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Ross & Margaret Colman Wulfkuhle

Date: 1917 - 2003

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

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Unit ID: 446194

Summary: l) Wedding photo of Ross Wulfkuhle & Margaret Colman, Lawrence, Kansas, March 7, 1943; 2) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in a military uniform & Maragaret Wulfkuhle, unknown location, c.1943; 3) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in the doorway of an underground shed, unknown location, n.d.; 4) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in military uniform, unknown location, c.WWII; 5) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle on guard duty, Inglewood, California, 1942; 6) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle washing dishes in the field, Inglewood, California, 1942; 7-8) Photos of Ross Wulfkuhle in military uniform with rifle, Camp Callan, La Jolla, California, April 27, 1942; 9) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle washing clothes in the field, unknown location, c.WWII; 10) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in the doorway of a barracks wearing a Kansas Jayhwawk tee shirt, unknown location, c.WWII; 11) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle on guard duty in front of a guard shack, unknown location, c.WWII; 12) Photo of five military men eating at a wooden bench: Daugherty, Finkle, Wulfkuhle, Hillery & Dworak, unknown location, n.d.; 13) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in a military uniform standing next to a Jeep, unknown location, n.d.; 14) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in a military uniform standing in front of a building & snowy hills, unknown location, n.d.; 15) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in full military uniform, unknown location, n.d.; 16) Photo of a group of men around a artillery piece: Wulfkuhle, Paulsen, Durning, Homer, Cavaretta, Hillery & Finkle, Inglewood, California, 1942; 17) Photo of a group of military men: Front: Homer, Finkle, Durning & Paulsen. Back row: Jinks, Wulfkuhle, Bradford & Hillery, Inglewood, California, 1942; 18) Photo of a group of men in military uniforms: Homer, Bradford, Cavaretta, Wulfkuhle & Paulsen, unknown location, c.1942; 19) Photo of a group of unidentified men in military uniforms, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, March-June 1945; 20) Photo of a group of men in military uniforms including: Shelby, Rodgers, Hatch, Burkhart, Lee & Wulfkuhle, unknown location, n.d.; 21) Photo of seven unidentified men in military uniforms in a horse drawn cart with two natives, possibly India, n.d.; 22) Photo of a group of unidentified soldiers entering the theater, Attu, Alaska, n.d.; 23) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle in his American Legion uniform, Lawrence, Kansas, 1999; 24) Photo of four unidentified men in military uniforms in front of displays, Dole Institute, Lawrence, Kansas, 2003; 25) Photo of Ross Wulfkuhle & two unidentified men working with the KU film collection, Lawrence, Kansas, n.d.; 26) Photo of the Old Evangelical Church, Stull, Kansas, September 9, 1923; 27) Photo of a church, Stull, Kansas, August 28, 1999; 28) Photo of an infant Ross Wulfkuhle, unknown location, c.1917; 29) Photo of the Wulfkuhle Family with the parents and seven offspring, unknown location, January 2, 1927; 30) Photo of five Wulfkuhle brothers, unknown location, n.d.; 31) Photo of a group of people at the 4H roundup: Bob Miller, Martha Perkins, Clyde Wulfkuhle, Dorothy Armstrong, Elizabeth Wiggins, Ross Wulfkuhle (Douglas County Health Champion), unknown location, 1932; 32) Photo of the participants in the Stull Sunday School: (L to R): Charles Walter, Harry Kampschroder, Marvin Hauk, Ross Wulfkuhle, Byron Miller, Milton Kraff, unidentified, Ruby Hauk, Evelyn Stull & teacher: Mabel Hoffsommer, Stull, Kansas, c.1925; 33) Photo of students of Deer Creek School: First row: Milton Kraft, Lea Wulfkuhle, Billy Henry, Jr., George Wulfkuhle, Duane Kraft, Alvin Wilson. Second row: Lester Miller, Harry Kampschroeder, Ross Wulfkuhle, Freddie Wilson, Kenneth Stull, Herman Wulfkuhle. Third row: Celesta Kizer, Hazel Wilson, Letha Wulfkuhle, Avis Miller, Frieda Wulfkuhle, Gladys Kraft, Mildred Stull, Mabel Wilson, Viola Kraft, Mary Miller. Back row: Thelma Kizer, Maxine Kizer, Lucile Rake, Clyde Wulfkuhle, Alberta Stull, Opal Miller, Mrs. Glenn, Evelyn Stull, Orlea Ovison, Eola Stull, Helen Kampschroeder, Douglas County, Kansas, 1927-1928; 34) Photo of the students and teacher of the Deer Creek School. Back row: Ray Rake, Geraldine Miller, Raymond Hoffsommer, Alberta Stull, Alice Kizer, Orlea Ovison, Raymond Deister. Third row: Eola Stull, Helen Kampschroeder, Evelyn Stull, Opal Miller, Juantia Gibson, Lucile Rake, Frieda Wulfkuhle, Avis Miller. Second row: Truman Ovison, Ross Wulfkuhle, Herman Wulfkuhle, Byron Miller, Alvin Wilson, Clyde Wulfkuhle. Front row: Freddie Wilson, Lester Miller, Kenneth Stull, Olin Kampschroeder, Harry Miller, Harry Kampschroeder, Raymond Hoffsommer, Teacher, Douglas County, Kansas, 1924-1925; 35-38) Photos of different scenes from the movie "The Day After", Ross Wulfkuhle property, Douglas County, Kansas, 1982; 39) Photo of a grain harvest with an Allis Chalmers combine & a Ford truck, unknown location, n.d.; 40) Photo of a John Deere mower & a Craftsman wagon, unknown location, July 31, 1993; 41) Photo of a storage building, tractor, grain truck and pickup truck, unknown location, October 7, 1992; 42) Photo of a tractor and hay baler, unknown location, August 25, 1993; 43) Photo of an unidentified man feeding cattle, unknown location, n.d.; 44) Photo of an unidentified man breaking ice on a pond, unknown location, n.d.;

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Title (Main title): Ross & Margaret Colman Wulfkuhle

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    University of Kansas
    Douglas County (Kan.)
    Stull (Kan.)
    Wulfkuhle family
    Wulfkuhle, Ross (Ross Elroy), 1915-2009
    Film archives
    Military Personnel
    Rural schools
    Sunday schools
    Traditional farming
    World War, 1939-1945