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Personal histories of inmates

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Creator: Juvenile Justice Authority. Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility

Date: 1889 - 1935

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Juvenile Justice Authority. Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility. Personal Histories of Inmates, Vol. 1-5

Unit ID: 228101

Retention Schedule ID: 0034-350?

Summary: Information recorded in these volumes is the personal histories for girls at the facility in Beloit, Kansas. From May 6, 1889 - July 20, 1935 the facility was run by the Women's Temperance Union and then the State of Kansas until 2009 for girls eight to 16 years old. Details recorded include the name, family history, birthdate, birthplace, physical description, religion and education of each girl as well as the offense committed, admission and release dates, and conditions of parole. Some volumes include indexes at the front. Volumes are divided chronologically as follows:
Volume 1 (1889-1900)
Volume 2 (1900-1911)
Volume 3 (1911-1920)
Volume 4 (1920-1927)
Volume 5 (1927-1935)

Space Required/Quantity: 4.00 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Personal histories of inmates

Titles (Other):

  • Admission registers

Scope and Content

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Volume I
  2. Volume II
  3. Volume III
  4. Volume IV
  5. Volume V


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029-14-04-01 to 029-14-04-08  8 volumes 

Index Terms


    Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility
    Girls' Industrial School (Beloit, Kan.)
    Youth Center at Beloit
    Inmates of institutions -- Kansas -- Beloit
    Problem youth -- Kansas

Agency Classification:

    Kansas State Agencies. Charitable & Correctional Institutions. Girls Industrial School.
    Kansas State Agencies. State Board of Administration. Correctional Institutions.
    Kansas State Agencies. Juvenile Justice Authority. Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility.
    Kansas State Agencies. Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. Adult and Youth Services. Youth Center at Beloit.