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Records of the Kansas Governor's Office : administration of Governor Clyde M. Reed (1929-1931)

Creator: Kansas. Governor (1929-1931 : Reed)

Date: 1929-1931

Level of Description: Sub-collection/group

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: See individual series

Unit ID: 450937

Restrictions: None.

Biographical sketch: Twenty-fourth governor of the State of Kansas, 1929-1931 (Republican); of Parsons.

Abstract: Correspondence and other items received from the administration of Clyde M. Reed, governor of the State of Kansas from 1929 to 1931, includes general letters; official response letters from and letter concerning State agencies and constituents; and newspaper clippings related to appearances and articles about Governor Reed.

Summary: Primarily letters received by the office of Governor Reed, however there are also minutes, newspaper clippings, reports, and other types of documents.

Organized into three series: (1) Topical, 1929-1931; (2) Alphabetical, 1929-1931; and (3) Subject, 1919-1931.

Series 1. Topical File, 1929-1931 (31 folders). Box 1-3
Arranged alphabetically by topic.
Box 1
Folder 1 State bank cases
Folder 2 Bank taxation
Folder 3 Bank taxation
Folder 4 Board of Reviews, Motion Picture Industry
Folder 5 Chain stores
Folder 6 Coal conference
Folder 7 Crippled Children Commission
Folder 8 Conference with Henry L. Doherty
Folder 9 Drought committee
Folder 10 Drought committee
Box 2
Folder 1 Federal Farm Bureau
Folder 2 Federal Farm Bureau
Folder 3 Federal Farm Bureau
Folder 4 Governor’s Conference
Folder 5 Intangible Tax Law case
Folder 6 Missing
Folder 7 Legislative messages
Folder 8 National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement
Folder 9 National Guard, air squadron
Folder 10 Missing
Folder 11 Oil matters
Folder 12 Protein Testing Laboratory
Box 3
Folder 1 Railroads, car loading
Folder 2 Railroads, car loading
Folder 3 Southeast Kansas, Inc.
Folder 4 Special elections
Folder 5 Supreme Court Appointments
Folder 6 Tax Code Commission
Folder 7 Tubercular Sanitorium
Folder 8 Unemployment and Mexican Labor
Folder 9 United States Shipping Board

Series 2. Alphabetical File, 1929-1931 (24 folders). Box 4-5
Arranged alphabetically.
Box 4
Folder 1 A
Folder 2 B
Folder 3 C
Folder 4 D
Folder 5 E
Folder 6 F
Folder 7 G
Folder 8 H
Folder 9 I
Folder 10 J
Folder 11 K
Folder 12 L
Folder 13 M
Folder 14 N
Folder 15 O
Box 5
Folder 1 P
Folder 2 S
Folder 3 S
Folder 4 S
Folder 5 T
Folder 6 U
Folder 7 V
Folder 8 W
Folder 9 X-Z

Series 3. Subject File, 1919-1931 (XX folders). Box 5-X
Arranged alphabetically by subject unless renamed during processing to reflect content.
Box 5
Folder 10 State of Agriculture
Folder 11 Adjutant General, October 23, 1919-June 26, 1930
Folder 12 Adjutant General, January 28, 1929-October 16, 1929
Folder 13 Adjutant General, January 27, 1930-December 31, 1930
Folder 14 Board of Agriculture, January 8, 1928-August 15, 1929
Folder 15 Board of Agriculture, August 20, 1929-March 11, 1930
Folder 16 Board of Agriculture, March 12, 1930-January 5, 1931

Box 6
Folder 1 Board of Agriculture, farm relief
Folder 2 Board of Agriculture, farm relief
Folder 3 Board of Agriculture, farm relief
Folder 4 Missing
Folder 5 Board of Agriculture, farm relief
Folder 6 Board of Agriculture, farm relief
Folder 7 American Legion
Folder 8 Anti-Saloon League
Folder 9 State Architects
Folder 10 Asylums
Folder 11 Asylums
Folder 12 Athletic Commission
Folder 13 Attorney General
Folder 14 Attorney General, J. R. Brinkley case
Folder 15 Attorney General, fairs and gambling
Folder 16 Attorney General, liquor investigation

