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Creator: Browning, Wesley, 1795-1888

Date: [1780?-ca.1945]

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: MICROFILM: MS 1301 (Available to Kansas libraries thru interlibrary loan)

Unit ID: 49073

Restrictions: No restrictions on access.

Biographical sketch: Methodist Episcopal minister, Indian missionary; of the East (U.S.), Missouri, Indian Territory (now Kansas, Oklahoma).

Abstract: Papers, 6 in., pertaining to Wesley Browning's activities, pastoral & supervisory responsibilities, service as an Indian missionary, and religious convictions. Included are family genealogical information, personal diaries, correspondence, accounts, memoranda, financial records of circuits & churches over which he presided, receipts, marriage licenses, registers of baptisms & marriages, minutes, annual plans, membership lists, plans & specifications for a church in Pittsburgh, journals of trips to Indian missions with descriptions of the Indians, a map showing preaching circuits & stations in southern Indian ter. (present southeast Oklahoma), reports, claims, sermons, circulars, paid promissory notes, and tributes written after Browning's death.

Summary: Series Descriptions

[Emmalee (Browning) Hawkes? Description of part of the collection. n.d.] 1l. ([4]p.) (fo.)
Note written inside a birthday card to Marian Scheirman--probably from her grandmother, Emmalee (Browning) Hawkes--that accompanied that part of Wesley Browning's papers that were given to Ms. Scheirman. The note describes an autobiography of the writer's grandmother, a brief biographical sketch of Wesley Browning, and two letters with family-history information in them.

[Biographical information about Wesley Browning and other family members] 1888--[ca. 1945]. 4 items.
Printed and manuscript sources providing biographical information about Wesley Browning. Included are published biographies from the St. Louis Christian Advocate, annotated by his son, Fletcher Browning, & granddaughter, Emmalee (Browning) Hawkes; a biographical narrative & notes written by Fletcher Browning; a letter (8 June 1891) containing autobiographical information by Phebe (Dunn) Browning, Wesley Browning's second wife; a letter (21 Jan. 1892) concerning monuments for ancestors of the Essex & Lee families; and a note about the reinterrment of Wesley & Phebe Browning (ca. 1945).
Organized so pages from the St. Louis Christian Advocate precede unpublished letters and notes.

Genealogy data (1758-1880). [1780?]-1880. 8 items.
Notes on dates of birth & death and obituaries pertaining to members of the family. There are obituaries or complete biographical sketches for Phebe G. (Battelle) Browning, Wesley Browning's first wife; Eleanor Browning, his mother; and Lucretia (Browning) Sosman, his sister.
Arranged chronologically by latest date specified in the document.

Diary. 1826-[1888?]. 1v. (unpaged).
Journal of ministerial activities and personal religious belief by Wesley Browning. The volume includes a register of letters written (Nov.-Dec. 1828); descriptions of camp meetings while a substitute preacher at Chillicothe, O. (May-Aug. 1826); a "Journal of Proceedings Relative to the Circuit (Brush Creek Circuit)" (Nov. [1826]--Jan. 1827); a personal religious diary (Jan.-Apr. 1827); a lengthy, autobiographical account of "some of the mercies that have distinguished my life" from 1795 through 1841 (begun in 1828 and completed when he was elderly); a list of names of persons "Expelled from [the Methodist] Society" (n.d.); a register of "Members Admitted into Full Connection Since the March Quarterly Meeting 1827" (14 Apr.--5 May 1827); and a statistical report of members gained & lost (presumably in Browning's Brush Creek Circuit, Adams County, O.) (Nov. 1826--Sept. 1827).

Some letters and notes. 1819-1926. ½ in. (22 items).
Letters received, primarily from family members and other ministers. Notable letters include the 3 Sept. 1819 letter from Nathan Walker to which, in some accounts, Wesley Browning credited his religious conversion and letters from ministers E. R. Ames (12 Jan. 1844) & J. C. Berryman (30 Jan. 1844) providing advice & instructions for establishing the Nanawaya Academy in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Terr. Many of the letters from family members contain news of deaths of family members. Also included in this series are small certificates; an account of the fatal illness & death of Browning's first wife; poetry; and memoranda, some written by Browning, others received by him.
Arranged chronologically.

