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Albert A. Doerr papers

Creator: Doerr, Albert A., 1866-1950

Date: 1828-1998 (bulk 1847-1965)

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Ms. Coll. 763

Unit ID: 40763

Biographical sketch: Farmer, businessman, public official; of Larned, Kan.

Abstract: The Albert A. Doerr papers contain substantial documentary evidence of his activities as the owner of the Larned Tiller and Toiler newspaper; a bank; a mercantile company, which sold hardware, implements, furniture, and automobiles; and a funeral-home business. The collection contains a considerable amount of correspondence with his tenant farmers concerning the management of his farm properties, as well as correspondence pertaining to farm leases, sales, purchases, 1 ledger book with minutes of the board of directors' and stockholders' meetings, articles of incorporation, charter, and by-laws for the A.A. Doerr Mercantile Company, 1910-1965; stockholders' book, 1910-1979; and correspondence, receipts, misc. records c. 1890-1946, and the final dissolution of the A.A. Doerr Mercantile Company in 2007. The collection also contains voluminous family correspondence and correspondence pertaining to the National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers, National Federation of Implement Dealers Associations, and National Retail Farm Equipment Association. His work as a lessor of agricultural and oil lands, a member of both houses of the Kansas Legislature, the Kansas state business manager, a lieutenant governor candidate, and a Democratic Party figure are represented as well. Topics represented in the collection, primarily his legislative papers, include the League of Nations, agricultural co-operatives, agricultural legislation, health promotion, and taxation. Included are the papers of his wife, Laura Pate Vernon Doerr, including information on her charitable activities on behalf of the American Red Cross during World War I and other organizations. A copy of A.A. Doerr Mercantile Company's printed advertisement celebrating 100 years in business.


Series Outline

Series 1: Genealogical Records

Series 2: Pre-A. A. Doerr Papers, 1847-1873

Series 3: Albert A. Doerr

    Agricultural Enterprises - Farm Manager Records
    Business Records -- A. A. Doerr Mercantile Co.
    Church matters
    Democratic Party
    Family Papers
      Laura Pate Vernon Doerr

    Fraternal Organizations
    Funeral Home Business
    Ku Klux Klan
    National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers
    National Federation of Implement Dealers' Associations
      Western Retail Implement and Hardware Association

    National Retail Farm Equipment Association
    Newspapers and newspaper clippings
    North-Central States Agricultural Conference
    Oil and Gas Lease
    Public Service

      Kansas State Business Manager, 1923-24
      Election Campaign, 1924, Lieutenant Governor

    Tax Returns
    Teacher's Certificates
    Tiller and Toiler (see also microfilm L 1694
    United States [Federal agencies]
    World War I
    World War II

Series 4: Post-Albert A. Doerr Papers, 1950-1965
Series 5: Miscellaneous

Container List

Box 1

f.1 Series 1 Genealogical Records

Series 2 Pre-A. A. Doerr Papers, 1828-1873
f.2 Pate Papers, 1828-1873
f.3 Lane University Notebook, 1871 [otherwise unidentified]

Box 2

Series 3 Albert A. Doerr
f.1 Agricultural Enterprises
f.2 Articles and Brochures
f.3 Co-operatives
f.4 Co-operative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics
Correspondence with tenant farmers
f.5 undated
f.6 1920-1930
f.7 1931
f.8 1932
f.9 1933
f.10 1934
f.11 1935
f.12 1936

Box 3
f.1 1937-1939
f.2 1940-1948
f.3 Harvey Eckert
f.4 Frank Schmale
f.5 Davis, William and Pauline (Doerr)
f.6 Farmers' Co-operative Grain and Supply Co.
f.7 Financial Statements, 1931-1935
f.8 Goffe & Carkener
f.9 Insurance

Box 4 Land -- Buying, Selling and Leasing
f.1 Undated
f.2 1895-1927
f.3 1928-1933
f.4 1934-1948
f.5 Indentures, Contracts, Leases, etc.
f.6 Indentures, Contracts, Leases, etc.
f.7 Notices to Quit

