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Scenes from Franklin County, Kansas

Date: Unknown

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

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Summary: 1) Photo of the Franklin County courthouse with the old stone jail & Christian Church in the background, Ottawa, Kansas, 1893; 2) Photo of the home of Jennie Whetstone & William T. Pickrell (originally John Whetstone's home), 104 N. Elm Street, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 3) Photo of the interior of house in photo #2 with people drinking coffee (L to R): Nell Smith Voorhis, ?? White (playing banjo), Pickrell Davis, Otie Davis, Elisha White, Eleanor Shiras Harris, Ralph Harris, Maria Shiras Fritts, Fred Harris, Ottawa, Kansas, 1896; 4) Portrait of John Long Routt (1st & 7th governor of Colorado & a mayor of Denver, n.d.; 5) Portrait of a white haired woman believed to be Eliza Franklin Pickrell Routt, wife of John Long Routt, n.d.; 6) Photo of Franklin County Sheriff Roy B. Church & Deputy Leod D. Becker. They were companion in arms in K Company, 1st Kansas Infantry at the Mexican border, 1916 & K Company, 137th Infantry, 35 Division in WWI, 1917-1918, 1946; 7) Photo of the first motorized hearse in eastern Kansas owned by the Lamb Funeral Home. Dr. Elliott & Harold Lamb standing in front of the hearse, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 8) Photo of the Santa FE roundhouse with tank car in foreground, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 9) Photo of the depot & train cars during a flood, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 10) Photo of the following people in an open top car: Mrs. E.H. Becker, Mary Estabrook, Clint Estabrook & Henry Becker, unknown location, n.d.; 11) Photo of Claire & Mary Estabrook (standing) & Clint Estabrook, unknown location, n.d.; 12) Photo of cars covered with snow, Ottawa, Kansas, April 4, 1938; 13) Photo of Mary J. Estabrook in back yard at 324 S. Locust, Ottawa, Kansas, 1927; 14) Photo of the following people in golf attire: C.H. Estabrook, A.L. Cook, Clay Whitely, Cary Porter, unknown location, n.d.; 15) Photo of a herd of sheep at 4th & Locust, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 16) Photo of an early Maxwell car with right hand steering with Clint Estabrook at the wheel & Claire Estabrook as a passenger, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 17) Photo of Claire Estabrook & Mary Estabrook (on a three wheel tricycle) at the new house, 324 S. Locust, Ottawa, Kansas, c.1896; 18) Photo of Mrs. Mary Fiske Stine, grade school teacher at Eugene Field School with three students: Left: Mary forester, center: unknown, right Ellen Hanes; 19) Photo of the house at 325 S. Locust, Ottawa, Kansas, 1924; 20) Photo of a mother-daughter party with the Pickwick Club. From top down: Jessie Sheldon, Helen Harris, Carrie Sheldon Bowers, Jo Wolf, Delia Bennett, Hazel Stookey. Mary Catherine Bennett, Mariette Bennett, Eunice Ott, Faye Harris, Eunice Ellen Hanes, Claire Forester, Rebecca Hanes,, unidentified Ransom daughter, Joanne Sheldon, unidentified person, Jean Ott Bowers, Margaret Louise Stookey Turner, Sallie Harris Griggs, Ottawa, Kansas, 1947; 21) Photo of a Moline Universal tractor-binder cutting wheat on the farm of A. Young, 2-1/2 miles east of Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 22) Photo of the exterior of the Forester Dry Goods store decorated for Christmas, n.d.; 23) Photo of the home of Myra Mottram Shomo;'s house, Ottawa, Kansas, n.d.; 24) Photo of a skit with a harp at P.E.O. with Mary Forester, Barbara Parent, Beverly Stucker, Julia White, Patricia Anne Harris, Elaine Wells & Claire E. Forester seated, unknown location, n.d.; 25) Photo with: Louise Redmond, Lulu Brown, Faye Harris, Laura Penny, Claire Forester, unidentified person, Mrs. Hubbard, unknown location, n.d.; 26) Photo with: unidentified person, Carrie Bowers, Eunice Ott, Jessie Sheldon, Rebecca Hanes, unidentified person, Faye Harris, unknown location, n.d.; 27) Photo of the exterior of A.P. Estabrook, the Leading Druggist store front with three unidentified people out front, unknown location, n.d.; 28) Photo of Jennie Alder surrounded by flowers, Unknown location, n.d.

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Title (Main title): Scenes from Franklin County, Kansas

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    Franklin County (Kan.)
    Ottawa (Kan.)
    Farm tractors
    Maxwell automobile
    Roundhouses (Railroads)