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Unprocessed: Kansas: Cities (UNP K CIT)

Date: 1850-[198_?]

Level of Description: Container/Box

Material Type: Map/Cartographic

Call Number: 947-34

Unit ID: 472965

Space Required/Quantity: 1 map drawer : oversize ; 92 x 122 cm

Title (Main title): Unprocessed: Kansas: Cities (UNP K CIT)

Titles (Other):

  • Uncataloged maps

Scope and Content

Contents: Hunter, H. R. City of Belleville, Kansas, rev. November 1975 (P. Johnson) -- Arkansas City (Kan.). Map of Arkansas City …, 1975-1976 (City limits, City of Arkansas City, Kansas) -- Andover, Kansas, [197_?] (Kodalith) -- Evans Bierly Hutchison and Associates. City of Canton, Kansas : existing sanitary sewer & planning area boundary, 1979 (Job no. GB79-71) -- Gallup Map and Stationery Company. Official guide and map of Greater Kansas City, [194_] (Mrs. Ralph James, Gallup’s official guide to Greater Kansas City, Gallup’s Inc., Map of Greater Kansas City) -- University of Kansas. Cartographic Service. University of Kansas Lawrence Campus, [not after 1981] (University of Kansas …, Nancy Sherbert) -- Etrick, Paula J. Dodge City, Kansas …, 1977 (Fidelity State Bank; Kansas State Historical Society, Library) -- Coggeshall Map Service. Lawrence, Kansas, [1984?] (First National Bank of Lawrence, Map of Lawrence, Kansas …) -- [Missouri River, n.d.] (photocopy) -- Union Pacific Railroad Company. Office of Chief Engineer. Exhibit 6b, Colby, Kansas …, 1965 -- Mid-South Map Company. Lawrence, Kansas, 1979 (City map …) -- University of Kansas. Welcome to the University of Kansas, [not after 1980] -- Ramada Inn (Lawrence, Kan.). University of Kansas, Lawrence, [198_?] -- Dunham, J. R. (Surveyor). Map of the City of Salina …, 1903 (Southwest Publishing Co., Lela Barrett Bentley) -- Augusta, [198_?] -- City of Lawrence : census tract and neighborhood boundaries, [198_?] -- Evans Bierly Hutchison and Associates. City of Lewis, Kansas : existing sanitary sewer & planning area boundary, 1979 (Job no. GB79-21) -- Newton (Kan.). Office of the City Engineer. Fifth year CD activities, 1978 (City of Newton, Kansas, Engineering Department) -- Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce. Atchison area map, 1983 (City of Atchison, Map of Atchison, Kansas, 1985T011) -- Evans Bierly Hutchison and Associates. City of Lorraine, Kansas : existing sanitary sewer & planning area boundary, 1978 (Job no. GB-78 47, plate no. 3) -- Hartford, 1969 (Pat Anderson) -- Fifth year C.D. Activities, 1977 (Map of Coffeyville …) -- Dodge City, Kansas …, [198_?] -- Evans Bierly Hutchison and Associates. City of Haviland, Kansas : existing sanitary sewer & planning area boundary, 1979 (Job no. GB 79-41, plate no. 3) -- Richard H. Kellenberg and Company. Comprehensive plan for the City of Olathe, Kansas, 1977-1978 -- Novak & Lay. Holton, Kansas, [197_?] -- [Missouri Publishing Co.] Empire City and Galena, [1902] (UID 225944; Plat book, Cherokee County …) -- Dunham, J. R. (Surveyor). City of Pittsburg …, [1906] (KM 225945, Northwest Map and Atlas Publishing Co.) -- . Hall & O’Donald Lithograph Co. Outline map of the United States showing changed lines of commerce in the region west of the Mississippi River, as proposed by a deep water harbor on the Gulf of Mexico : together with present railroad connections with Gulf cities, 1889 (2 maps on 1 sheet) (Map of the city of Topeka; Inter-State Deep Harbor Convention (1889 : Topeka, Kan.); Topeka daily capital, September 29, 1889; Committee of Arrangements of the Deep Water Convention held at Topeka, Kansas, October 1, 1889) -- Parr, Adrian T. Topeka …, 1921 (Topeka City Planning Board; Topeka daily state journal, 8 Feb. 1927) -- Tuttle & Pike (Kansas City, Mo.). Howell & Monroe’s map of Kansas City, [1905?] (Frances I. Bliss, A. P. Howell, R. H. Monroe) -- Goodhue, W. F. Tiblow …, 1910 (Dr. Blanche Rottluff, John William McDanield) -- Falley, William. Plat of Grandview Addition to the city of Hutchinson, [n.d.] (Hutchinson Packing Company, Ott Printing Company) -- McPherson (Kan.). Engineering Department. Enumeration districts, McPherson, Kansas, 1978 -- Kansas City (Kan.). Urban Renewal Agency. Urban renewal projects, [1961] (2 sheets) (removed from: Ellsworth, Robert F. Robert F. Ellsworth : collection 143, 1960-1966: Thank You (1961): 1961 Mar. 10 letter from Daniel