Box 5
U.S Department of Agriculture (see also Box 37, folder 19)
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
f.1 Agricultural Conservation Program f.2 Applications for Parity Payment
f.3 Form WR 314 A
f.4 Form WR-406 A
f.5 Form WR-412 a
f.6 Notices of 1939 Farm Acreage...
f.7 Notices of 1940 Crop Insurance...
f.8 Notification of 1940 Wheat Acreage...
f.9 Notification of 1941 Wheat Acreage...
f.10 Notification of 1943 Wheat Acreage...
f.11 Notices of Acceptance
f.12 Owner's or Landlord's [1934] Proof...
f.13 Wheat Allotment Contracts
f.14 Corn Hog Reduction
f.15 Farm Credit Administration
f.16 Farm Security Administration
f.17 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
f.18 Wheat Production Control Association

Box 6
f.1 Banking
f.2 Aetna Building & Loan Association
f.3 City National Bank, Hastings, Nebraska
f.4 Farmers State Bank, Belpre, Kansas
f.5 Federal Land Bank
f.6 First National Bank, Larned, Kansas
f.7 Homeowners' Loan Corporation
f.8 Larned Building, Loan & Savings Association
f.9 Merchants National Bank, Topeka, Kansas
f.10 Moffet Brothers National Bank
f.11 Railroad Building, Loan and Savings Association
f.12 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
f.13 Wichita Building and Loan League

Business Records -- A. A. Doerr Mercantile Co.
f.14 Articles and Brochures
f.15 Articles and Brochures

Box 7
f.1 Articles and Brochures
f.2 Articles and Brochures
f.3 Articles and Brochures
f.4 Articles and Brochures
f.5 Articles and Brochures
f.6 Articles and Brochures
f.7 Catalogs and Price Lists
f.8 Catalogs and Price Lists

Box 8
f.1 Contracts
f.2 Combines
f.3 Combines
f.4 Baugher, John
Corporation Income Tax
f.6 Assessments
f.7 Returns
f.8 Returns
f.9 Returns

Box 9
f.1 1902-1913
f.2 1914-1919
f.3 1920-1921
f.4 1922-1925
f.5 1926 Jan-Apr
f.6 1926 May-Dec
f.7 1927-1930

Box 10 Correspondence (cont.)
f.1 1931
f.2 1932
f.3 1933
f.4 1934
f.5 1935
f.6 1936
f.7 1937
f.8 1939
f.9 1940

Box 11 Correspondence (cont.)
f.1 1941
f.2 1942
f.3 1943
f.4 1944
f.5 1945
f.6 1946
f.7 1947

Box 12
f.1 Financial Statements
f.2 Insurance
International Harvester
f.3 Correspondence, 1902-1930
f.4 Correspondence, 1931-1946
f.5 Farmers' Property Statements
f.6 Price Lists
f.7 Price Lists
f.8 Minor Lawsuits unspecified
f.9 Doerr Mercantile vs. Baker
f.10 Doerr Mercantile vs. Baldwin
f.11 Doerr Mercantile vs. Henson
f.12 Doerr Mercantile vs. Jenkins
f.13 Doerr Mercantile vs. McLean
f.14 Doerr Mercantile vs. Morrow
f.15 Doerr Mercantile vs. Renfro
f.16 Doerr Mercantile vs. Wilkinson & Shapley

Box 13 Ledger Books (see also oversize storage: 74-02-05-03)

Box 14
f.1 Lindas Lumber Co.
f.2 Pledge of Shares of Common Stock
f.3 Profit Sharing Plan
f.4 Promissory Notes
f.5 Bought from A. A. Doerr
f.6 Sold to A. A. Doerr
f.7 Sold to A. A. Doerr
f.8 Sold to A. A. Doerr
f.9 Sold to A. A. Doerr
f.10 Receipts and Disbursements (Accounts Payable and Receivable)
f.11 Ridgway Audit
f.12 Robinson-Patman Act
f.13 Store magazine
f.14 trading stamp bill
U. S. Labor, Dept. of
f.15 Wage and Hour Division
f.16 Social Security Board
f.17 Wheeling Corrugating Co.