Letters, Indian school & Indian territory. 1825-[1847?]. ½ in. (33 items).
Correspondence and other documents, most of which pertain to Wesley Browning's work in attempting to establish manual-labor schools for the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians in the Indian Terr. Some of the documents are incomplete, others apparently were drafts or never sent. The letters provide Browning with basic information about the school & answer his questions, tell of impediments to its establishment, contain advice from the Indian agent, state Browning's objections to Office of Indian Affairs conditions for the school's operation, contain reports to superiors with descriptions of his progress & the Indians to whom he was assigned, and include instructions from the Board of Missions; an incomplete letter (16 Apr. 1844) by Browning describes the history of U.S.-Choctaw relations, and a "letter to the editor" by Browning explains the delay in starting the Nanawaya School for the Choctaw Indians. In addition to the letters, the series contains accounts, building plans, contract specifications, texts of treaties & tribal laws, suggestions, journals of Browning's travels to meet with the Chickasaw Indians & the Indian agent concerning the school, and minutes of the Mission Committee of the Indian Mission Conference; Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Non-school materials include an undated sermon, a "Plan of Pickaway Circuit" (O.) with a list of Sunday Bible texts (1825), and "Class Papers" (12 July 1829).
Arranged chronologically.

Text record[s]. 1828-1831. [3]v.
Registers of sermons preached and the Bible texts used for those sermons. Each entry gives the date, hour, & the church where the sermon was preached; the Bible book, chapter, & verse forming the basis of the sermon; and a brief phrase describing the text. The first (1828-29) and second (1829-30) volumes are for the Cincinnati mission station; the third (1830-31) pertains to churches in the Pittsburgh area.
Volumes arranged chronologically.

Sermon notes. 1826-1838. 68 items (½ in.).
Notes and texts for sermons delivered by Wesley Browning. Included are a few sermons delivered at funerals, sometimes providing personal information about the deceased.
Arranged chronologically with undated material at the beginning.
Register of sermons for the period 1828-31 (see the "Text Record[s]" entry, above).

Account and memorandum books. 1826-1871. [4]v.
Small volumes intended to be carried on the person for keeping notes. The first volume (1826-27) is a record of books sold and left for sale. The second volume is a journal of accounts (1854-57); it also includes a register of yearly apportionment and payments received from churches presumably in Wesley Browning's circuit (1854-55), receipts for funds appropriated to local churches (1855-57), lists of subscribers to church publications, and memoranda. The third volume (1857-63) is mostly a journal of accounts, but there are also some ledger entries and a brief register of correspondence. The final volume (1866-71) contains account journals and ledgers, including payments received for marriages performed with names of couples who were married.

Marriage licenses. 1828-1839. 66 items (1 in.).
Licenses of marriages performed by Wesley Browning in Ohio (1829-36) and Wheeling, Va. (now W. Va.) (1836-39).
The 36 Ohio marriage licenses are preceded by a license issued to Wesley Browning by the Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, O. (26 Nov. 1828), and endorsed by Monroe, Jefferson, Belmont, and Ross Counties, O., permitting Browning to solemnize marriages in those counties. The marriage licenses contain the names of the bride & groom, the date the permit to marry was issued, and the signature of the clerk of the Court of Common Pleas. Reflecting Browning's pastorates, licenses for the period 1829-30 are from Hamilton County and 1833-36 are from Belmont or Jefferson counties; there are no licenses for the years 1831 or 1832.
The 29 Virginia licenses are similar in form and content to those of Ohio but were issued and signed by the county clerk instead of the clerk of the court. All the licenses are from Ohio County, except one from Marshall County.
In many cases Browning has noted the date the marriage was solemnized, the date the appropriate form was returned to the court, or both.
Arranged chronologically, thereunder alphabetically by the groom's surname.

[Certificates.] 1828-1865. 3 items.
Certificates setting apart Wesley Browning as a deacon (1828) & elder (1830) in the Methodist Episcopal Church and enrolling him as a Missouri militiaman (1865).
Arranged chronologically.

