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Creator: johnson county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
196424 Proceedings of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Johnson County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1873-1901 Government record (Series) No
196425 County Home/Farm Expense Reports Johnson County. County Clerk 1926-1934 Government record (Series) No
196426 Record of the Poor House Johnson County. Poor Farm Commissioner 1885-1946 Government record (Series) No
196427 Brands And Marks Register Johnson County. County Clerk 1864-1934 Government record (Series) No
196428 Farm Registration Johnson County. County Clerk 1911-1967 Government record (Series) No
196429 Census Report Johnson County. County Clerk 1880-1880 Government record (Series) No
196430 Embalmers' Registrations Johnson County. County Clerk 1910-1932 Government record (Series) No
196431 Aubrey Township - Miscellaneous Records Johnson County. County Clerk 1864-1885 Government record (Series) No
196432 Agricultural And Mechanical Stock Accounts Johnson County. County Clerk 1866-1870 Government record (Series) No
196433 Civil Execution Docket Johnson County. District Court 1858-1871 Government record (Series) No
196434 Bond Record, 12/1857-6/1863 Johnson County. Courts 1857-1863 Government record (Series) No
196437 Commissioners Journal Johnson County. County Clerk 1857-1862 Government record (Series) No
196438 Marriage Indexes Johnson County. County Clerk 1857-1989 Government record (Series) No
196442 District Court Account Book Johnson County. District Court 9/1857 - 10/1862 Government record (Series) No
196969 Case Number 6113, State vs. Richard Grissom Johnson County (Kan.) 1989-1993 Government record (Series) No
197146 Certificates To Practice Medicine/Surgery Johnson County. County Clerk 1901-1946 Government record (Series) No
197303 Leawood - Sewer System Map Johnson County (Kan.) Unknown Government record (Series) No
198371 Desoto - 1968 Zoning Ordinance #340 Johnson County (Kan.) 1968 Government record (Series) No
217618 Lenexa - City Treasurer's Quarterly Reports Johnson County. Lenexa 1938-1941 Government record (Series) No
217659 Financial Exhibit to State Auditor Johnson County (Kan.) 1873 Government record (Series) No
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