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Benjamin "Pap" Singleton and S. A. McClure

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Date: 1876

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Photograph

Call Number: E185 .1876 *1

Unit ID: 622

Summary: This photograph depicts a steamboat containing freed people in Nashville, Tennessee, with Benjamin "Pap" Singleton and S. A. McClure superimposed in the foreground. Singleton, known as the "Father of the Exodus" for the Exoduster Movement in 1879, organized the Tennessee Real Estate and Homestead Association to facilitate black emigration from the South. His town company founded the Dunlap Colony in Morris County, and a short-lived settlement in Cherokee County, Kansas. His widespread use of advertisements encouraged thousands of former slaves to emigrate to Kansas. McClure was one of his associates and advocate for emigration.

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Title (Main title): Benjamin "Pap" Singleton and S. A. McClure


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