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General highway map[s] ... County, Kansas / prepared by the Kansas Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Planning ; in cooperation with the United States Federal Highway Administration.

Creator: Kansas. Bureau of Transportation Planning

Date: 1936-<2000>

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Map/Cartographic

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 448969

Summary: General highway map of each county in Kansas, starting with Allen County and ending with Wyandotte County. Maps show primitive, unimproved, graded & drained, soil surfaced, gravel or stone (graded & drained and not graded & drained), gravel or stone with stabilized surface, bituminous road--low type, & paved roads; divided & undivided highways; highways with full control of access; side roads & streets in unincorporated urban compacts & extensions of local roads within municipalities; Federal-Aid Interstate, Primary, Secondary, & Urban highway systems; distances between points; Interstate & U.S. numbered highways; State highway system or numbered highways with ends of designated systems or marked routes; railroads; railroads in juxtaposition; railroad stations; grade & separated (above & below) railroad crossings; military airfields; general airports; airfields; airplane landing areas or strips; general airway light beacons; navigable streams (intermittent & continuous); rivers (intermittent & continuous); major & minor drainage (intermittent & continuous); drainage & irrigation ditches; lakes, reservoirs & ponds and those with dams; dry lakes subject to flood; marsh or swamp & and overflow lands; general highway bridges; small bridges closely spaced; general and double & twin highway bridges; highway grade separations; levees or dikes & same with roads; concrete fords or dips; fords with road established; cattle guards; gates across roads; State & county boundaries; corporate lines; boundary lines established for delimited urban places; section lines; boundaries to mark enlargement insets; parks & other reservations, national monuments, or federal development projects; small monuments or historic sites; State capitals, county seats, incorporated & other cities or villages; boundary lines fixed for special taxing areas & other unincorporated urban places delimited; prominent elevations with names & elevations above sea level; picnic grounds; playgrounds, ball fields, etc.; bathing beaches or swimming pools; scenic & camp sites (no permanent tents or trailer parking); tourist courts or motels (with figures indicating number of permanent cabins or cottages); camps or lodges (permanent sites with buildings); small parks (State, county, or municipal or safety rest areas); fish hatcheries; bird sanctuaries; game farms & preserves; rifle clubs, golf grounds or country clubs; riding academies; yacht clubs; amusement parks or halls; fair grounds, race courses or speedways; drive-in theaters; marinas; rodeo grounds; guide or gate houses (with indication whether State or national park); farm dwellings (single & multiple); combined dwellings & stores, dwellings & post offices, dwellings & filling stations, and dwellings with businesses & filling stations; factories or industrial plants; shaft or drift mines; oil or gas wells, fields, & storage tanks (with numbers of tanks); filling stations (not connected with other businesses); oil or gas pumping stations; gauging or pumping stations; valve houses; seasonal industries (canneries or small grain mills); milk depot creameries or cheese factories; fruit or nut orchards; road stand farm produce sales; warehouses (if government, whether State or U.S.); grain elevators; groups of grain storage bins; greenhouses; nurseries; stock yard loading pens or corrals; small stock pens at railroad sidings; sand or gravel pits; rock quarries; kilns or ovens; feed lots; shopping centers; seasonal businesses; stationary sawmills; schoolhouses; consolidated or large schools; Grange, town hall, or community halls; agricultural experiment stations; correctional institutions; museums; public libraries; post offices; highway garages; fire-engine houses; garbage or rubbish dumps; sewage disposal plants; auto salvage yards; transformer stations; power plants & substations; booster stations; water supply stand pipes or tanks; radio stations with call letters; radio range stations; water-treatment plants; junkyards; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices; forts, army camps, barracks, or other military posts; and triangulation stations.

Space Required/Quantity: maps : color ; 47 x 77 cm

Title (Main title): General highway map[s] ... County, Kansas / prepared by the Kansas Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Planning ; in cooperation with the United States Federal Highway Administration.

Titles (Other):

  • County highway maps
  • County maps
  • Kansas, 7.5 minute series (topographic)
  • Kansas county highway maps
  • ... County, Kansas [Portion of title]
  • Kansas [Portion of title]
  • Highway & transportation map[s]
  • ½ inch county highway maps

Publication Details

Publication/distribution: [Topeka, Kan.] : Bureau of Transportation Planning, Kansas Department of Transportation, 1936-<2000>.

