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Material Type(s): Government Record

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
208008 Citizens of Dodge City to Governor George W. Glick Citizens of Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas May 15, 1883 Government record (Item) View
48640 Records of the city of Dodge City, Kansas Dodge City (Kan.) 1875-1928 Government record (Series) No
218250 Juvenile Court - Neglect Report Ford County 1974 Government record (Series) No
221665 Organizational census Ford County 1872 Government record (Series) No
197735 Sale of Real Estate -- Sheriff Sale Ford County (Kan.) 1890-1896 Government record (Series) No
216908 Records from Ford County Ford County (Kan.) 1873 - 1967 Government record (Coll./Record Group) No
48639 Ford County Commissioners journals Ford County (Kan.). Board of Commissioners 1873-1904 Government record (Series) No
194746 Detention Facility - Blueprints Ford County. County Engineer 1984S Government record (Series) No
197281 Record Of Bonds For Cost Ford County. District Court 1886-1907 Government record (Series) No
197278 Certificates Of Naturalization Ford County. District Court 1909-1929 Government record (Series) No
197276 Declarations Of Intention--Index Ford County. District Court 1905-1929 Government record (Series) No
197279 Final Record -- Naturalization Ford County. District Court 1874-1906 Government record (Series) No
197283 Petition For Druggist Permit Ford County. District Court 1885-1887 Government record (Series) No
197280 Decree Of Confirmation Ford County. District Court 1886-1910 Government record (Series) No
197277 Petition And Record for Naturalization Ford County. District Court 1908-1929 Government record (Series) No
197275 Declarations Of Intention Ford County. District Court 1874-1929 Government record (Series) No
197274 Journals Ford County. District Court 1874-1891 Government record (Series) No
196125 Civil Dockets Ford County. Justice of the Peace 1891-1903 Government record (Series) No
196126 Criminal Docket Ford County. Justice of the Peace 1893-1903 Government record (Series) No
218160 Justice's Docket Ford County. Justice of the Peace 1897 Government record (Series) No
196127 Criminal Docket and Civil Action Ford County. Justice of the Peace ND Government record (Series) No
197293 Guardianship And Bonds Ford County. Probate Court 1881-1930 Government record (Series) No
196412 Petitions For Letters Of Administrators And Guardians Ford County. Probate Court 1886-1912 Government record (Series) No
197287 Real Estate Sales Bills Ford County. Probate Court 1886-1914 Government record (Series) No
197284 Marriage Affidavit Ford County. Probate Court 1877-1903 Government record (Series) No
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