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Arthur William and Anna Laura Hittle Rings photographs

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Date: 1900-1961

Level of Description: File unit

Material Type: Manuscripts

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Unit ID: 449434

Summary: This series includes 12 black and white photographs of Anna Laura Hittle Rings (1870-1931) and her husband, Arthur Rings (1877-1929), with their family. Many of the photographs are individual portraits of Anna and Arthur.

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Title (Main title): Arthur William and Anna Laura Hittle Rings photographs

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  1. Marjorie Ruth Rings (daughter), b. 1914.
  2. Helena Laura Rings (daughter), b. 1904.
  3. Esther Anna Rings (daughter), b. 1926.
  4. Anna Laura Hittle Rings, 1885-1961.
  5. Left to right: Arthur Rings, Anna Hittle Rings, Glen Francis Rings, Clarence Martin Rings, Mary Rings, Herdman. Image taken around 1916.
  6. Circleville farm, Arthur William Rings and Herdman, 1914-1916
  7. Robert Raymond Rings (son), b. 1921
  8. Charles (Chuck) Elmer Rings (son), b. 1907
  9. Elizabeth Carson, neighbor in Holton, Kansas
  10. Robert Raymon Rings (son), b. 1921
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Reproduction: Digital file, KSHS, 2018-167