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Barbara Gibson Interview

Date: September 25, 1992

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Audiotape, Voice

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 514522

Summary: Interview with Barbara Gibson, Topeka High Class of 1943

Space Required/Quantity: One audio cassette. Memorex brand MRX1-90.

Title (Main title): Barbara Gibson Interview

Part of: Brown v. Topeka Board of Education Oral History Collection at the Kansas State Historical Society.


Biog. Sketch (Full): Barbara Gibson

Barbara (Caldwell) Gibson was born in Topeka, Kansas, on December 21, 1995. Her parents are Margerite Mallory and Hiram O’Neal (Neal) Caldwell. Mrs. Caldwell was born in Topeka, while her husband Hiram was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her family attended church at St. Johns’ AME. She met her late husband, William Gibson, in Washington, D.C.; they were married on November 28, 1958, in Washington. Mr. Gibson was born in Toledo, Ohio.

Mrs. Gibson attended Monroe Elementary School and Crane Junior High; she also went to Topeka High School. During school, she wrote for the school paper. After a semester at Washburn University, she transferred to Howard University where she majored in math and German.

One of Mrs. Gibson’s favorite hobbies is tennis, although she just watches it now instead of actually playing. She also enjoys reading and bowling. Her first job after leaving Howard University was helping with the 1950 Census. Later she worked in statistics for the Department of the Army. She was really excited when she was asked to work at the David Taylor Model Basin in the new Applied Mathematics Laboratory.

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Barbara Gibson

Page: Topics
01: BG: Barbara Caldwell Gibson, BP, BOB, Parents: Margerite Mallory Caldwell

02: Father: Hiram O’Neal Caldwell, Siblings: Annette Caldwell Jones, Spouse William Gibson,

03: Married in Washington, DC, Children Jon Gibson,

04: Passing as white

05: Ethnicity of grandmother: Indian, Irish and English, Gladys, Bowsers, Mr. Johnson,

06: Lucille, Connie Felks, Carpers

07: Leola Brown, Rosa Parks, Monroe School,

08: Monroe, Van Buren, Polk, Percy Smith, Joan Smith, Psi – Omega,

09: Permissive law, Topeka High School, Separate parties, Harrison Caldwell, Monroe, Crane,

10: Crane- integrated, Roosevelt, Topeka High School, Washburn, Gertrude McFarland, McFarland’s Restaurant, Kay McFarland,

11: Separation, Univac computers

12: Howard University, adjustment to Howard, teachers at Topeka High School, Julia Etta Parks, Betty Jean Long Wilkerson, social clubs

13: Social clubs, Howard, Washburn, Faulks,

14: Employment, graduate work

15: Jon Gibson, St. John’s AME

16: Religion, Calvary Baptist Church,

17: Oliver Brown, Grandma Brown,

18: Norma Jean Wheeler Pottison, Shirley Pottison, Barbara Lee, clubs, Mattie Richardson,

19: Topeka High School, Ramblers, Margaret Bullock, Merrill Webster, Billy Harris, Ida Price, Jimmy Gilbert, James Parks, Oliver Brown,

20: Hobbies: Tennis, bowling, reading, Important or significant events

21: Census worker, Department of the Army, David Taylor Model Basin, Applied Mathematics Laboratory

22: Applied Mathematics, Topeka, Brown case, Supreme Court

23: Sacramento State College, Oliver Brown

24: Oliver Brown


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