Box 15
f.1 Church Matters
f.2 Presbyterian Church of Larned
Democratic Party -- Correspondence
f.3 undated
f.4 1912-1916
f.5 1917-1927
f.6 1928-1940

Box 16 Family Papers (see also Photographs in Box 28, folder 19)
To and From Albert and Laura Doerr
f.1 Albert to Laura, undated
f.2 Albert to Laura, 1899-1923
f.3 Albert to Laura, 1923-1928
f.4 Albert to Laura, 1930-1936
f.5 Albert to Laura, 1936-1940
f.6 Laura to Albert, 1929-1936
f.7 Laura to Albert, 1936-1942

Box 17 Letters to Laura Doerr from:
f.1 Ella (Pate) Vernon (see also boxes 22, 23),
f.2 Estelle (Vernon) Ingels, 1926-1941
f.3 H.E. Davis to M/M Doerr, 1936-1939
f.4 Ida Perry, 1935-1938
f.5 Lela and Alane to M/M Doerr, 1930-1941

The Doerr Daughters
f.6 Laura Doerr to Isabel (Doerr) Campbell,
f.7 Isabel (Doerr) Campbell to Laura Doerr, undated
f.8 Isabel (Doerr) Campbell to Laura Doerr,
f.9 Musical Compositions
f.10 Letters from M/M Doerr to Pauline (Doerr) Davis, 1922-1936
f.11 Pauline (Doerr) Davis to H. E. Davis, undated
f.12 Pauline (Doerr) Davis to Laura Doerr, undated
f.13 Pauline (Doerr) Davis to Laura Doerr, 1918-1939
f.14 Daughters' Education

Box 18 Albert's siblings
f.1 Amelia (Doerr) Sutton to Albert, 1913-1930
f.2 Amelia (Doerr) Sutton to Albert, 1930-1934
f.3 Anna (Doerr) Milloway to Albert Doerr,
f.4 Anna (Doerr) Milloway to Albert Doerr,
f.5 Bertha (Doerr) Miller to Albert Doerr, 1912-1934
f.6 Bertha (Doerr) Miller to Albert Doerr, 1935-1947

Box 19
f.1 Edward Doerr to Albert Doerr, 1917-1940
f.2 Emma (Doerr) Hohner to M/M Doerr, 1922-1947
f.3 Millard Hunsley [nephew] to Albert Doerr, undated
f.4 Millard Hunsley [nephew] to Albert Doerr, 1925-1947
f.5 Nevada [niece] to Albert Doerr, 1934
f.6 Letters from German relatives, 1909-1948

Box 20
f.1 Letters from W.H. Vernon to Ella Vernon, 1878-1895
f.2 Letters from Ella Vernon to W.H. Vernon, undated
f.3 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, undated
f.4 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, 1869-1881
f.5 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, 1882-1889
f.6 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, 1891-1905
f.7 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, 1907-1913

Box 21
f.1 Letters to Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon, 1914-1922
f.2 Papers re: Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon
f.3 Papers re: Mrs. Ella (Pate) Vernon (Misc.)

Doerr, Laura Pate, [arranged alphabetically by subject]
f.4 Death, 1944 March 30
f.5 Estate
f.6 First National Bank
f.7 Kansas Author's Club
f.8 Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs
f.9 Kansas State Historical Society
f.10 Kansas Women's Woodrow Wilson Luncheon Club
f.11 Medical Condition
f.12 Monroe, Lilla Day
f.13 National Women's Party

Box 22
f.1 Red Cross
f.2 Branch Formation
f.3 Branches and Auxiliaries
f.4 Certificate of Recognition
f.5 Conference, St. Louis, 1917 Oct. 22-23
f.6 Corresponence
f.7 Newsletters
f.8 Newspaper Clipping
f.9 Notes and Reports
f.10 Published materials
f.11 State Directors
f.12 War Fund Campaign
f.13 Tax Returns, 1941-1942 (see also papers in oversize storage: 74-02-05-03)
f.14 Woman Suffrage
f.15 Women's Auxiliary of the American Legion
f.16 Women's Kansas Day Club

Box 23 Travels & Vacations folders 1-8

Box 24
Fraternal Organizations
f.1 International Order of Odd Fellows
f.2 Knights of Pythias
f.3 Modern Woodmen of America
f.4 Patrons of Husbandry
f.5 Rotary International
f.6 Business Methods Programs
f.7 Funeral Home Business
f.8 Kansas Funeral Directors and Embalmers Assoc.
f.9 Germany
f.10 Health
f.11 Dental X-rays
f.12 Hearing aids
f.13 Johnson, Dr. Edgar W.
f.14 Patterson, Dr. J. M.
f.15 Life Exyension Institute
f.16 National Bureau of Analysis
f.17 Test Results