Memorandum book[s of church business]. 1830-1882. [5]v.
Larger volumes presumably meant to be kept at a desk. Volume one ("Memorandum Book, Pittsburgh, 1830" [actually 1830-31]) includes a register of correspondence sent by Wesley Browning (Oct. 1830--Mar. 1831), registers of people baptized in Pittsburgh (Oct. 1830--July 1831) & marriages (Jan.-Oct. 1831), and dates & places of meetings (June-Nov. 1831). The second volume (1830-45) contains a list of sittings of the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1833-35); a cure for ague; annual plans for the Steubenville (O.) (1832-36) and St. Louis (1841-42) districts; annual returns of members, quarterage, & collections of Steubenville (1833-36) & St. Louis (1841-42) districts; a list of "Official Members of Steubenville District, 1834"; a list of membership and collections of the circuits in the district (n.d.); a list of trustees of the St. Clairsville Female Collegiate Institute (O.) (July 1836); a cash account with the stewards of the 4th Street charge, St. Louis (Oct. 1844--Apr. 1845); a journal of financial obligations (1834-38); ledgers of specific accounts (1835-45); and registers of monies received for several church periodicals (1834-42). Inserted into this volume are a small keepsake; recipes; renewals of Wesley Browning's preaching license; an itinerary & expenses for an 1830 trip from Cincinnati to Lancaster & Pittsburgh, Pa., and back; and a published poem. Volume three (1830-55) contains registers of marriages in Pittsburgh (1830-39), the Shawnee Indian Manual Labor School (now the Shawnee Methodist Mission State Historic Site, Fairway, Kans.) (Dec. 1840--Apr. 1841), & St. Louis (1841-55). The fourth volume (1839-82) consists of memoranda (1839-82), registers of class members (1839-47), "Amount of Money Paid Stewards of M.E. Church" (1840-44), and lists of classes (n.d.). Volume five (1840-42) contains a lists of "Trustees, M.E.C., St. Louis" & "Mannagers [sic] of S. School Society for 1841 & 2," names of members of Classes no. 1-13 in St. Louis, and a register of "Marriages in St. Louis" (Dec. 1840--May 1841).

Pittsburgh [church architectural plans. ca. 1832.] 2 items.
Plans presumably drawn for the Methodist Episcopal Church built by Wesley Browning's congregation in Pittsburgh. Both plans are nearly identical, except the smaller drawing shows some interior measurements and includes separate drawings of some roof trusses. The larger drawing (40 x 31 cm.) is drawn at a scale of 1:48; the smaller drawing (20 x 16 cm.) is at an approximate scale of 1:100.
Organized with the more detailed drawing first.

Meeting-house papers, Pittsburgh, Pa. 13 Mar. 1832. 9 items (¼ in.)
Proposals for stone work, estimates for buildings of varying sizes with detailed size & cost figures, agreements, carpenter's bill, and bill of measurement for the construction of the Methodist Episcopal Church on Liberty St. in Pittsburgh.
Organized with proposals followed by estimates, followed by agreements, followed by bills; the one dated document, a bill, is at the end.

Class book. 1836. 1v. (24p.)
Printed book containing directions for Methodist class leaders, ruled forms for leaders' weekly accounts, and the rules of the Methodist societies. In the center of the volume are attendance records for class members; each entry gives the marital status of the individual and whether present or absent each Sunday. Entries for each class are chronological. This book may be from Wesley Browning's church at Wheeling, Va. (now W. Va.).

[Methodist Episcopal Church.] Reports. 1836-1844. 3 items.
Reports of Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Episcopal Church, South, committees. Included are reports of the Committee on Itinerancy [General Conference] (May 1836); committee to visit Indian missions, Missouri Conference [1843?]; and the Committee Appointed to Prepare a Pastoral Address, Missouri Conference (1844). Topics included in the reports include discipline of ministers, progress in educating & Christianizing Indians, and the division of the Methodist Episcopal Church into Northern & Southern branches.
Arranged chronologically.

Trip data [i.e. journals.] 1839-1843. [2]v.
Journals describing his trips to Indian mission stations. The first volume recounts his daily experiences and expenses on an August-October 1839 trip from Pittsburgh to Newport & Chillicothe, O., and the Shawnee Methodist Indian Mission (now the Shawnee Methodist Mission State Historic Site in Fairway, Kans.) and the beginning of his work there. The second volume, "Memoranda of Our Journey to Visit the Missions," tells of his 19-22 May 1840 journey to visit the Kansa Methodist Mission on the Kansas River (in present Shawnee County, Kans.) and the Peoria & Potawatomi Indians in present-day Franklin & Linn Counties, Kans., and an 1843 visit from Missouri to the Shawnee Methodist Mission and Kickapoo & Delaware Indians in what is now Kansas. The description of the visit to the Kansa mission contains a relatively detailed description of the Kansa, their homes, and living conditions.
Volumes arranged chronologically.