Box 7
Folder 1 Attorney General, Sunday movies
Folder 2 Attorney General, billboard advertising
Folder 3 Attorney General, billboard advertising
Folder 4 Attorney General, law enforcement for prohibition
Folder 5 Attorney General, law enforcement (general)
Folder 6 Attorney General, law enforcement (general)
Folder 7 Attorney General, Jay House inquisition
Folder 8 Attorney General
Folder 9 State Auditor, French matter
Folder 10 Auto licenses and motor traffic
Folder 11 Auto vehicle commission
Folder 12 Aviation
Folder 13 Aviation

Box 8
Folder 1 Board of Administration
Folder 1A Board of Administration
Folder 2 Barber Board
Folder 3 Banking Board
Folder 4 Bank Commissioners
Folder 4A Bank Commissioners
Folder 5 Bank Commission
Folder 6 Legislative Bills
Folder 7 Legislative Bills
Folder 8 Mother Bickerdyke Home
Folder 9 Kansas State Institution for the Blind
Folder 10 Soldiers’ Compensation Board
Folder 11 Industrial School for Boys

Box 9
Folder 1 Dr. Brinkley – letters answered by Judge Faulk, ex. Clerk
Folder 2 Budget department
Folder 3 Building and loan association
Folder 4 Carrying firearms
Folder 5 Census Board and Board of Review
Folder 6 Chain stores
Folder 7 Chamber of Commerce
Folder 8 Capital punishment
Folder 9 Missing
Folder 10 Federal census
Folder 11 Chiropractic boards
Folder 12 United States Civil Service
Folder 13 Conferences
Folder 14 County officers
Folder 15 County Coroner’s Office
Folder 16 County Sherriff’s Office
Folder 17 County Sherriff’s Office
Folder 18 Federal Constitution
Folder 19 Cosmetology board
Folder 20 Criminal procedure
Folder 21 Crime Commission
Folder 22 Dairy Commission
Folder 23 Dairy, Northwest Kansas

Box 10
Folder 1 School for the Deaf
Folder 2 Drainage
Folder 3 Education
Folder 4 Election Commission
Folder 5 Entomological Commission
Folder 6 Extraditions
Folder 7 Extraditions
Folder 8 Executive Council
Folder 9 Kansas State Fair
Folder 10 Federal Farm Loans
Folder 11 Farm Unions
Folder 12 Federal Prison
Folder 13 Fire Marshal
Folder 14 Financial Aid
Folder 15 Flood control
Folder 16 Foreign Affairs
Folder 17 Forestry, Fish and Game

Box 11
Folder 1 Forestry, fish, and gaming commission
Folder 2 Constituent correspondence
Folder 3 Girls’ Industrial School
Folder 4 Governor’s mansion, Cedar Crest
Folder 5 Governor’s conference
Folder 6 Prisoners’ paroles
Folder 7 Governor’s reply to constituent letters
Folder 8 Speeches by Governor Reed
Folder 9 Request for photographs
Folder 10 State Grain Inspection Department
Folder 11 State Grain Inspection Department

Box 12
Folder 1 Great Lakes – St. Lawrence waterway
Folder 2 Kansas State Board of Health
Folder 3 Kansas State Board of Health
Folder 4 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 5 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 6 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 7 Department of Transportation and Highways

Box 13
Folder 1 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 2 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 3 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 4 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 5 Department of Transportation and Highways
Folder 6 Department of Transportation and Highways

Box 14
Folder 1 Highway Department
Folder 2 Highway Department
Folder 3 Highway Department
Folder 4 Highway Department
Folder 5 Historical Society
Folder 6 Honorary appointments
Folder 7 Hotel commission
Folder 8 Paroles and institutions
Folder 9 Insurance
Folder 10 International relations
Folder 11 International relations