H. Stearns to Ellsworth) (Urban Renewal Agency of Kansas City, Kansas) -- Kansas City (Kan.). Urban Renewal Agency. Kansas City, Kansas, business district and vicinity : existing land uses, [ca. 1962] (removed from: Ellsworth, Robert F. Robert F. Ellsworth : collection 143, 1960-1966: General correspondence: Urban renewal, ca. 1962 [Box 68]) (Urban Renewal Agency, Kansas City, Kansas) -- North Side Land and Mortgage Company. Map showing the properties of the North Side Land and Mortgage Company [Clay County, Mo., not after 1888] (New York daily graphic, 27 Nov. 1888 : map p. 207) (photograph, microfiche : neg.) (Northside Land and Mortgage Company) -- Morgan, J. D. Plat of Newton Tow’s [Township, Sedgick County, Kan.], 1871 Aug. 17 (ms. map) -- Precinct map, city of Lawrence, Kansas, [n.d.] (annotated) -- Key map, city of Lawsrence, Lawrence District—22, [n.d.] (annotated wards and precincts) -- Fosdick, H. M. Plan of the cities of Denver, Auraria and Highland …, 1850, reprinted 1970 (Jefferson Terr., L. N. Tappan, Historic Urban Plans, State Historical Society of Colorado) -- ChartAmerica Corporation. Chanute, Kansas …, [not before 1976] (Bank of Commerce, Map/brochure : Chanute, Kansas) -- State Highway Commission of Kanas. Planning and Development Department. Map of Olathe …, 1973 (Department of Planning and Development; U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration) -- Chicago Oklahoma Town Company. City of Hooker, Oklahoma …, [n.d.] (removed from:Kansas Town and Land Company. Kansas Town and Land Company papers, 1885-1930 (ms. collection 130): E. W. Cline correspondence: #2347) -- Mid-South Map Company. Coffeyville, Kansas, [197_?] (Mid-South Map Co., City map : welcome to Coffeyville, Kansas) -- Allgeier, Martin & Associates. Cherryvale, Kansas (annotated) -- Midwest Geographic Service. Shawnee County, Kansas, [ca. 1976] (City Engineering Department, Topeka); Robert L. Knecht) -- Sun Star Map Service. Topeka, Kansas, c1976 (J.R.K. Rieger; City of Topeka, Kansas …) -- Ashburn Maps. Topeka, [1978] (Greenbrier Realtors, Better Homes and Gardens; Nancy Sherbert) -- [Pittsburg State University]. Pittsburg State University, [ca. 1984] (1985A027) -- Topeka Convention and Visitors Bureau. Downtown restaurants, [1984] (2 copies) -- York Publications. Topeka …, c1975 (Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce) -- York Publications. Topeka …, c1976 (3 copies) (Gallery of Homes, Topeka …, Griffith and Blair; Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce; Map of Topeka …) -- York Publications. Topeka …, c1978 (4 copies) (Brosius & Slattery, Inc.; Map of Topeka, Kansas …; Topeka city map; Century 21, Topeka Real Estate Co.) -- York Publications. Topeka …, c1977 (2 copies) (Lewis-Cobb and Company, Map of Topeka, Kansas …) -- York Publications. Topeka …, c1980 (2 copies) (Rex Howard, Marilyn Foster, Sarah Hepner) -- Johnson Place Addition to the city of Topeka, [n.d.] (ms. map on tracing linen) -- Heery’s 2nd Subdivision [Topeka, Kan., n.d.] (ms. map on tracing linen) -- Heery’s Subdivision [Topeka, Kan., n.d.] (ms. map on tracing linen) -- Sunflower Enterprises. Manhattan, Ks., [not after 1984] (Best Western Continental Inn, Guest brochure & city map, ALL Printing, 2800A) -- Sunflower Enterprises. Junction City, Ks., [not after 1984] (Budget Host Great Western Inn; Great Western Inn, Restaurant and Supper Club; Guest brochure & city map; All Printing; 288A) -- Honigs, Earl D.. City of Topeka, :Ks., [1981?] (Robert L. Knecht) -- Coronado country, [198_?] -- Map of G A R Elmdale Cemetery, revised July 1968 (ms. map on tracing linen) (C. E. Fesler) -- Fesler, C. E. City of Elmdale, Kansas, 1965 Feb. 12 (blueline) -- Gerlane, Barber Co., Kansas, Sec. 29, T. 33, R. 11 W., [n.d.] (annotated blueprint) (Exhibit 13; Kansas State Historical Society, Dept. of Archives; Terry Harmon) -- York Publications. City of Grandview Plaza, c1979 -- Sanborn Map Company. Emporia, 1929 (State Historical Society of Iowa) -- Kansas City Metropolitan Area [i.e. Prairie Village, Kan.], 1966 (blueline) (removed from: Ellsworth, Robert F. Robert F. Ellsworth : collection 143, 1960-1966: General files: Commerce, Dept. of: Public roads [Box 12]) -- L.H. Everts & Co. Map of Abilene …, [1886?] (encapsulated) (Lebold, Fisher & Co.).


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