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Barker, C. T. misc. collection

Date: 1755 - September 28, 1879

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Misc., C.T. Barker

Unit ID: 46565

Summary: 1 note dated December 11, 1848 regarding a payment to a "James Fuller."
1 letter dated October 11, 1804 sent by George Wheatley commanding the recipient to transport the body of John Barker. On the back of the document is another letter at the top signed by J. McGrady and dated October 20, 1804. Underneath this note is another dated October 30, 1804 in response to McGrady's letter.
1 letter sent by George Wheatley giving the State of North Carolina, Wilkes County, permission to capture and detain John P. Waters. The letter is dated November 12, 1800. A small note written by J. McGrady about the plaintiff is on the back of this letter, and is dated January 30, 1801.
1 letter to George Barker from George Wheatley requesting more what be sent to the mill. The letter is dated July 27, 1801.
1 note of things lent by John Barker to John Phillip xxx, dated October 1794.
1 undated note written by Samuel. S. Stuard regarding a cow and calf given to him by George Barker.
1 note dated 1755 and written by George Barker.
1 note dated December 9th 1801 regarding a paid debt of George Barker.
1 note dated January 18, 1820 regarding the taxes of John Barker.
1 note dated January 8, 1771. The note has been torn and is not entirely legible. The names Henry Wilson and John Williams are present on the note.
1 undated note signed by John Barker. The note describes a list of rituals to follow in order to "destroy all the works of the devil."
1 note dated 1762 and signed by Charles Love regarding a debt paid by George Barker.
1 note dated September 28, 1879 and addressed to John Barker Sr. regarding a debt paid by James Fullen.
1 note with various dates indicating the items purchased by John Barker.
1 piece of paper with the note "Keep those old papers" signed by Francis Barker on September 9, 1808.
1 note dated October 30, 1805 underlining a debt owed by John Edde.
1 note dated July 4th through 22nd 1818. The note indicates purchases made by John Barker.
1 letter dated March 23rd 1822 and addressed to John Barker. The letter is signed by John Smyth and William L. Smyth and beseeches Barker to pay John Summers "ten dollars and fifty cents in corn or cattle."
A letter dated April 8th, 1787 describing an owed debt.
1 letter dated 1765 and addressed to John Barker.
1 letter from Nancy Wood dated December 31st, 1818. The letter asks John Barker to let a Robert Lawson take 22 and a half bushels of corn from Nancy Wood's supply.
1 letter dated October 29th, 1760 and signed by James Young.
1 note describing the amount owed for services supplied by Nancy Barker for John P. Waters. The note is dated 1794.
1 note dated February 28, 1876 acknowledging that Thomas F. Lumpkins owed P. B. Firman $1.50.
1 note accepting John Barker's receipt of $1.76 from W. Henry. The note is dated 1837.
1 list of names and corresponding debts.
1 note accepting John Armstrong's receipt of 12 shillings and 79 pence from George Barker, dated September 4, 1770.
1 letter from Sam Johnson of North Carolina requiring the transport of John Barker's body, dated 1803.
1 letter dated January 8, 1820 from John Barker. The letter describes the items Barker sought repayment for.
1 note indicating that John Barker had paid the debts that he had accrued. The letter is dated October 12, 1796.
1 undated letter from Owen Stall to "Mr. Barker."
1 letter from John S. Martin dated 1820.
1 note for William and John Barker which lists various items and services and their corresponding costs.
1 letter dated February 26th summoning the recipient to an event at Irvin Hall.
1 note dated February 19, 1820 indicating that John Barker had repaid a debt.
1 note signed by George McConnell and dated January 12, 1817. The note refers to a debt repaid by John Barker.
1 note indicating that John Barker had repaid a debt owed to Jonathan Wood. The note is dated October 20, 1821.
1 note dated February 19, 1820 indicating that John Barker had repaid a debt.
A portion of a letter to John P. Watters dated February 1802.
1 piece of a note dated 1757. The note mentions the name Josias Foster.
1 note dated November 21, 1770 and addressed to George Barker. The letter denotes a purchase made by Joseph Holt.
1 note signed by John Payne and dated September 1770. The note describes a debt paid by George Barker.
1 note dated April 13, 1819 addressing a debt paid by John Barker.
1 note dated March 6, 1815 and signed by John Reed. The note asks Mr. James Osborn to pay John Barker one gallon of whiskey.
1 letter from George Wolfe to John Barker. In the letter, Wolfe explains that he will pay his debt to Barker as soon as he makes change for a twenty dollar bill.
1 recipe for lemon pie.
1 letter from John Herndon commanding the recipient to bring the bodies of John Walter and John Barker before the Justice of the Peace (Herndon) in order to answer the complaints of owed debts made by Francis Reynolds. The letter is dated March 16, 1797.
1 note signed by James Burns regarding a debt for John Barker. The note is dated July 14, 1818.

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Title (Main title): Barker, C. T. misc. collection


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