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Martha Farnsworth scrapbook #7

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Creator: Farnsworth, Martha, 1867-1924

Date: 1918-1919

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Martha Farnsworth Coll. #28

Unit ID: 472299

Summary: This is a scrapbook compiled by Martha Farnsworth. The scrapbook includes materials related to the P Square G Club, which stands for the Play Square Gang. The P Square G Club was the name given to Martha?s Sunday school group that she began teaching in the early 1900?s. The scrapbook focuses on the exploits of the members of the P Square G Club during World War I. Topics touched on by the materials in this scrapbook are letters and reports from the front, women?s role during World War I, and photographs of farewells of men leaving to fight overseas. Martha Farnsworth lived in Topeka, Kansas from 1887 to 1924. Her scrapbooks not only reveal her values and the activities in her life, but also provide a picture of American life at that time. Some of the notable aspects of Martha's life include her participation in social reform movements, membership in social clubs and activities, her deep religious convictions and her vigorous energy level.

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Title (Main title): Martha Farnsworth scrapbook #7


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