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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
40012 Arthur Capper papers Capper, Arthur, 1865-1951 1853-1956 (bulk 1918-1948) Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
40152 Country School Legacy Project : Kansas Country School Legacy (Project) [ca. 1885]-1981 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
40216 Tradition Farms questionnaires and supplemental material 1986-[ongoing] Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
40251 Brown v. Topeka Board of Education oral history collection at the Kansas State Historical Society 1991-1996 (bulk 1991-1992) Audiotape, Voice (Coll./Record Group) No
40418 Charles B. Lines Papers Lines, Charles Burrill, 1807-1889 1857 - 1889 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
40689 Geary County history collection 1852-1984 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
40733 Wabaunsee County History Collection 1856 - [1950] Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
42167 Pottawatomie County history collection Merritt, James S. c1860 - 1948 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
42964 Homer D. Martin, C. W. Martin, and O. LeRoy Sedgwick Land Records Martin, Homer D. 1870C-1925C Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
43092 Montgomery family papers Montgomery, Ada Jarboe, 1884-1970 [ca. 1862-ca. 1963] Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
43178 United Way of Greater Topeka Records United Way of Greater Topeka 1947-2004 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
43240 Misc. Coll. Palenske, Louis Palenske, Louis F., 1858-1943 1887-1975 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
43396 Peterson, John B. 1894C-1895C Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
43574 Ross, Charles [Not given] Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
44347 Walker, Thaddeus H. [Not given] Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
44942 E. B. Porter to Honorable J. M. Brown April 25, 1881 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) View
46657 Black, Charles B. misc. collection 1922-1934 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
47216 American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, Local 36-665 (Topeka, Kan.), records American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. Local 36-665 (Topeka, Kan.) 1896-1993 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
48974 Records Willmett family 1835-1961 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
48979 Records Wabaunsee County (Kan.). School District No. 1. 1907-1966 Government record (Series) No
59726 Vital Statistics Register - Births and Deaths Wabaunsee County. County Clerk 1892-1911 Government record (Series) No
59727 Civil Case Dockets Wabaunsee County. District/Probate Court 1860-1923 Government record (Series) No
59728 District Court Records Index Wabaunsee County. District/Probate Court 1877-1927 Government record (Series) No
59729 District Court Journals Wabaunsee County. District/Probate Court 1861-1920 Government record (Series) No
59730 Divorce Case Files Wabaunsee County. District/Probate Court 1857-1917 Government record (Series) No
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