Scope and Content


Locator Contents
109-01-02-00  General highway map[s], ... County, Kansas, 1976-1980: Southeast Kansas. Scale 1:126,720. 1 in. = 2 miles 
114-06-03-00  Original transparencies, [ca. 1970-ca. 1985] 
907-31-00-00  1935-1941 Highway & transportation map[s]. 
912-24-00-00  1936-1942 (Map Drawer 6) 
913-31-00-00  [ca. 1969]-<2000> (bulk [ca. 1969-ca. 1995]): Counties A-L (Map Drawer T) 
913-32-00-00  [ca. 1969]-<2000> (bulk [ca. 1969-ca. 1995]): Counties M-W (Map Drawer U) 
914-36-00-00  1936-[ca. 1963]: General highway and traffic flow maps annotated to show townships 
936-28-01-00  [ca. 1958]-1972 
963-20-00-00  1936-[ca. 1941?]: 1" (1:63,360) maps (bound vol.), annotated 
964-30-00-00 to 964-32-00-00  ½ in. (1:126,720) 

Related Records or Collections

Associated materials: Other copies in the state archives holdings, Kansas Historical Society (Topeka); cf. http://www.kshs.org/archives/219380

Associated materials: Other maps in this series are in other locations within the map collection; see the map card catalog, ATLAS, and the Archives Catalog for specific items.

