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Photographs-Overland Park, Ks and Strang Line

Date: 1900 - 1925

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Title (Main title): Photographs-Overland Park, Ks and Strang Line

Scope and Content

Scope and content: Four folders of Photographs taken in Overland Park area.

Folder one- three photos of Overland Park Historical landmark. Strang stone garages or carriage house; one of the original gas wells of Overland Park, near the Strang line depot; one of the original gas wells of Overland Park/ This on in front of or near the car storage buiding of the Strang Line Trolley. Locations of other photos not given.

Folder two -

1. Charles Cyrus Halliday, atty at law.

2. Eliza Moody, Catherine Carpenter, Florence Gruber Proctor.

3. Riley Morrison , mules and wagon on Overland Park Drive. In the background are the Armstron house and the Presbyterian church.

4. Foster and 80th.

5. Eastside of Street - 81 Conser.

6. Overland Park road sign.

7. Thomas Riley, Gen. Mgr. of Strang line from 1907-1940. Before his promotion in 1907 he was the General Superintendent of the line.

8. 1918 Overland Park School 1st and 2nd grades.

9. Steel car for Strang Gas-Electric.

10. De LLoyd Thompson, aviator, 1914.

11. Aviation Park.

12. Original at Johnson County Historical Museum, Overland Park's aviation scene at 82 and Robinson Streets; Strang pavilion building in background.

13. Same as Twelve.

14. Overland Film Co., Camerman - 1916

15. Same as 14.

16. O.C. Proctor farm home after move to SE corner of 80th and Marty.

17. Dovie Morrison Campbell- 1924 vintage picture. This snapshot was in her husbands pocket watch all their married life and until he died. Note the pin on her dress front which looks like the same Mrs. Strang wore in a pictured before the 1900. Dove's daughter Barbara Lindsey says she now has the pin in her possession.

18. Dovie Morrison and James Mee, taken at Overland Park, Ks. James Mee was the younger brother of Mrs. Landura de Xavier, close friends of the Strangs in New York. Dovie is Mrs. Strang's niece, a daughter of Riley and Irma Morrison.

19. Mr. and Mrs. Strang in their surrey with fringe. Team of horses brought with them from NYC. "Beauty" was black mare and "Bob" the white horse. In June of 1916 Mr. Strang presented Bob to Captain Garrett of the Third Regiment and sold Beauty to another officer of the same regiment. The horses were shipped to Nevada, MO. Photo courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Langdon.

20. Houses used by the Strang's in Overland Park.

21. Margaret Morrison Strang (Mrs. W.B. Strang, Jr. Margaret died April 2, 1927 in Kansas City, MO.

22. Wm. B. Strang, Jr. and wife, Margaret Morisson Strange in 1890's. In Hot Springs Ark. during a short vacation. The horses were rented for the day.

23. William B. Strang, Sr. He was born in Tipperary County Ireland in 1833; died June of 1899 While at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. He was buried at Kansas City, Mo at St. Mary's Cemetery.

24. Catherine Fleming Strang (Mrs. W.B. Strang). Catherine refered to herself as Mrs. C. Strang, photo taken about 1900 or 1901. She was born in Ireland, died July of 1926,

25. Portrait by Antonio Torres, subject not identified.

26. Portrait "On the Eastchester River, Mt. Vernon" by Edward Gay A.N.A.

27. "Summer" Cooper Tapestry.

28. Strang Mausoleum, Lenexa, Ks cemetery.

29. Miss Oregita Strang at age eight years. Ogerita was Mr. Strang's niece, his brother John's daughter. This picture hung in the gas-electric car which was named after her, the "Ogerita,"

30. Overland Park Walnut Grove and and park area between the rows of trees. Sante Fe between 79th and 80th, Mr. Strangs team and carriage- Bill MdFall driver- Pavilion and Depot-Walnut grove.

31. The Sante Fe trail marker at 80th and Santa Fe. Unveiled June 16, 1907 with an impressive ceremony. It stood on the right away of the Strange Line in front of the depot.