Box 15
Folder 1 Insurance rates
Folder 2 Interstate Commerce Commission
Folder 3 Hail insurance deduction
Folder 4 Judicial Council
Folder 5 Justice of the Peace
Folder 6 Justice of the Peace
Folder 7 Justice of the Peace
Folder 8 Justice of the Peace
Folder 9 Invitations and speeches
Folder 10 Kansas State Agriculture College
Folder 11 Kansas Society for Crippled Children

Box 16
Folder 1 Labor Department
Folder 2 Labor Department
Folder 3 Legal advice
Folder 4 Legal advice – inmates
Folder 5 Law
Folder 6 Legislative bills
Folder 7 Agricultural legislation
Folder 8 Basic science legislation
Folder 9 Agricultural drainage legislation
Folder 10 Educational legislation
Folder 111 Kansas State Legislation
Folder 12 Road legislation

Box 17
Folder 1 League of Kansas Municipalities
Folder 2 Legislature (general)
Folder 3 Publicity Director D. O. McCray
Folder 4 Livestock department
Folder 5 Medical registration
Folder 6 Memorial Association
Folder 7 Public radio
Folder 8 Missing
Folder 9 National affairs
Folder 10 Newspapers
Folder 11 Ethel C. Blades land rights
Folder 12 Nurses meeting
Folder 13 Oil and gas
Folder 14 Optometry board
Folder 15 Board of Osteopathic
Folder 16 Orphans
Folder 17 Kansas penitentiaries
Folder 18 Kansas penitentiaries
Folder 19 Kansas penitentiaries

Box 18
Folder 1 Pensions
Folder 2 Pharmacy Board
Folder 3 United States Postal Service
Folder 4 Pioneer Memorial
Folder 5 State Printer
Folder 6 Probate Judge
Folder 7 Prohibition
Folder 8 Prohibition
Folder 9 Prohibition
Folder 10 Proclamations
Folder 11 Political and social science
Folder 12 Reed and President Herbert Hoover
Folder 13 Public instruction
Folder 14 Public Service Commission

Box 19
Folder 1 Public Service Commission
Folder 2 Public Service Commission
Folder 3 Public Service Commission
Folder 4 Public Service Commission
Folder 5 Public welfare
Folder 6 Red Cross
Folder 7 Kansas State Industrial Reformatory
Folder 8 Board of Regents
Folder 9 Reports
Folder 10 Reward money for criminals
Folder 11 Requests
Folder 12 Requisitions
Folder 13 Secretary of State
Folder 14 Sheriff appointments
Folder 15 Soldiers’ Home
Folder 16 Mother Bickerdyke Home

Box 20
Folder 1 Soybean production
Folder 2 Invitations to State events
Folder 3 Tariffs
Folder 4 Tax matters I
Folder 5 Tax matters II
Folder 6 Tax matters III
Folder 7 Tax matters IV
Folder 8 Tax code
Folder 9 Tax Code Commission
Folder 10 Taxation form the special legislative session

Box 21
Folder 1 Tax questionnaires
Folder 2 Tax questionnaires
Folder 3 Tax questionnaires
Folder 4 Teachers colleges
Folder 5 School textbook commission
Folder 6 State Treasurer
Folder 7 Tuberculosis sanitorium
Folder 8 University of Kansas
Folder 9 Veterans Hospital
Folder 10 Veterans
Folder 11 Vocational schools

Box 22
Folder 1 Western University
Folder 2 Washington, D.C.
Folder 3 Waterways
Folder 4 Wheat
Folder 5 Winfield Training School
Folder 6 State Accountant
Folder 7 Adjutant General
Folder 8 Board of Administration
Folder 9 Board of Administration
Folder 10 Board of Administration
Folder 11 Board of Administration
Folder 12 Board of Administration
Folder 13 State Architect
Folder 14 Banking Board

