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Photographs-Madison Ks., family farms and schools

Date: 1910 - 1981

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Material Type: Photograph

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Title (Main title): Photographs-Madison Ks., family farms and schools

Scope and Content

Scope and content: Twenty photos taken in the Madison, Ks area-

1. Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Watts with twin calves. July 1939.

2. Quincy school at Halloween.

3. Willie Sherman and Winnie Edith Sherman (Watts) of Quincy.

4. Aalva W. Watts and Winnie Sherman Watts.

5. Norman and Frank Watts, December, 1940. (Frank Watts, son of Alva Watts was killed in WWII.

6. Baseball team from Quincy, 1954. Names of team members: Dee Lindamood, Jack Lewis, James ???, Larry Lewis, Billy Johnson, Jacke Lindamood, Eddie B., Jerry Lewis, Clint Trace, Ray Lindamood, and Lewis Johnson.

7. Quincy students around 1941-42.

8. 7th grade at Quincy, ca. 1936-37.

9. Quincy High School, ca. 1940-41.

10. Margaret (Maggie) Theophola Fitzmorris Burns and her husband, John Cyril Burns of Fall River, Ks.

11. The Archie Norton farm at Madison, Kansas, August 7, 1913.

12. Union School, Districts #4, November 10, 1981, in Quincy, Ks.

13. Neal School-January 12, 19550. Top row seated left to right: Etta Schlotterbeck, Alice Fritts. Margaret Hamilton, Edith Satler. Cheerleaders (?) Margaret "Shooter" McKenzie, Mila June Hanson, others unknown.

14. Neal School girls basketball team, 195o.

15. William Henry Bailey of Severy, Kansas.

16. William Henry and Lilly Bailey's grocery store in Severy, just after he had bought it. Left to right: Lilly Bailey, two of the Bailey girls, Virgil Bailey, young boy unknown., Henry Bailey and three Unknown people.

17. School District # 63, see attached for names. Back row: Florence Hilllman, Glen Earnest, Harold Pugh, Orr Miller, Oscar Larcom. Row 2: Sessna Stringham, ??? Boone (teacher), Harold Matingly, Winnie Pugh, ??? Wiley, Floyd Gibson, Roy Davis,, Arvin Jackson, Earl Davis, Row 3: Pearl Davis, Walter Tucker, ???Pugh, ??????, Lennie Davis, Edna Russell, ??? ????. Row 4: Roy Tucker, Chester Hillman, Velma Brown, Edna Russell, Grace Larcom, ??? ????, Edna Brown, ??? ????, Harold Davis.

18. George Fankhauser's near Madisons, Ks.

19. George Fankhauser's home remodeled with the family in front, Dec. 25, 1920. Left to right: Mary Fankhauser Klasser, Will Fankhauser, Minnie Fankhauser Ott, George W. Fankhauser, Jalm Fankhauser, Laura Whilever Fankhauser, Irene Thompson Fankhauser, Lilly Fankhauser Davis, Laura Fankhauser Schindler, Lewis Fankhauser.

20. Bangs' Ranch in Greenwood County (15-22-10). Left to right on front row: Roy Bangs, Lee Bangs, Glen Bangs, Glen Bangs, and unknown man. In the wagon: Bil Clopton (with pipe), his son (probably Earl or Roy, not George). Circa 1910-1912.


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