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Greek Families, Churches & Businesses in Kansas City, Missouri

Date: 1925 - 1947

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Summary: 1) Members of the Annunciation Church at a picnic including Apostoli Kartsonis, Tom Jianas, Mrs. Jianis, Mrs. Longas, Mrs. Steve Sakoulas, George Sakoulas, Mary Solas and other unidentified people, Walnut Grove, 103rd & State Line, Kansas City, Missouri, c.1940; 2) Photo of unidentified School children of the Annunciation Church Greek School some in costume participating in Greek Independence Day celebration, Kansas City, Missouri c.1944; 3) Photo of Kansas City Families who originated from Arcadia participating in the Pan-Arcadian Federation Convention, Greece, 1947; 4) Photo of the members of Daughters of Penelope including Anna Kartsonis, unknown location, c.1935; 5) Photo of Chris Garrison dressed in costume for a March 25 program, unknown location, c.1930's; 6) Photo of Louis Kartsonis (first foreign born president of the Naturalization Council of Kansas City Missouri) & Mrs. Maybard Brock, executive secretary, unknown location, n.d.; 7) Panoramic photo of the First Annual Picnic of the AHEPA, Chapter 73, unknown location, 1925; 8) Photo of the unidentified participants at the South Central Business Association Inaugural Dinner Dance, Hotel Bellerive, unknown location, January 26, 1937; 9) Photo of the members of the Philoptochos Society including: Katherine Eliopoulos, Evanthia Carras, Anna Kartsonis, Aliki Vleisides, Katherine Ellis & Virginia Smernes, unknown location, c.1940; 10) Photo of two World War II soldiers and an unidentified women visiting the Louis Kartsonis family, unknown location, n.d.; 11) Portrait of (l to r): Sam Fotopoulos, Louis Kartsonis, Paul Fotopoulos & Timotheos Kartsonis, unknown location, c.1917; 12) Portrait of the AHEPA Heart of America Chapter 73 including: Steve Sakoulas, Louis Kartsonis, Father Nicholas Speloitis, unknown location, 1931-1932; 13) Photo of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kartsonis and Richard D. Dabney, choir director at Annunciation Church, Linwood Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, c.1940's

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Title (Main title): Greek Families, Churches & Businesses in Kansas City, Missouri

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