32. Col. Andy James, Auctioneer cried the August 1906 land auction. The James family is a pioneer Johnson County family. The family home stands at 103rd and Lamar.

33. Overland Park Depot- 1906. Picture courtesy Ralph Walters.

34. The "Geraldine" which was fitted at the company shops in Lenexa in August and September of 1906. Picture courtesy of Ralph Walters.

35. Marguerite exterior.

36. Marguerite interior.

37. The interior of the "Ogerita" railcar. This was the first experimental car and was built as a private car.

38. The first Gas-Electric Strang car - The "Ogerita" built in early 1906. The car was named after a niece, Miss Ogerita Strang.

39. The third car, the "Geraldine," was assembled about five months ago at the shops of the Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway Company at Lenexa, Kansas by the engineers of the Strang Electric Car Company, and has since been in regular operation on the road. It requires no special comment other than to say that it has given perfect satisfaction and met all the demands that have been made upon it.

40. Strang Line Restaurant: Built on the right-of-way on Sante Fe 7937 approximate address today. (Jim Hilliker Restaurant).

41. Thomas Riley in 1929.

42. Hodges Lumber on Sante Fe Drive at about 81st. Opened in Overland Park in 1909.

43. Linn Home.

44. McClure home built in 1909.

45. Mills home.

46. Overland Park Bank on corner of 80th and Overland Park Drive - Grand opening July 1911.

47. same as above.

48. The Consur Building, northwest corner of Foster and 80th. This building was erected in 1911. Note the small one-story addition west end.

49. The A.M. Wood building, southwest corner of Foster and 80th. This building was erected about 1910 and later burned.

50. The E.E. Voights building, northwest corner of Sante Fe and 80th. This building opened August 1912 replacing the first rock store building built in Overland Park which burned August 1911. This building also burned on Novrmber5, 1927. Rebuilt as a one story.

51. Overland Park Garage - 1919. Located on Sante Fe at approximately 7916. Building was the Strang horse barn converted to a garage. Notice the old time gas pump. Strang horse barn converted to a garage.

52. The Overland Park Presbyterian Church. This building was dedicated Nov. 30, 1913, located at intersection of Overland Park Drive and Valley View Drive. This first church was established in 1911 by members of the Corinth Presbyterian Church. It became the Masonic Lodge in 1929.

53. Earl Turner Barber Sho9p, located on Sante Fe adjoining the E.E. Voights Bldg. This location built in March 1917.

54. C. Holliday Real Estate Office.

55. The O.B. Carver Stone Store, first store building built in Overland Park. Opened in 1906 and burned August 1911. Note the white frame building in left background; the Grant Conser building before fire in October, 1910.

56. Overland Park to celebrate fiftieth Birthday.

57. Print made 1959 of picture taken Feb. 25, 1919 SC 153396. Colonel Rudy D. Garrett, Chief Signal Officer, 42d Div, and his horse "Bob" and the blue ribbon Zinsig, Germany.

58. Mr. Strang gave "Bob" to Capt. Rudy Garrett, KC 3rd Regiment in June of 1816.

59. Flat-Iron building. So called because the lot was pie-shape and building too. This is and early building but cannot date its erection or use. Located at intersection of Sante Fe and Conser. Left background Mr. Marvels house but built anf livrd in by someone earlier. In right background Mr. John Hyde's home later Hagar's Funeral Home in the 1930's.

60. Trolley car # 102 at Overland Depot--Red granite S.F Trail marker to the left. On the platform left to right are Thomas Riley, Strang Line manager, Elton Miller, Jacquette Ryan, Louis D.Breyfogle and a Mr. Jones. The two children are Mary and Helen Breyfogle. Note-the trolley wire and the Strang Land Co. sign on the depot. The granite DAR Sante Fe Trail marker now stands across the street on the north east corner of 80th and Sante Fe Drive.

61. The future Aviation Park site.

62. 83rd and Metcalf looking North.