Box 25
f.1 Insurance
f.2 Bankers Life Association
f.3 Equitable Life Insurance Society
f.4 Hardware Mutual Casualty Co.
f.5 Kansas Life Insurance Co.
f.6 Midland Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
f.7 Reciprocal Underwriters
f.8 Wichita Life Insurance Company
f.9 Bill 402
f.10 Investments
f.11 Branch-McKinney Co.
f.12 The Gas Engineering Co.
f.13 Investors Diversified Services
Dividend(s) Reinvested
f.14 Investors Mutual
The Investors Security Corp.
f.15 Correspondence
f.16 Monthly Reports
f.17 Investors Syndicate
f.18 Jellison Loan & Investment Co.
f.19 Vernon H. Branch Co.
f.20 Ku Klux Klan

Box 26
National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers
f.1 Convention Programs
f.2 National Federation of Implement Dealers' Associations
f.3 Code of Fair Competition
f.4 Convention Proceedings, 1919-1929
f.5 Convention Proceedings, 1930-1937
f.6 Conventions Programs and Dockets,
f.7 Correspondence
f.8 Cost Accounting Committee
f.9 General Letters

Box 27
f.1 Secretarial Correspondence, 1926-1929
f.2 Secretarial Correspondence, 1930
f.3 Secretarial Correspondence, 1931-1933
f.4 Secretarial Correspondence, 1934-1937
(See also the Western Retail Implement and Hardware Association, Secretarial Correspondence)
f.5 Speeches
f.6 Speeches

Box 28
f.1 Eastern Federation of Farm Equipment Dealers
f.2 Illinois Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.3 Iowa Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.4 Mid-West Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.5 Minnesota Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.6 North Dakota Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.7 South Dakota Retail Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.8 Western Retail Implement and Hardware Association
f.9 Brochures
f.10 Convention Reports
f.11 Secretarial Correspondence
f.12 Secretarial Correspondence (see also the National
Federation of Implement Dealers' Associations, Correspondence -- H. J. Hodge)
f.13 Western Retail Implement and Vehicle Dealers Association
f.14 Western Retail Implement, Vehicle and Hardware Assoc.
f.15 Wisconsin Implement Dealers' Assoc.
f.16 National Retail Farm Equipment Association
(Only those newspapers marked with an * have been saved. These are stored in 74-02-05-03)

1899 Apr 14 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1912 Sep 22 Kansas City [Missouri] Star
1912 Oct 25 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1912 Nov 8 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1912 Nov 10 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
* 1913 Jul 26 The [St. Louis, Missouri] Interstate Grocer
1913 Jul 26 Topeka [Kansas] Daily Capital
* 1915 Jan 13 Davenport [Iowa] Democrat and Leader
* 1915 Nov 6 [Aurora, Missouri] Crucible
* 1916 Jan 8 [Nevada, Missouri] Crucible
* 1916 Jan 22 [Nevada, Missouri] Crucible
1916 Feb 22 Topeka [Kansas] Daily State Journal
1917 Feb 5 [Topeka, Kansas] State House Reporter
1918 Apr 7 Wichita [Kansas] Eagle
* 1923 Apr 6 [Hutchinson, Kansas] Reformatory Herald
[transferred to Library] 1923 May 2 [The University of Kansas] The Last Mile
1923 Aug 3 Kansas City [Missouri] Times
1923 Aug 3 Wichita [Kansas] Beacon
1924 Feb 23 Topeka [Kansas] Daily Capital
1924 Mar 27 [Topeka, Kansas] Democrat News
1924 Oct 2 Topeka [Kansas] Daily State Journal
1924 Oct 9 [Topeka, Kansas] Democrat News
1924 Dec 11 [Topeka, Kansas] Democrat News
1926 Jul 25 Kansas [Missouri] City Star
1929 Jan 13 Kansas [Missouri] City News
1930 Feb 11 Topeka [Kansas] State Capital
1930 Feb 30 Topeka [Kansas] State Journal
* 1930 Aug 15 [The Madison] Wisconsin Implement Dealer
* 1930 Aug [Chicago] Tribune Co-operator
1930 Aug 31 Topeka [Kansas] Daily Capital
1934 Jun 13 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1934 Aug 8 Larned [Kansas] Chronoscope
* 1934 Aug 23 Chicago [Illinois] Herald Examiner
1934 Oct 1 Kansas City [Missouri] Times
* 1934 Oct 25 [Chicago ?]
1934 Nov 7 No. 61 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
* 1934 Nov 10 Chicago [Illinois] Daily Tribune
* 1934 Nov 10 Chicago [Illinois] Daily News 1934 Nov 11 No. 62 [Lanerd, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1934 Nov 14 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1935 Sep 20 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1936 Apr 29 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1938 Nov 19 The [St. Louis, Mossouri] Interstate Merchant
1938 Nov 19 [St. Louis, Missouri] The Interstate Merchant
* 1939 Jun Armco Farm Equipment Merchandizer
* 1939 Jun 23 [Hope, New Mexico] Penasco Valley News
1940 Aug 22 St. John [Kansas] Daily Capital
1941 Jan 16 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1941 Aug 29 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1941 Aug 31 Kansas City [Missouri] Star
1942 May 8 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
1943 Apr 6 [Larned, Kansas] Tiller and Toiler
[date not known] Hutchinson, Kansas Herald

