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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Wyandotte

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Letter by Dorothy Jean Kroh  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  MorrisFCE, FCE Day in My Community Chair, Merriam 
Letter by Rikki Lance  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Pets, family at Mom's home and Dad/s home. 
Letter by Sharene Lester  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Brenda Lillich  Argentine/KC, Wyandotte County  Childrens librarian 16 yrs,KCCowParade 
Letter by Elton G. Lombard  Armourdale/KC, Wyandotte County  P&G Electrical Engineer, wife OB-GYN, family life -work 
Letter by Patty Lopez  Argentine/KC, Wyandotte County  KC-Argentine Librarian 
Letter by Angelica Madrigal  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by James E. Mallinckrodt  Armourdale/KC, Wyandotte County  P&G Quality Assurance, Overland Park home. 
Letter by Albertha Martin  Armourdale/KC, Wyandotte County  P&G Employee Relations, KCK home, family 
Letter by Barbara, Sister Mayer  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Live in urban KC-contact with different cultures, Donnally College 
Letter by Devin McDonald  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Home small but live with mom & dad, next to grandma & grandpa 
Letter by Katrina Meyer  Argentine/KC, Wyandotte County  Games, music before/after school 
Letter by Rhonda Miller  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris School secretary - written 4/11/02 
Letter by Ro Jean Mustain  White Church/KC, Wyandotte County  NY, yard, TV, computer, choir, family 
Letter by Jon Oakes  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Mom remarried. Not rich, not poor . Has 50 friends. 
Letter by Manisha Orent  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction school/ caring family 
Letter by James Parker  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/Memaw, Granney, gramphs 
Letter by Joanna Parson  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Dixie McKain Peterson  Kansas City, Wyandotte County   
Letter by Robbie Peterson  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction-Learning to ride HarleyDavidson 
Letter by Brian Phillips  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction-Describes his playing soccer 
Letter by Pauline Pretz  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris Feed Yards/Dairying 1953-2001 
Letter by Casey Price  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction-Math, Science Club,pets 
Letter by Vivian Prosser  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/Turner-Lots of pet animals 
Letter by Elizabeth Ramos  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris student, written 4/10/02 
Letter by Jeremy Raney  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris student. 
Letter by Denise Regalado  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/Turner - Football, happy family 
Letter by Margaret Robinson  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris FCE member. 
Letter by Michael K. Robinson  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris school principal-written 4/11/02 
Letter by Jessica Rogers  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Betty Rosenau  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Former Morris FCE/wife former Ks Repr 
Letter by Felisa (Murillo) Ruiz  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Former Morris School/ 4-H member 1937 
Letter by Sierra Ruiz  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  School fun, big family holidays 
Letter by Melina Schindel  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Sister Barbara Schrader  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Xavier Community - impact 11 members. 
Letter by Janet Segura  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Jeanne M. Shove  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction5thGrTeacher 
Letter by Ed Shutt  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  History author/KCAHTA 
Letter by Kayla Smithey  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/trampoline sport 
Letter by Ashley Spear  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/school/extra activityP.E. 
Letter by Nathan Stambaugh  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction Grade 6 
Letter by Gloria Stansbarger-Shy  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Cataract Surgery-Lives in KCMo 
Letter by Helen Steffey    WyCoFCE, lives in Shawnee. 10/11 drive to Lawrence to dtr 
Letter by Shelby Stephenson  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Cheerleading, class video games 
Letter by Dora Stolfus  Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County  FCE, wife of mayor, family 
Letter by Chelsea Trizcinski  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Big family, pets!, describes house,school 
Letter by Courtney Turney  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Good music groups 
Letter by Austen Tyler  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Blong Vang  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Dorothy Vaughan    WyCoFCE, Lives in Fairmount of Leavenworth Co 
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