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Isaac McCoy journal

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Creator: McCoy, Isaac, 1784-1846

Date: February 27, 1829 - June 29, 1829

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Call Number: Isaac McCoy Collection #422 Box 18

Unit ID: 472279

Summary: Isaac McCoy kept a journal from 1814 to 1841. This is the seventh part of the journal, covering the first half of 1829. Isaac McCoy was ordained a Baptist minister in 1810 and served as missionary among the Native Americans in present-day Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Kansas. He was an advocate of Indian removal from the eastern United States, proposing an Indian state in what is now Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma so Native Americans could be free from the ?corrupting influences attending association with the frontier people of that early period.? Isaac McCoy was a key part in the work of the Board of Foreign Missions in America and the Committee on Indian Affairs on the issues of Native American emigration and the Indian Removal Act.

Space Required/Quantity: Rev. Isaac McCoy kept a journal from 1814 to 1841. This is the 7th part of the journal, covering first half of 1829.

Title (Main title): Isaac McCoy journal

Part of: Isaac McCoy papers. Isaac McCoy Journals.

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