f.17 North-Central States Agricultural Conference
f.18 Oil and Gas Lease
f.19 Photographs (originals have been transferred to the Photographic section)

Box 29 Public Service
f.1 Undated Legislative material
f.2 Bills
f.3 Eubonics
f.4 Member Profile Cards
f.5 Newspaper Clippings
f.6 Petitions
f.7 Resolutions
f.8 Trading Stamp Legislation
1913-1919 -- Legislature
f.9 House of Representatives
f.10 1912 Election
f.11 Certificate of Election
f.12 1913 Members
f.13 Correspondence Received
f.14 Correspondence Received
f.15 Correspondence Sent
f.16 Inaugural Address
f.17 Miscellaneous

Box 30
f.1 1914 Election Campaign
f.2 Membership Information
f.3 Bills and Resolutions
f.4 Correspondence Received
f.5 Correspondence Received
f.6 Correspondence Sent
f.7 Misc.
f.8 Woodrow Wilson Addresses

Box 31
f.1 1916 Election Campaign
f.2 1917 Membership (Legislative Directory)
f.3 Bills and Resolutions
f.4 Governor Arthur Capper
f.5 House Bills
f.6 Inaugural Ceremonies
f.7 Insurance
f.8 Misc.
f.9 Taxation
f.10 Trading Stamp Bill
f.11 Correspondence A-B
f.12 Correspondence C-D

Box 32
f.1 Correspondence E-F
f.2 Correspondence G
f.3 Correspondence H-J
f.4 Correspondence K
f.5 Correspondence L
f.6 Correspondence M
f.7 Correspondence N-O
f.8 Correspondence R
f.9 Correspondence S
f.10 Correspondence T-V
f.11 Correspondence W-Z

Box 33
f.1 1919 Membership Information
f.2 Banking Bill
f.3 Bills & Resolutions
Correspondence (concerns mostly banking legislation)
f.4 A
f.5 B
f.6 C
f.7 D
f.8 E-F
f.9 G
f.10 H-J
f.11 K-L
f.12 M
f.13 N-Q
f.14 R
f.15 S
f.16 T-V
f.17 W
f.18 X-Z

Box 34
f.1 Kansas Life Insurance Co.
f.2 League of Nations
f.3 League of Nations
f.4 Monthly Summaries
f.5 Monthly Summaries
f.6 Mental Hospitals
f.7 Miscellaneous
f.8 School Text Books
f.9 Senatorial Distribution
f.10 Teacher Retirement Bill
f.11 Woman Suffrage
f.12 World War I

Box 35
f.1 1920 Senate - papers
f.2 Correspondence Received
f.3 Correspondence Sent (Copies)
1923-1924 -- Kansas State Business Manager
f.4 Congratulatory Letters on Appointment
f.5 Correspondence, 1923-1924
f.6 Good Roads
f.7 Specifications and Schedules of Supplies
f.8 State Institutions
f.9 Resignation, 1924
1924 -- Election Campaign
f.10 Lieutenant Governor
f.11 Lieutenant Governor