63. L.D Breyfogle home.

64. 1912 would be a better date for this scene. Note: the Presbyterian Church is not yet built but we know it wad dedicataed in 1913 (November 30th).

65. Overland Park Athletic Field, new in September 1909 with 1000 seat grandstand. Was moved to Aviation Field in April 1911.

66. Glenn, Kansas Postal Station-NE corner 79th and Metcalf 1868 to 1895.

67. Old Asbury Methodist Church at 95th and Metcalf-1890.

68. Antioch Presbyterian Church - 75th and Antioch (then Holmes Road). 1873 to 1939.

69. Marty Home.

70. The Overland Park School Building after 1915 two-room addition on back. Building burned January 26, 1920.

71. Strang line freight car-80th Street.

72. In front of Aviation Park at Overland Park, Ks.

73. Strang station, 1911 addition to building to right.

74. Interior of Power House - rock car barn at 79th and Sante Fe.

75. Gas engine room and car barn.

76. Moved to new Aviation Field in April, 1911.

77. A.M Wood Building, 1910 site at 8th and Foster, SW corner.

78. Loading the rails for the Strang Line - Near Lenexa, Ks.

79. The R.E. Brown Building - Originally the Homer Breyfogle Bldg, Built 1911 location on Sante Fe at approximately 7932.

80. SE corner of 80th and Sante Fe before 1913.

81. The rock car barn and power plant, built in 1908. Notice the large doors opened out at the extreme right side of the picture. Tracks ran into the building. Here for trolley car storage and service.

Folder three.

82. Scene at Overland Park - 1906, the first store building is under construction, the O.B. Carver Store.

83. Scene at Overland Park - Note the tracks have recently been ballasted.

84. This could be at 39th and Bell in the Westport District of KC, MO. Note the shelter house in background, the fireplug and electric power lines.

85. Aero Plane at Aviation Park. Note the WWI uniforms on men at planes wing tip. Could this be one of the Army planes reported to have landed each having 2 pilots.

86. Airplane at Aviation Park.

87. unidentified.

88. The Ogertina hauling excursion trailer at Lenexa, about October of 1906.

89. Photo of Robert Strang and William Borchers, both were bachelors and great friends.

90. Thomas Riley in Busch Gardens, St. Louis.

91. Overland Park Station began as a park area, then platted as subdivisions around the park area in 1906.

92. Not identified.

93. The first Overland Park school built in 1909. (formerly the Pleasant Prairie School District with building at 85th and Grant - established 1866-new frame building built in 1873.

94. Old livery stable building 1910, 80th street-South side of street-between Conser and Foster Streets. Enterprise Livery, run by Taylor Cutlip, sold April 1912 to A.M. Stough of Chicago, IL. Later burned down.

95. Sater Plane - close of WWI.

96. DeLloyd Thompson.

97. DeLloyd Thompson.

98. DeLloyd Thompson accident.

99. Same as above.

100. The Rock Car Barn and Power House. Built in 1907, burned in 1925 and front half rebuilt. Cooling tower in back of building used to cool water that had been heated up as it ran through the huge engines that powered the dynamos. Power plant in front part-car barn in back part.

101. Building the Strang line - making a cut near Lenexa, Kansas. Note the tents the crews lived in.

102. Building the Strang Line - making a fill near Lenexa, Kansas.

103. Building the Strang Line - making a cut. Grading crews building the Strang Line grade in 1905 near Lenexa. Men lived in tents. Note "boss" on horseback.

104. Apperson Six Automobile 1917. Leo Franklin Davis driving,

105. Scene at Overland Park - 1906. The Dance Pavilion is under construction.

106. Home Telephone Company of KC bought out Enterprise Phone Company in August of 1909.In July 1910 Home Co was stringing new cables and G.A. Gustafson, KC , arrived at Overland Park as manager. In June of 1916 Home Telephone moved into a proctor house on 80th and Conserv. St., J.D. Givens was manager.

