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Creator: miami county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
220244 Index to Probate Case File Packet Numbers Miami County. District/Probate Court 1860 - 1917 (Series) No
220183 Witness Docket Miami County. District Court 1882 - 1891 (Series) No
217548 Index to Chattel Mortgages Miami County. Register of Deeds 1890 - 1912 Government record (Series) No
197008 Appearance Dockets -- Criminal Miami County. District Court 1955-1976 Government record (Series) No
197007 Appearance Dockets -- Civil Miami County. District/Probate Court 1858-1919 Government record (Series) No
197006 Appearance Dockets -- Traffic Miami County. District Court 1969-1979 Government record (Series) No
197005 Statistical Rolls for Agriculture Miami County. County Clerk 1871-1912 Government record (Series) No
197004 Index To Journals Miami County. County Commissioners 1873-1907 Government record (Series) No
197003 Journals Miami County. County Commissioners 1857-1911 Government record (Series) No
196649 District Court - Miscelaneous Records Miami County. County Clerk Unknown Government record (Series) No
195170 Tax Assessments and Abstracts: County Summaries Miami County. County Clerk 1859B-1929B Government record (Series) No
195169 Railroad Development Bonds Miami County. County Clerk 1868-1879 Government record (Series) No
195168 School District Bonds Miami County. County Clerk 1911-1926 Government record (Series) No
195164 Case File: Horatio Clark versus. L. F. Sheldon et al Miami County. District Court 1893S Government record (Series) No
195163 Personal Property Tax Assessment Abstracts - Townships & Cities Miami County. County Clerk 1888-1895 Government record (Series) No
194774 Cost Records For Road And Bridge Projects Miami County. County Engineer 1920C-1928C Government record (Series) No
192494 Miscellaneous Records Miami County. County Clerk 1858C-1958C Government record (Series) No
192468 Order Book Miami County. District Court 1860-1871 Government record (Series) No
192466 Tax Assessment Rolls - Real Estate Miami County. County Appraiser 1916B-1938B Government record (Series) No
191204 Apportionment Of School Funds Miami County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1877B-1929 Government record (Series) No
191201 Delinquent Poll Tax Receipts Miami County. County Treasurer 1920-1921 Government record (Series) No
191200 Poll Tax Warrants Miami County. County Treasurer 1927S Government record (Series) No
190875 Workmens Compensation Law Release Record Miami County. District Court 1918-1926 Government record (Series) No
190874 Bar Docket Miami County. District Court 1875B-1912 Government record (Series) No
190873 Mechanics Lien Docket Miami County. District Court 1871C-1899C Government record (Series) No
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