Box 36
f.1 Recommendations
Tax Returns (see also papers in oversize storiage: 74-02-05-03)
f.2 Edwards
f.3 Finney
f.4 Ford
f.5 Grant
f.6 Hodgeman
f.7 Kearney
f.8 Ness
f.9 Pawnee
f.10 Stafford
f.11 Colorado
f.12 Kansas
f.13 New Mexico
f.14 Federal
f.15 Teacher's Certificates, 1889-1894
f.16 Temperance
f.17 Tiller and Toiler
United States
f.18 Agriculture, Dept. of
f.19 Forest Service
f.20 Commerce, Dept. of
f.21 National Emergency Council
f.22 National Recovery Administration
f.23 Social Security Administration
f.24 White House
f.25 World War I Papers
f.26 World War II Papers

Series 4
Box 37 Post-Albert A. Doerr Papers
f.1 Estate
f.2 Memorials
f.3 Doerr Mercantile Co.
f.4 Chrylser-Plymouth
f.5 Fall Out Shelter
f.6 Oil & Gas Lease
f.7 Strain Lawsuit
f.8 Verson Allsteel Press Company
f.9 Taxes

Series 5
f.10 Miscellaneous
f.11. Miscellaneous
f.12 Miscellaneous
f.13 Miscellaneous
f.14 Miscellaneous -- College of Emporia
f.15 Miscellaneous -- Franklin Wichita Co.
f.16 Miscellaneous -- KU News Bureau
f.17 Miscellaneous -- Political essays
f.18 Miscellaneous -- Southwestern College


Pre-Doerr 1) Douglas County Teachers' examination, 1873
Pre-Doerr 2) Land Warrant, 1847 Feb 11, of George M. Zinn, Fayette, Missouri.
Business articles 3) Weekly Implement Trade Journal, undated.
Democratic Party 4) Keep the Record Straight -- Clifford Hope for Congress, 1934
Laura Doerr 5) Tiller and Toiler -- Join Red Cross, 1939
Laura Doerr 6) Kansas State Historical Society -- Membership certificate for Laura Pate Vernon Doerr, 1916
Public Service 7) Comparative Statement of Direct Appropriation, 1915
Public Service 8) A. A. Doerr -- Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Gov., 1934
Fair competition 9) Cutthroat Prices, Harper's Weekly, 1913
Taxes 10) Individual Income Tax Returns
Post-Doerr 11) Senate Resolution No. 15, 1953 Feb. 4
Misc. 12) First Mortgage Real Estate Bond, J. W. Van Winkle, 1883
Misc. 13) Public Sale, 1913


Agriculture -- Leasing Property Box 4, f.1 - f.7
Banking B6, f.1 - f.13
Co-operatives, Agricultural B2, f.3 - f.4
B3, f.6
Democratic party B15
Doerr, Laura Pate Vernon, 1876-1944 B16 - B17
B21 - B22
Doerr Family B1, f.1
B16 - B23
Eubonics B29, f.3
Fraternal organizations B24, f.1 - f.7
Funeral home businesses B24, f.8 - f.9
Germany, 1919-1939 B24, f.10
Health, personal hygiene B21, f.11
B24, f.11 - 18
Kansas. House of Representatives B29 - B30
Kansas. Senate B31 - B35
Kansas State Business Manager B35, f.3 - f.11
Ku Klux Klan B25, f.20
National Assoc. of Farm Equipment Manufacturers B26, f.1
National Federation of Implement Dealers' Assoc. B26 - B28
National Retail Farm Equipment Association B28, f. 15
Red Cross B22
Taxation B22, f.13
Teachers' examination Oversize storage, item 1
Tiller and Toiler B36, Oversize storage, item 5
Wheat production control B5
World War I B34, f. 12
B36, f. 26
World War II B36, f. 27

Space Required/Quantity: 19.20 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Albert A. Doerr papers


Biog. Sketch (Full):

Albert A. Doerr was a Democrat from Larned, Kansas, and member of the Kansas House of Representatives and the Kansas Senate. He represented District Ninety-one between 1913 and 1915, and then served in the Senate from District Thirty-eight between 1917 and 1920. He was also a farmer and businessman in Larned.

            Albert A. Doerr was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1866 to Jacob and Dorothea Doerr.  He was the eldest of eight children, and as far as anyone knows, he had a middle initial, but no middle name.  Neither his autobiographical statement, nor his Social Security application form reveal a middle name.  When he was eleven, his parents decided to move to western Kansas and take up farming.  From that time he did not attend school until he was twenty-one.  When he did find the opportunity to attend school, his natural abilities elevated him into a normal school, and within ten weeks, he had secured a teaching certificate in country schools.

