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Samuel Peppard scrapbook

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Date: 1865-1990

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Kansas Memory

Unit ID: 444035

Summary: This scrapbook contains letters, photographs, newspaper articles, military records, government records relating to Samuel Peppard, known for his "Peppard wind-wagon." A novel device of the Kansas territorial period was the wind wagon, sometimes called a sailing wagon. Several were built and in 1860 the press gave them considerable attention. They were similar to an ordinary light wagon; weighed about 350 pounds; had a bed about three feet wide, eight feet long, and six inches deep; and were propelled by a sail or sails raised over the center of the front axle. When the breezes blew in the right direction the wagons were reported to skim over the prairies at about 15 miles per hour, with speeds at up to 40 miles per hour. Peppard gained notice when he attempted to "sail" his wagon from Oskaloosa to eastern Colorado. Peppard was born in Wayne County, Ohio on September 20, 1833 and died in Oskaloosa, Kansas on April 20, 1916.

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Title (Main title): Samuel Peppard scrapbook


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