unidentified location; 10) Handel T. Martin shellacing a lower Rhino jaw, Rhino Hill Camp, Wallace County, Kansas, KU Paleontology, n.d.; 11) Portrait of Handel T. Martin in a suit, n.d.; 12) Handel T. Martin examining specimen, unidentified location; 13) KU Paleontology Team eating at table in front of tent, Lightning Creek, Wyoming, c.1890's: 14) KU Paleontology Team at South Dakota Expedition to the Badlands, Mr. Gowell, Brown, Kahl, Williston, Sams, Riggs, Jewett & Snow, 1894; 15) KU Paleontology Wyoming Party (L to R: Martin, Case, Beale, Lee, Logan, Williston, Professor Bailey took picture), 1897; 16-18) KU Paleontology Team (Handel T. Martin second from left), unidentified location; 19) 8 x 10 Black & White print of item #14; 20-24) 8 x 10 Black & White print of Item #13

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Title (Main title): University of Kansas Paleontologists

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    Mount Oread (Lawrence, Kan.)
    South Dakota
    Wallace County (Kan.)
    Bailey, E. H. S. (Edgar Henry Summerfield), 1848-1933
    Martin, H. T.