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Photographs- Various Kansas towns

Date: 1907 - 1922

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Photograph

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Title (Main title): Photographs- Various Kansas towns

Scope and Content

Scope and content: Photos taken in various Kansas towns -

1. Laying the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple, Manhattan, Kansas, April 14, 1921. It was located at the corner of sixth and Poyntz in Manhattan. Contractor was Clarence Johnson of Manhattan.

2. Students and children in front of the public school at Conway springs, Ks, Nov. 16, 1920.

3. Teachers and students in front of school at Diamond Springs, Ks.

4. Soba-Ash plant, Hutchinson, Ks, Sept 11, 1908.

5. Sgt. Jason Paul Loomis in the Canadian troops, 1918. He was the son of Franklin Phillips Loomis of Diamond Springs, Ks.

6. Wilbur Loomis Rude. This photo may have been taken while he was police judge at Council Grove.

7. David Rule and his family in front of their home. This house was burned and a small house was built beyond the log house to the north.

8. Waconda Springs, July 4, 1908.

9. Well construction crew, Diamond Springs, Ks. 1907.

10. W.L. Rude home.

11. Grading on the Missouri Railroad, east of Delevan, Ks.

12. Fred Rice's home, Diamond Springs, Kansas.

13. Black Jack Springs, St. George, Ks. Woman is Lenora Rude Drayer.

14. Leo Garrison of Middle Creek, Ks (Marion County).

15. W.L. Rude's car with three unidentified people standing behind it.

16. Unidentified woman standing next to a pedestal holding rolled up document (may be her graduation certificate.

17. Log cabin at Diamond Springs, Ks. Built prior to the Civil War. It was the first home of Jason Loomis. Seated man is probably Dabid B. Rude, on wagon is probably Glen Rude , children Lenora Rude and Glendola Rude.

18. David B. Rude of Diamond Springs with his grandchildren Claude and Ruth Batty.

19. Claude Wise, Harold Sturgis, Milford Enyart, Lester Drayer and Bud Sturgis working in a field of Sorgham or milo.

20. Leo Garrison in military uniform.

21. Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Drayer - Viola Abigail Taylor Drayer, Delevan, Ks.

22. Harold and Calvin Drayer near a vehicle.

23. Lenora Drayer and Stella Carlson riding in a 1920-1922 Buick.

24. An unidentified woman and three children standing near the artisan well at Meade, Ks.

25. A group of people at Helfry Hill in Council Grove, Ks.

26. Edward Ball and an unidentified child. Photo tken ca. 1922.

27. Ruby and Clara Beth Garrison playing house.

28. A group of 12 women standing in front of a building. Women not identified.

29. Windmill and watering tank with two unidentified men in the watering tank.

30. Edward Ball, Beulah Carlson and an unknown child sitting on porch. ca. 1922.

31. Unidentified Senior boys at Conway Springs.

32. Two primary children at Conway Springs dressed in bird Costumes.

33. Clara Symes in front seat and her parents, John Symes and Ann Symes.

34. Betty Jean Drayer at 7 weeks be held by unknown man.

35. W.L. Rude and C.S. Rude.

36. Gladys and Clifford Rude in uniforms.

37. Clifford Rude at Camp Funston in 1918.

38. Clifford Rude's gun crew and their gun, 1918.

39. Middle Creek and Symes group with their first cars, unknwn names.

40. Ruth Tenney Campbell and Lenora Drayer at Sunset Park in Manhattan,Ks.

41 Stella Batty and Ruth Batty Brown's boy sitting on the steps of a porch.


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