Box 23
Folder 1 School for the Blind
Folder 2 Blue Sky Department applications
Folder 3 Boys Industrial School applications
Folder 4 Building and Loan Conference applications
Folder 5 Building and Loan Supervisory Board applications
Folder 6 Budget Director applications
Folder 7 Chauffer, janitors and laborers applications
Folder 8 Board of Chiropractic Examiners applications
Folder 9 Board of Chiropractic Examiners applications
Folder 10 Board of Cosmetology applications
Folder 11 State Capitol custodian applications
Folder 12 School for the Deaf applications
Folder 13 Board of Dental Examiners applications
Folder 14 Election Commission applications

Box 24
Folder 1 Bank Commissioners Officers applications
Folder 2 Bank Commissioners Officers applications
Folder 3 Bank Commissioners Officers applications
Folder 4 Bank Commissioner applications
Folder 5 Bank Commissioner applications
Folder 6 Bank Commissioner applications
Folder 7 Barber Board applications
Folder 8 Barber Board applications

Box 25
Folder 1 Election commission applications
Folder 2 Embalming Board applications
Folder 3 Fire marshal applications
Folder 4 Employment Bureau applications
Folder 5 Deputy Game Warden applications
Folder 6 Girls’ Industrial School applications
Folder 7 Highway Department applications, A-B
Folder 8 Highway Department applications, C-D
Folder 9 Highway Department applications, E-J
Folder 10 Highway Department applications, K-L
Folder 11 Highway Department applications, M

Box 26
Folder 1 Highway Department applications, N-R
Folder 2 Highway Department applications, S
Folder 3 Highway Department applications, T
Folder 4 Highway Department applications, W
Folder 5 Highway Department applications, X-Z
Folder 6 Parsons State Hospital applications
Folder 7 Hotel Commissioner applications
Folder 8 - 29th District Judge applications
Folder 9 - 25th District Judge applications
Folder 10 - 34th District Judge applications
Folder 11 - 34th District Judge applications
Folder 12 Wichita City Court Judge applications
Folder 13 John Brown Memorial Park applications
Folder 14 Labor Commissioner applications
Folder 15 Livestock Sanitary Commissioner applications
Folder 16 Medical Examination and Registration applications

Box 27
Folder 1 Mining Examination Board applications
Folder 2 Norton Sanitorium applications
Folder 3 Nurses Examination Board applications
Folder 4 Oil Inspector applications
Folder 5 Oil Inspector applications
Folder 6 Optometry Board applications
Folder 7 Orphans Home applications
Folder 8 Osteopathic Board applications
Folder 9 Supreme Court Judge applications
Folder 10 Pharmacy Board applications
Folder 11 Podiatry Board applications
Folder 12 Public Service Commission applications
Folder 13 State Penitentiary applications
Folder 14 State Penitentiary applications
Folder 15 Kansas State Industrial Reformatory applications
Folder 16 Board of Regents applications

Box 28
Folder 1 Board of Review applications
Folder 2 Board of Review applications
Folder 3 School Book Commission applications
Folder 4 Soldiers’ Home, Board of Managers applications
Folder 5 Soldiers’ Home, Board of Managers applications
Folder 6 Soldiers’ Home, Board of Managers applications
Folder 7 Clerk and stenographer applications
Folder 8 Clerk and stenographer applications

Box 29
Folder 1 U. S. Senator applications, Homer Hoch
Folder 2 U. S. Senator applications, Alf M. Landon
Folder 3 U. S. Senator applications, Henry J. Allen
Folder 4 U. S. Senator applications, Joseph Mercer
Folder 5 U. S. Senator applications, Ralph Snyder
Folder 6 U. S. Senator applications, James G. Strong
Folder 7 U. S. Senator applications

Box 30
Folder 1 Tax Commissioner applications
Folder 2 Tax Commissioner applications
Folder 3 Department of Transportation applications
Folder 4 Veterinary Board applications
Folder 5 Vocational Schools applications
Folder 6 Western University applications
Folder 7 Applications for employment
Folder 8 Applications for employment
Folder 9 Applications for employment
Folder 10 Applications for employment

Space Required/Quantity: 14.50 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Records of the Kansas Governor's Office : administration of Governor Clyde M. Reed (1929-1931)

Part of: Records of the Kansas Governor's Office.

