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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
307648 Subject file Governor's Office. Humphrey, Lyman Administration 1889-1893 (Subseries) No
41777 Nehemiah Green letter (transcript) ; postal card Green, Nehemiah, 1837-1890 1889-1906 Manuscripts (Coll./Record Group) No
79954 Location of CK&W Ry. [i.e. RR] [Clay and Cloud Counties, Kan.], certificate, 1=2000 Chicago, Kansas and Western Railroad 1889 Map/Cartographic (Item) No
450842 Thomas Sears Huffaker Between 1890 and 1899 Photograph (Item) No
194776 Railroad Property Plats, Junction City And Fort Kearney Railway (Clay Center) Kansas. Auditor of State 1893S Government record (Series) No
194925 Railroad Property Plats: Junction City & Fort Kearney Railway; Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railway; and Union Pacific Railway; Clay & Washington Counties, Clifton & Vining Kansas. Auditor of State 1893 Government record (Series) No
194837 Railroad Property Plats: Junction City and Fort Kearney Railway; Clay County, Wakefield Kansas. Auditor of State 1893S Government record (Series) No
215948 Railroad Plat Maps: Junction City and Fort Kearney Railway; Clay and Washington Counties, Clifton and Vining Office of the Auditor of State 1893 Government record (Series) No
193421 Correspondence files Governor's Office. Lewelling, Lorenzo Administration 1893-1895 Government record (Series) No
220301 Record of Common School Graduates Clay County. Register of Deeds 1895 - 1917 (Series) No
304330 Fernando Brenton Dawes Between 1895 and 1897 Photograph (Item) View
312324 Mason Summers Peters Thomson Between 1895 and 1899 Photograph (Item) View
194855 Land Survey Plats, Navigable Rivers, Kansas and Missouri Rivers, Wyandotte, Platte, and Clay Counties Office of the Auditor of State. State Land Office 1897 (1928 copies) Government record (Series) No
193424 Correspondence files Governor's Office. Stanley, William Administration 1898-1903 Government record (Series) No
456467 County Affairs: Clay Kansas. Governor (1899-1903 : Stanley) 1899-1903 Government record (Folder) No
304726 Aretas Allen Godard Snyder, C. J. Between 1899 and 1903 Photograph (Item) View
97168 View of depot, elevators, ties & rails, shed, and very large windmill. [Depot built of wood.] c1900 Photograph (Item) No
310467 Photographs-Photos of various Kansas towns 1900 - 1950 Photograph (Coll./Record Group) No
304509 Photographs of Idana, Kansas views and residents 1900 - 1930 Photograph (Coll./Record Group) No
303379 Clay County farms 1900 - 1925 Photograph (Coll./Record Group) No
304310 Photograph of Harold Fehlman house in Wakefield, Kansas 1900 Photograph (Item) No
305744 Photographs-Pottawamie Co., Ks 1900 - 1910 Photograph (Coll./Record Group) No
216421 Claim shack in Clay County, Kansas Between 1900 and 1910 Photograph (Item) View
449303 Clay County Courthouse, Clay Center, Kansas Between 1900 and 1908 Photograph (Item) View
212096 H.W. Avery farm, Clay County, Kansas Between 1900s and 1920s Photograph (Item) View
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