            In early adulthood, as he was pondering his future, he considered law and medicine, and even tried his hand, unsuccessfully, at editing a newspaper, The Tiller and Toiler, in Larned which he owned from February 1896 to July of 1897.

            By chance he had the opportunity to purchase a hardware store in Larned, Kansas, from the proprietor, who wanted to move to California.  With a $2,000 loan and promissory note for an additional $1,100, Doerr bought the business.  Success came steadily, and also in the face or adversity (a fire on one occasion and a tornado on another).

            Doerr's experience in farming gave him insider's knowledge of what farmers want, need and are willing to purchase.  From hardware, Doerr branched out into furniture, chinaware and harnesses.  As mechanized farm machinery became available, Doerr began dealing in that area as well.  He even took the time to show farmers how to use new machinery and how it could save them time, money, effort, and also how to increase productivity.

            Recognizing that for farmers, automobiles were a necessity rather than a luxury, he bought and sold cars.  This was at a time before the advent of automobile dealerships.

            In addition to these business enterprises, Doerr owned and leased out many acres of farm land, and also leased an oil well.  This collection contains a considerable amount of correspondence with his tenant farmers concerning the management of his farm properties.  Also contained herein is correspondence pertaining to farm leases and sales and purchases.

            Doerr's political career began in 1912, when he was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives for the 1913 and 1915 regular sessions of the Legislature, representing the 91st district.  By 1916, he was elected to the Senate, serving in the 1917 and 1919 regular sessions.

            In his first session in the Legislature, Doerr was the chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs.  Because of his effective work in that committee, Governor Martin appointed him to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Kansas State Militia.

            Doerr was also known for his supportive efforts on behalf of the Larned State Hospital.  He also gained a reputation for his stance on "bone-dry" prohibition, a constitutional convention, a budget system for state expenditures, and an anti-trading stamp law.

            Doerr also served as the Kansas State Business Manager from 1923 to 1924.  He resigned after a brief tenure so that he could concentrate his efforts on an election campaign for the office of lieutenant governor in 1924, a bid which he lost.  Doerr never held elective office again, though his name was suggested by the Democratic Party as a nominee for various offices, including that of governor.

            Doerr was also very active in a number of different hardware and implement dealers' associations, especially the National Federation of Implement Dealers' Associations, of which he was president from 1929 to 1930.

            By late middle life, Doerr's businesses, farm properties, oil well and investments were yielding considerable dividends.  He was able to send his children, Pauline and Isabel, to college, and to take nice vacations and cruises to distant lands.  Doerr's life was to say the least, a prosperous and full one.

            Albert married Laura Pate Vernon in 1899.  His wife was also involved in a variety of different efforts, including woman suffrage, and especially Red Cross volunteer work during the First World War.  Laura died in 1944.

            Albert died on November 23, 1950, at the age of 84.  In 1952, the Kansas Senate passed a resolution paying tribute to Doerr.  A copy of this resolution is located in oversize storage.

Biog. Sketch (Full): LIST OF RELATIVES

wife -- Laura Pate (Vernon) Doerr
mother -- Dorothea
father -- Jacob
daughter -- Pauline (Doerr) Davis -- attended Lindenwood College, K.U., and Bush Conversatory of Music. Married Dr. Harold E. "Bill" Davis.

daughter -- Isabel (Doerr) Campbell -- attended Lindenwood College, Kansas University, business college in New York City. Married Harold Cassius "Skip" Campbell.

Mother-in-law -- Ella (Pate) Vernon
Father-in-law -- William H. Vernon
Sisters: Amelia (Doerr) Sutton, 1868-
Anna (Doerr) Milloway, 1871-
Bertha (Doerr) Miller, 1874-
Emma (Doerr) Hohner, 1876-
Dorothea (Dora?) (Doerr), 1877-
Sophie (Doerr), 1881-
(Charles) Edward Doerr, 1885-

Sister-in-law: Estelle (Vernon) Ingels
Brothers-in-law: Rob
Will, jr.
Nephew: Millard Hunsley
Niece: Nevada, of Ardmore, Oklahoma, married to Elbert, may have been Bertha's daughters.