Claims. 1840-1844. 1l. ([2]p.)
A list of claims for expenses incurred by Wesley Browning in his service as a minister at St. Louis and in succeeding years. Included are allowances offsetting part of the expenses, receipts, and the net deficiency. The document contains some other memoranda pertaining to the discipline of an unnamed member of the conference.

[Clipping.] October 1841. 1 item ([2]l.)
A clipping, "Stations of the Preachers," listing ministers assigned to districts and individual churches following the 1841 Missouri Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Map[s]. [ca. 1843--ca. 1858]. 2 ms. maps 42 x 53 cm. fold. to 21 x 7 cm. and 26 x 20 cm.
One map (titled "Map") [between 1843 and 1847] (42 x 53 cm. fold. to 21 x 7 cm., scale 1:450,000) of the southern Choctaw and extreme southeast Chickasaw Nations, Indian Terr. (present southeast Oklahoma), drawn by Wesley Browning showing preaching places, proposed preaching circuits, routes of travel, places where new appointments may be established, public schools, settlements without preaching, and roads & rivers; ten-mile grid; cover-title. The other map (untitled) [ca. 1858] (26 x 20 cm., scale ca. 1:1960) shows a tract of land along the St. Charles Turnpike Road, presumably land in St. Louis County, Mo., purchased by Browning in 1858.
Arranged chronologically.

[Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Missouri Conference] Circular[s. 1845]. 2 items.
Two circular letters to the ministers and members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Missouri Conference, explaining the reasons the conference decided to join the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

[Methodist Episcopal Church, South.] Indian Mission Conference. Mission Committee. [Minutes.] 23-24 Oct. 1845. 1 item ([4]p.)
Minutes of the committee which elected Wesley Browning secretary; redrew district boundaries; established a mission on Little River in the Creek Nation, Indian Terr.; wrote a work plan for the next year; adopted a budget; and considered claims.

[Paid notes.] 1852-1876. 8 items.
Notes marked paid and receipts for payments made on various promissory notes executed by Wesley Browning. Two of the notes are contributions to the endowment of Central College (now Central Methodist College), Fayette, Mo.
Arranged chronologically by the initial date of the document, thereunder by length of the loan in ascending order.

James Miller. Article of agreement. Mar. 16, 1858. 1p. (with endorsement).
Statement by James Miller agreeing to convey land in St. Louis County, Mo., to Wesley Browning if the latter pays off promissory notes on the property owed by Miller to the previous owner, D. A. January.

[Bill.] 1 Dec. 1869. 1l. ([2]p.)
A statement sent to Wesley Browning for a subscription to the Guide to Holiness.

[Receipt.] 6 Nov. 1884. 1p.
Receipt issued to Wesley Browning by the Kansas State Historical Society (Topeka) for the donation of a book.

Re death of Wesley Browning. 1888-1895. 3 items.
An obituary and printed & manuscript tributes to Wesley Browning written after his death.
Arranged chronologically.

[Photograph. n.d.] photoprint 5 x 8 in.
Photograph identified only as "Misc.--re Wesley Browning." It shows three men and two women standing in front of a house.

Space Required/Quantity: 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm

Title (Main title): Papers

Titles (Other):

  • Wesley Browning papers


Biog. Sketch (Full): Wesley Browning was born in 1795 and converted to Christianity while a young man. Soon thereafter he was licensed by the Methodist Episcopal Church. His first pastorates were in Ohio; later he was transferred to Pittsburgh; Steubenville and St. Clairsville, Ohio; and Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia). He then requested to be transferred to the Missouri Conference where he served at Saint Louis. When the Methodist Episcopal Church split in 1845 Browning and the rest of the Missouri Conference sided with the Southern branch of the church. He was transferred to the Shawnee Methodist Mission and Manual Labor School in the Indian Territory west of Westport, Missouri (now the Shawnee Methodist Mission State Historic Site in Fairway, Kansas). Browning worked at the Shawnee mission for several years, then was appointed superintendent of a manual-labor school to be built for the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians in the southern part of the territory (now southeast Oklahoma). In 1851 he was assigned to oversee churches in the Saint Louis District; later he was in charge of the Jefferson City, and Cape Girardeau (Missouri) districts. About 1858 he returned to Saint Louis County, Missouri, where he was in charge of three circuits; he remained there until his death thirty years later. More detailed biographical information may be found in the three series Biographical information about Wesley Browning and other family members, 1888--[ca. 1945], "Diary, 1826-[1888?]," and "Re Death of Wesley Browning, 1888-1895."

