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Allen County, Kansas, floods--1951

Date: July 1951

Unit ID: 226653

Title (Main title): Allen County, Kansas, floods--1951

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Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. A photograph of the Neosho River bridge covered by flood water in Allen County, Kansas. *1
  2. People moving out of buildings and homes because of flood water, Allen County, Kansas. *2
  3. Flood water covering homes in Allen County, Kansas. *3
  4. Flood waters covering the Lehigh cement quarry. *4
  5. Traveling by canoe while flood waters cover the Iola train depot and railroad tracks. *5
  6. Flood damage to a conveyor. *6
  7. Water soaked river bags in Allen County, Kansas. *7
  8. Flood waters around a water plant, Allen County, Kansas. *8
  9. Oil tanks toppled by flood waters. *9
  10. The Lehigh power plant with employees noting the high water mark. *10
  11. ATSF railroad track flood damage. *11
  12. Flood water debris in a machine shop, Allen County, Kansas. *12
  13. Caption on the back of this photograph reads "every home in Davis addition submerged." *13
  14. The oil laced flood waters marked and ruined many homes. *14
  15. A house moved by flood waters leaving only the front steps in place. *15
  16. Moved by flood waters, this house ended up one half mile away from its foundation. *16
  17. Flood waters in Riverside Park. Damage was estimated at $30,000. *17
  18. Flood water damage at the Fair display building. *18
  19. The corner of Chestnut and Vine in Iola, Kansas, after flood waters receeded. *19
  20. Damage done to the Iola baseball park from flood waters. *20
  21. Flood waters surrounding the municipal power plant. *21
  22. The caption on the back of this photograph reads "city standby plant." *22
  23. The high water mark being noted at what could be the Lehigh power plant. *23
  24. Debris cluttering a boiler room. *24
  25. A photograph of Bruner Street in Iola, Kansas, during the June 1951 flood. *25
  26. Home and business damage caused by flood waters. *26
  27. A house precariously situated on its foundation after flood waters. *27
  28. Damage done by the flood to the interior of Munn's Hardware Store. *28
  29. Flood waters in a cornfield on July 20, 1951. *29
  30. Flood waters in Allen County, Kansas. *30
  31. A crop field after flood waters had receeded. *31
  32. Flood damage to a structure and crops. *32
  33. Flood damage to the Ollie Sutherland home. *33
  34. Flood damage to a farm near Humboldt, Kansas. *34
  35. Flood damage to a crop field. *35
  36. Flood damage to a cropfield and its surrounding fences. *36
  37. The caption on the back of this photograph reads "flood water for wash day." *37
  38. Flood damage to US Highway 169. *38
  39. A building near Neosho Falls with a visible flood line. *39
  40. Dick Fry's home under flood water. *40