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Creator: miami county
Material Type(s): Government Record

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
59562 Deed records Miami County. Register of Deeds 1855-1902 Government record (Series) No
59559 Probate case files Miami County. District/Probate Court 1857-1917 Government record (Series) No
59552 Marriage records Miami County. District/Probate Court 1857-1945 Government record (Series) No
197003 Journals Miami County. County Commissioners 1857-1911 Government record (Series) No
59550 Divorce case files Miami County. District/Probate Court 1857-1917 Government record (Series) No
59561 Will Records Miami County (Kan.) 1857-1921 Government record (Series) No
217553 Records from Miami County Miami County (Kan.) 1857 - 1979 Government record (Coll./Record Group) No
197007 Appearance Dockets -- Civil Miami County. District/Probate Court 1858-1919 Government record (Series) No
192494 Miscellaneous Records Miami County. County Clerk 1858C-1958C Government record (Series) No
190803 District Court Files Miami County. District Court 1858C-1958C Government record (Series) No
190852 Numerical Index Lots And Lands Miami County. Register of Deeds 1858C-1939C Government record (Series) No
190854 Justice of the Peace - Case Files, Financial Records Miami County. Justice of Peace 1858C-1953C Government record (Series) No
59563 Deed Indexes Miami County. Register of Deeds 1859-1985 Government record (Series) No
190805 Tax Rolls Miami County. County Treasurer 1859-1890 Government record (Series) No
195170 Tax Assessments and Abstracts: County Summaries Miami County. County Clerk 1859B-1929B Government record (Series) No
190813 Execution Docket Miami County. District Court 1859-1904 Government record (Series) No
59560 Probate journals Miami County. District/Probate Court 1860-1919 Government record (Series) No
192468 Order Book Miami County. District Court 1860-1871 Government record (Series) No
220244 Index to Probate Case File Packet Numbers Miami County. District/Probate Court 1860 - 1917 (Series) No
59551 General index to probate court Miami County. District/Probate Court 1860-1924 Government record (Series) No
190844 Index Of Chattel Mortgages Destroyed Miami County. Register of Deeds 1863C-1917C Government record (Series) No
190804 Recognizances Bail Bonds Miami County. District Court 1865-1890 Government record (Series) No
59554 Naturalization Declaration of Intention Miami County (Kan.) 1867-1951 Government record (Series) No
190869 Judgement Docket Miami County. District Court 1867-1870 Government record (Series) No
190842 Chattel Mortgage Register Miami County. Register of Deeds 1868-1941 Government record (Series) No
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