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Accessioned maps for Bob K. to catalog

Date: 1993-2007

Level of Description: Container/Box

Material Type: Map/Cartographic

Call Number: 108-05-02-02

Unit ID: 472313

Space Required/Quantity: [Not stated]

Title (Main title): Accessioned maps for Bob K. to catalog

Titles (Other):

  • Uncataloged maps
  • 2010 accessions to be catalogued

Scope and Content

Contents: York Publications. Road map, Clay County, c1999 (Roads of Clay County, Kansas; Highways, by-ways & back roads of Clay County, Kansas; accession no. 2010-036.01) -- Oklahoma. Department of Transportation. Oklahoma … 2007 (Oklahoma Transportation Commission; 2007 centennial map, Oklahoma; accession no. 2010-056.01) -- Seeger Map Co. Kansas City and vicinity, c2007 (Kansas City …, AAA, accession no. 2010-056.01) -- Colorado. Department of Transportation. Colorado … c2002 (accession no. 2010-056.01) -- Kansas. Department of Health and Environment. Mine wastes located around Treece, KS, 2007 (Kansas Data Access Support Center, Oklahoma Geo Information Systems, accession no. 2010-049.01, Chubb Mine underground workings) -- Tri-State Tribune. Map of the Oklahoma-Kansas mining district, 1993 (Tri-state tribune, Aug. 12, 1993; accession no. 2010-049.01).


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