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

The papers provide a comprehensive depiction of Wesley Browning's many activities and the locations where he worked. The first two series provide some description of the collection and biographical information about Browning. There is also genealogical information on members of his family, including obituaries of his first wife, his mother, and his sister. Browning's "Diary, 1826-[1888?]," provides an insight into his personal faith as well as some of his ministerial activities. There are two correspondence series, one general and one more particularly related to his attempts to establish a manual-labor school for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians, although material on the school also appears in the general series. Browning's "Account and Memorandum Books, 1826-1871," include some financial records of the preaching circuits over which he presided and receipts for payments for marriages he performed, including the names of the couples. Significantly, the collection also includes copies of marriage licenses of weddings Browning performed in Ohio (1829-36) and Wheeling, Va. (1836-39). The five "Memorandum Books" of church business, 1830-1882, contain a variety of records pertaining to Browning's pastoral and supervisory duties, including registers of baptisms (October 1830--July 1831) and marriages (1830-55), financial accounts and information, records of meetings, annual plans for districts, and membership lists. Plans, specifications, and proposals for the Methodist Episcopal Church on Liberty Street in Pittsburgh, built during Browning's tenure there, are contained in the papers. From Browning's service at the various Indian missions are two volumes of trip journals describing visits to several missionary outposts with descriptions of the Indians and their living conditions. There is also a map showing preaching circuits and stations in southern Indian Territory (now southeast Oklahoma) [between 1843 and 1847]. There are also minutes of an October 1845 meeting of the Mission Committee of the Indian Mission Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Smaller series of church records in the papers include an 1836 class book, reports of general and annual conference committees, and claims for expenses incurred by Browning. Also included in the collection are sermons and a partial register of them, certificates, an 1841 clipping showing pastoral appointments in the Missouri Conference, a plat of Browning's homestead in Saint Louis County, circulars pertaining to the split of the Methodist Episcopal Church, paid promissory notes, a purchase contract for Browning's property in Saint Louis County, a bill, a receipt for a donated book, tributes written after Browning's death, and an unidentified photograph. More detailed series descriptions appear elsewhere in this finding aid.

Two Indian-language hymnals, one printed by Jotham Meeker in 1831, forming a part of these papers have been separately microfilmed by the Historical Society Research Center's Library.

In microfilming these papers, items inserted into volumes were filmed where they were inserted and are noted in the series descriptions. Some of the papers were organized into groups roughly corresponding to series; where this occurred, the papers were left in their original order, even though some documents appear to be out of order or more suited to another series. Discrepancies are noted in the series descriptions. Series titles not in brackets were found on the original containers and were probably supplied by members of the family.

Contents: [Emmalee (Browning) Hawkes? Description of part of the collection, n.d.] -- [biographical information about Wesley Browning and other family members] 1888-[ca. 1945] -- Genealogy data [1780?]-1880 -- Diary, 1826-[1888?] -- Some letters and notes, 1819-1926 -- Letters, Indian school & Indian territory; 1825-[1847?] -- Text record[s] 1828-1831 -- Sermon notes, 1826-1838 -- Account and memorandum books, 1826-1871 -- Marriage licenses, 1828-1839 -- [certificates] 1828-1865 -- Memorandum book[s of church business] 1830-1882 -- Pittsburgh [church architectural plans, ca. 1832] -- Meeting-house papers, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 13, 1832 -- Class book, 1836 -- Reports, 1836-1844 -- Trip data [i.e. journals] 1839-1843 -- Claims, 1840-1844 -- [clipping] October 1841 -- Map[s, ca. 1843-ca. 1858] -- [Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Missouri Conference.] Circular[s, 1845] -- [Methodist Episcopal Church, South.] Indian Mission Conference. Mission Committee. [Minutes] Oct. 23-24, 1845 -- [paid notes] 1852-1876 -- James Miller. Article of agreement, Mar. 16, 1858 -- [bill] Dec. 1, 1869 -- [receipt] Nov. 6, 1884 -- Re death of Wesley Browning, 1888-1895 -- [photograph, n.d.]


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  • MS 1301: Papers 1780-1945

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