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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: McPherson

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Title Location Notes About Letter Contents
Letter by Dale Galle  Moundridge, McPherson County  1883-2001 history 
Letter by Courtney Frisbee  McPherson, McPherson County  Pets 
Letter by Jodine Fisher  Windom, McPherson County  Hospice, terminally ill 
Letter by Linda Ediger  McPherson, McPherson County  Works at Stewart & Ediger Construction Co 
Letter by Fern Eagles  Roxbury, McPherson County  Beauty shop in Assaria 
Letter by Ricki Dunning  McPherson, McPherson County  Student 
Letter by Agatha Doering  Moundridge, McPherson County  Poland,US 1951, 1912-2001 
Letter by Hazel Critchlow  Canton, McPherson County  Terrorists-World Trade Center 
Letter by Jonas Buller  Moundridge, McPherson County  History of long life in Halstead. Now Sr Home 
Letter by LeRoy E. Becker  Moundridge, McPherson County  Son sent Mother's Story 
Letter by Adeline Becker  Moundridge, McPherson County  Rural Life1911-95 
Letter by Charlie Arbuckle  McPherson, McPherson County  Family, school & community news 
Letter by Anonymous  McPherson, McPherson County  Prayed for victims Trade Center & Pentagon 
Letter by Shirley Ade  McPherson, McPherson County  FCE, Vacationing Maine 
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