107. The Marguerite as freight car.

108. Three members of photo identified; Mrs Steve Hayde, Fred P O'Flaherty and W.B. Strang.

109. Thomas Riley at Aviation Park 1911,1912.or 1913.

110. This might be Chas K. Hamilton Curtiss Pusher Biplane in 1909.

111. Observation Automobile - riders identified as Fred O'Flaherty, Mr. de Xavier, Mrs. Xavier, Mrs W.B. Strang, Sr.

112. Photo of two children: John Strang, Jr. and Anna Marquerite de Xavier. Summer of 1903 in New York City.

113. The Strang Home in Overland Park- 1909. Location was the Southwest corner of 80th and Marty Streets. The house was torn down in early 1950's. The lot was then used for a business building.

114. The founder of Overland Park, Ks--William B. Strang, Jr. Born November 8, 1957 Syracuse, NY, died January 13,1921 in Excelsoior Springs, MO. Married Margaret Moorison at Wellington, Ks.

115. Mrs. Strang, this photo taken by Marceau Studio, 258 Fifth Avenue, NY. Mrs Strang loved jewelry and had a large collection. Note the dog-collar necklace of real pearls.

116. Strang Land Company Handbill dated after 1913. It shows the subdivisions in early Overland Park that were put on sale at land auctions. The first known land auction was for the Overland Park subdivision held in August 28&29, 1906.

117. Arthur Langdon and Leo Franklin Davis inside Car Barn Power.

118. Earl N. Daniells, Sec. Treas of Strang Line and Strang Land Co. Robert Strang, younger brother of Wm. B. Strang, Jr. audited the conductor's receipts.

119. The Ogerita at Lenexa, probably in March of 1906. What a beautiful brass grill around the observation platform. People not identified.

120. Interior of company machine shop at Lenexa in 1906-1907. Supervisor was J. Edward Miller from NY.

121. Opened in March 1908, Foster Street near 79th. First and only blacksmith shop in Overland Park.

122. Strang Land Co. offices in Overland Park Depot. Left foreground is Mr. Louis Breyfogle, Sr. Right background identified as Mr. Jones. Note the no smoking sign near plat map and that both men are smoking cigars. Right background wall are several framed Photgraphs of O.P.

123. Hodges lumber company opened 1909 Located at 81st and Sante Fe and Buckley (now Newton) on a triangular shaped tract of land.

124. Sunday afternoon at Aviation Park.

125. Pavilion or Strang Hall at Aviation field built 1913. Formally opened Friday night August 29, 1913, with a big dance featuring Kelly's Band from KC. The old pavilion building had been moved to Aviation park earlier for the fourth of July and a maple floor installed.

126. Pavilion at Aviation Park - side view.

127. Pavilion playground at Aviation Field.

128. The Vault building-Overland Film Co.

129. unidentified photo.

130. Strang Railway Motor car in Practical operation.

131. Depot at Lenexa-now at 9117 Haskins street. as a home.

132. 80th Street and Marty. The Strang home and the Old Proctor home after it was moved. The Strangs used the Proctor House and later it was sold to the Nicholson Family in October 1914.

133. 79th Street at Overland Park Drive, built April, 1908.

134. Charles Rinehart home near 79th street near Floyd St.

135. 1906 at KC Union Depot- Mr. Strangs nieces.

136. Holmes "Country Club Dairy" Guernsey cattle, 85th and Antioch area.

137. Conway Holmes :Country Club Dairy" Developed in April 1912.

138. Unidentified school class.

139. This house was later used as offices by Dr. Grayson abd Dr. Leigh, both M.D.s. It stood facing Sante Fe Drive 8020 Sante Fe.

140. Two unidentified woman.

141. Explosion and fire in 1925.

142. Unidentified home.

143. Conser Home 1910, SW Corner 80th and Conser Streets.

144. This engine was borrowed from the Frisco RR and used in the building and ballasting of the Strang line. Art Langdon remembers the engine being used in about 1911 to rechat the Strang Line railbed.

145. Grading Overland Park streets. This is 79th street.

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