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    United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. -- Facilities -- Maps
    Geological Survey (U.S.) -- Kansas, 7.5 minute series (topographic)
    Road maps
    Kansas -- Maps
    Agricultural experiment stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Air bases, American -- Kansas -- Maps
    Airports -- Kansas -- Maps
    Amusement parks -- Kansas -- Maps
    Athletic fields -- Kansas -- Maps
    Automobile graveyards -- Kansas -- Maps
    Bathing beaches -- Kansas -- Maps
    Beacons -- Kansas -- Maps
    Bird refuges -- Kansas -- Maps
    Boundaries, State -- Maps
    Canned foods industry -- Kansas -- Maps
    Cheese factories -- Kansas -- Maps
    Community centers -- Kansas -- Maps
    Dikes (Engineering) -- Kansas -- Maps
    Ditches -- Kansas -- Maps
    Electric substations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Electric transformers -- Kansas -- Maps
    Fords (Stream crossings) -- Kansas -- Maps
    Gages -- Maps
    Interstate Highway System -- Kansas -- Maps
    Junk trade -- Kansas -- Maps
    Marinas -- Kansas -- Maps
    Marshes -- Kansas -- Maps
    Milk depots -- Kansas -- Maps
    Picnic grounds -- Kansas -- Maps
    Racing -- Kansas -- Maps
    Radio relay systems -- Kansas -- Maps
    Riding schools -- Kansas -- Maps
    Rifle-ranges -- Kansas -- Maps
    Roadside marketing -- Kansas -- Maps
    Roadside rest areas -- Kansas -- Maps
    Runway localizing beacons -- Kansas -- Maps
    Seasonal industries -- Kansas -- Maps
    Standpipes -- Kansas -- Maps
    Triangulation signal towers -- Kansas -- Maps
    Yacht clubs -- Kansas -- Maps
    Counties -- Kansas -- Maps
    Boundaries -- Maps
    Bridges -- Kansas -- Maps
    Business enterprises -- Kansas -- Maps
    Camp sites, facilities, etc. -- Kansas -- Maps
    Cattle -- Feeding and feeds -- Kansas -- Maps
    Cattle pens -- Kansas -- Maps
    Cities and towns -- Kansas -- Maps
    Country clubs -- Kansas -- Maps
    Creameries -- Kansas -- Maps
    Dams -- Kansas -- Maps
    Drainage -- Kansas -- Maps
    Drive-in theaters -- Kansas -- Maps
    Dwellings -- Kansas -- Maps
    Factories -- Kansas -- Maps
    Farmhouses -- Kansas -- Maps
    Farm ponds -- Kansas -- Maps
    Fire stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Fish hatcheries -- Kansas -- Maps
    Garages -- Kansas -- Maps
    Gas wells -- Kansas -- Maps
    Gates -- Kansas -- Maps
    Golf courses -- Kansas -- Maps
    Grain -- Milling -- Kansas -- Maps
    Grain -- Storage -- Kansas -- Maps
    Greenhouses -- Kansas -- Maps
    Highway planning -- Kansas -- Maps
    Historic sites -- Kansas -- Maps
    Hotels -- Kansas -- Maps
    Indians of North America -- Kansas -- Maps
    Indians of North America -- Reservations -- Maps
    Industrial districts -- Kansas -- Maps
    Irrigation canals and flumes -- Kansas -- Maps
    Lakes -- Kansas -- Maps
    Landforms -- Kansas -- Maps
    Levees -- Kansas -- Maps
    Libraries -- Kansas -- Maps
    Military bases, American -- Kansas -- Maps
    Mines and mineral resources -- Kansas -- Maps
    Monuments -- Kansas -- Maps
    Museums -- Kansas -- Maps
    National parks and reserves -- Kansas -- Maps
    Natural gas -- Kansas -- Maps
    Natural monuments -- Kansas -- Maps
    Nurseries (Horticulture) -- Kansas -- Maps
    Nuts -- Kansas -- Maps
    Oil fields -- Kansas -- Maps
    Oil wells -- Kansas -- Maps
    Orchards -- Kansas -- Maps
    Parks -- Kansas -- Maps
    Playgrounds -- Kansas -- Maps
    Post office buildings -- Kansas -- Maps
    Power-plants -- Kansas -- Maps
    Prisons -- Kansas -- Maps
    Produce trade -- Kansas -- Maps
    Pumping stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Radio stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Railroad crossings -- Kansas -- Maps
    Railroads -- Kansas -- Maps
    Railroad stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Refuse and refuse disposal -- Kansas -- Maps
    Reservoirs -- Kansas -- Maps
    Rivers -- Kansas -- Maps
    Roads -- Kansas -- Finance -- Maps
    Roads -- Kansas -- Maps
    Rodeos -- Kansas -- Maps
    Sand and gravel industry -- Kansas -- Maps
    Sawmills -- Kansas -- Maps
    School buildings -- Kansas -- Maps
    Service stations -- Kansas -- Maps
    Sewage disposal plants -- Kansas -- Maps
    Shopping centers -- Kansas -- Maps
    Stockyards -- Kansas -- Maps
    Stores, Retail -- Kansas -- Maps
    Swimming pools -- Kansas -- Maps
    Tanks -- Kansas -- Maps
    Tourist camps, hostels, etc. -- Kansas -- Maps
    Valves -- Kansas -- Maps
    Warehouses -- Kansas -- Maps
    Water-supply -- Kansas -- Maps
    Water treatment plants -- Kansas -- Maps
    Wildlife refuges -- Kansas -- Maps

Creators and Contributors

Additional Information for Researchers

Scale: Scale [1:126,720] ; polyconic projection.

Add'l physical form: Also available online at the Kansas Department of Transportation's website: http://www.ksdot.org/bureaus/burtransplan/maps/PastPublishedCounty.asp


General Note: Kansas government document no. T 5.9:[county]/ (ksdocs)

General Note: Revised irregularly. Set includes various issues of some sheets.

General Note:

Insets show built-up areas outside city limits. Includes state location map and inset maps.

"Populations--Division of the Budget ..." "Horizontal control based on U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1927 N.A.D." Some information from Geological Survey quadrangle maps.

Some sheets: "Data obtained from State-wide Highway Planning Survey."

Later maps: "Digitized from U.S.G.S. quadrangle maps."

Later maps: "Computer generated."

General Note: Relief shown by hacures and spot heights

General Note: City map of Topeka on verso of Shawnee County sheet.

General Note: 1936-1942 maps have the title Highway & transportation map : ... County, Kansas.

General Note: Some copies annotated to show political (named) townships.

Geographic coverage: Complete in 105 sheets.

Local Note: See checklist for sheets in this depository. Staff can also assist in finding other copies; cf. UID 448919 for locations.