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Board and Executive Committee

Creator: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company

Date: 1906

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Call Number: Manuscripts Collection 789, Box 22

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Title (Main title): Board and Executive Committee

Part of: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company records. Textual records. New York Executive Department files. 3 Meetings. 3-2a - Meetings.


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    AT&SF Hospital Association, T
    Arizona & California Railway Company (1903)
    Arkansas Valley Railroad Company, T (1906)
    Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company -- Records and correspondence
    Bradshaw Mountain Railroad Company (1901) I
    Cherokee & Pittsburg Coal & Mining Company (1885)
    Chicago Great Western Railroad Company
    Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railroad Company
    Colorado Fuel & Iron Company
    Denver, Enid & Gulf Railroad Company, T (1902) I
    Devlin Coal Company
    Dougherty-Colgate Line
    Duarte-Monrovia Fruit Exchange
    Eastern Oklahoma Railway Company, T (1899)
    Fresno County Railway (1905)
    Grocers Building Company
    Gulf & Inter-State Railway Company of Texas, T (Sep 1894)
    Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company (1873)
    Holly & Swink Railway Company, T (1906)
    Illinois Steel Company
    Industrial Lumber Company
    Jackson-Walker Coal & Material Company
    Jasper & Eastern Railway Company (1904)
    Kansas City Belt Railway Company, T (1886)
    Los Nietos & Ranchito Walnut Growers' Assoc
    Midland Valley Railroad Company
    Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company
    Muscoy Water Company
    Pacific Land Improvement Company (1887)
    Pecos & Northern Texas Railway Company, T (1898)
    Phoenix & Eastern Railroad Company (1901)
    Prairie Oil & Gas Company
    Rex Mill
    Santa Fe Elevator Company, T (1906)
    Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway Company, T (1891)
    Southern Pacific Railroad Company
    Stimson Milling Company
    Texas & Gulf Railway Company, T (1904)
    Texas Southern Railway Company
    Wells, Fargo & Company
    Western Oklahoma Railway Company, T (1906)
    Wichita Union Stock Yards & Packing House Assoc
    Corporation record
    Barber County (Kan.)
    Jasper County (Tex.)
    New Mexico
    Commercial correspondence

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    Bair League; division; earthquake; El Tavar Hotel; Harvey; hotel; Indian; land/acquisition; land/exchange; land/lease; land/purchase; lease; legal; line/automobile; line/branch; line/extension; line/proposed; line/spur; litigation; oil/properities; pensio
    Cochran S F; Dinan Arthur; Drury M J; Dun James; Dunley J L; Easley F J; Fisher Oscar A; McQuillon J E; Morse C A; Mullinix S W; Phillips H C; Robinson Maynard; Sears T H; Sharp H W; Smith Richard; Storey W B; Strohm C B; Vandergrift F L; Wall H S
    Towns: Albuquerque; Argentine; Bengal; Bouse; Bowie; Brownwood; Coalgate; Coleman; Dallas; Davis; Deming; Dodge City; Dougherty; Galveston; La Junta; Lordsburg; Los Angeles; Mojave; Monrovia; Paris; Phoenix; Redondo Junction; Riverside; Rock Butte; San Bernardin
    Other Geography: Cajon Creek