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

For research convenience, a brief examination of the collection outline will give the researcher a familiarity with this collection and its organization. To find material as listed on the catalog card added entries, the index in the back of this guide would be most helpful.

If Albert A. Doerr was anything, he was an assiduous record keeper. He saved literally every shred of paper that ever came to him, including receipts for having his shoes shined, or his clothes dry-cleaned (these receipts have not been saved). The Doerr manuscript collection is one of the larger manuscript collections in the Kansas State Historical Society, and includes papers from a wide variety of activities and subject matter. Substantially included herein are papers concerning A. A. Doerr Mercantile Co., Doerr's public service in the Kansas State Legislature, his agricultural endeavors, Democratic Party politics, letters to and from family members, papers from fraternal organizations, agricultural real estate contracts and correspondence with tenant farmers, tax returns, financial investments, and more.

To complicate matters, Doerr often sent and received personal letters and business correspondence while sitting in the Legislature, causing a mixture of papers. Doerr was a better businessman and statesman than an archivist. His papers, a huge collection to begin with were completely dissheveled at the time of their accession, and had to be carefully grouped, ordered, and organized into series and subseries.

For the researcher interested in doing investigative work on the Doerr family, or families related to Albert and Laura Doerr, Series I contains a small but revealing amount of information this family and its kindred. There is also a series entitled Family Papers within Series III, which contains a large amount of correspondence between a wide variety of people in the Doerr family. In addition, this series contains some personal family medical records.

Within this register there are a number of different appendices, including one listing the oversize items and their locations; one listing his relatives and in-laws; and an index of prominent subject titles and their locations.

Contents: Ser. 1. Genealogical records -- ser. 2. Pre-A. A. Doerr papers, 1847-1873 -- ser. 3. Albert A. Doerr papers -- ser. 4. Post-Albert A. Doerr papers, 1950-1965 -- ser. 5. Misc.


Locator Contents
008-02-07-07 to 008-03-04-03  1828 - 1998 
017-14-10-01  Volume: "Policy Record of New York Underwriters Agency" 
029-15-02-03  Oversize photos 
074-02-05-01  Ledger: 1909 
104-04-01-17  1 ledger book with minutes of the board of directors' and stockholders' meetings, articles of incorporation, charter, and by-laws for the A. A. Doerr Mercantile Company, 1910-1965; stockholders' book, 1910-1979; and correspondence, receipts, and misc. records c. 1890-1946. 
113-02-05-17  Photographs 
909-25-00-00  c1849 - 1939 oversize materials 

Related Records or Collections

Related materials:

1 photo: W. P. Lambertson, member Board of Administration, Larned, May 7, 1924
1 photo: Roger M. Williams, member Board of Administration, Larned, May 7, 1924
1 photo: T. J. O'Neil, State Business Manager, Larned, May 7, 1924
1 photo: Dr. Hughes, Superintendent of Larned State Hospital, May 7, 1924
1 photo: Doerr, Carney, Hughes, Jewell, Routledge, Williams, O'Niel, Lambertson
1 photo: group of men
2 photos: A. A. Doerr
1 photo: Mrs. A. A. Doerr
2 photos: Laura Vernon Doerr
1 photo: A. A. Doerr with brother and sisters
1 photo: unidentified street scene
14 stereographs : Doerr's big Store in Larned, Kansas

Index Terms


    Kansas. Legislature. House of Representatives
    Kansas. Legislature. Senate
    Kansas. State Business Manager
    American Red Cross
    Democratic Party (Kan.)
    League of Nations
    National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers
    National Farm & Power Equipment Dealers Association (U.S.)
    National Federation of Implement Dealers Associations
    Dorr family
    Kansas -- Officials and employees
    Larned (Kan.)
    Doerr, Albert A., 1866-1950
    Doerr, Albert A., 1866-1950 -- Health
    Agricultural cooperative credit associations -- Kansas
    Agricultural laws and legislation -- Kansas
    Agricultural machinery industry -- Kansas
    American newspapers -- Kansas -- Larned -- Ownership
    Banks and banking -- Kansas
    Farm tenancy -- Kansas
    Hardware stores -- Kansas -- Larned
    Health promotion -- Kansas
    Landlord and tenant -- Kansas
    Taxation -- Kansas
    World War, 1914-1918
    World War, 1939-1945
    Tiller and toiler (Larned, Kan. : 1892)

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