Language note: Text is in English.


Biog. Sketch (Full): Clyde Martin Reed, twenty-fourth governor of the State of Kansas, was born on 19 October 1871, in Champaign County, Illinois.

Moving with his family in 1875, at the age of four, Reed moved to Kansas where he concluded his education and taught for one year before entering work as a federal employee.

In 1891, Reed married Minnie Etta Hart (1871-1952). The couple had six children.

During his tenure as a federal employee, Reed worked for the railway service and Post Office Department. In 1919, he became the secretary to Governor Henry J. Allen, twenty-first governor of Kansas from 1919 to 1923. Four years later, 1923, Reed purchased the Parsons Sun newspaper where he continued publication of the paper through his administration until 1949.

After concluding his secretarial duties with Governor Allen, Reed served on the Kansas Industrial Court, 1920 to 1921, and was a member of the Public Utilities Commission, 1921 to 1924. Gaining a reputation of being a progressive, Reed was elected as the twenty-fourth governor of Kansas in 1929. Soon after being elected and relocating to Topeka in the Governor’s Mansion, the Great Depression entered Kansas. During his administration Reed arranged extra sessions with the state legislature to address the challenges facing Kansans during the Great Depression.

In 1930, Reed ran for a second term as governor but was defeated and turned his attention back to the Parsons Sun full-time until 1938. In 1938, to defeat anti-Semitic preacher Gerald Burton Winrod (1900-1957) of Leavenworth, Reed was recruited to run for nomination in the United States Senate. Reed won the election in 1938 and was re-elected for a second term in 1944, where he served until his death in 1949.

Administrative History

Administrative History: The Wyandotte Constitution of 1859 established the Office of the Governor of the State of Kansas. Some of the more important duties, functions, and responsibilities of the governor are to see that the laws are faithfully executed, to require written explanations from other executive officers – at that time the lieutenant governor, secretary of State, auditor, treasurer, attorney general, and superintendent of public instruction – upon any subject relating to their respective duties, convene the Legislature by proclamation on extraordinary occasions, communicate in writing such information as the governor may possess in reference to the condition of the State at the commencement of every legislative session, recommend such measures as he may deem expedient, and commission officers of the State.

No formal qualifications for the governor have been legislated, aside from the provision that no member of Congress or officer of the State or United States can serve. The governor is elected by a plurality, not necessarily a majority of votes cast. The governor takes office the second Monday in January following election. He was authorized to hire a private secretary, pardon attorney, and other staff as appropriations permitted.

At the beginning of Reed’s term, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl affected Kansas and Kansans leading to him calling for special legislative sessions to find solutions to the challenges facing his constituents.

Scope and Content

Scope and content: The records of the Governor Clyde M. Reed administration consist of correspondence, 1929-1931, containing 29 boxes.

Items in the series are primarily letters received by Governor Reed, however there may also be reports, invitations, newspaper clippings, and other type of documents. The correspondence is organized into three sub-series: (1) Topical; (2) Alphabetical; and (3) Subject.

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Finding Aids: Paper copies of this finding aid are available in the Research Room of the Center for Historical Research.

Related materials:
Preceding governor: Ben S. Paulen
Succeeding governor: Harry H. Woodring

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    Kansas. Governor (1929-1931 : Reed)
    Reed, Clyde Martin, 1871-1949

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Most documents created by governmental entities, including the State of Kansas, are considered in the public domain, although copyright to documents found in public records that were written by individuals or organizations and sent to government agencies may be owned by the writers or their heirs.

Add'l physical form: Selected items: Also available via Kansas Memory, Electronic resource. Topeka, Kan. : Kansas State Historical Society, 2007. http://www.kansasmemory.org/locate.php?categories=4894-4796-4837&

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