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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Wyandotte

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Letter by Bobbie Vavricek  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris FCE, bird count for dtr-in-law 
Letter by Shawn Ward  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Grandpa has boat and Seado 
Letter by Ashley Boose Wilcox  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction Elementary School student 
Letter by Jessup Williams  Kansas City, Wyandotte County  Student 
Letter by Twila Williams  Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County  Rural history 1930 - 2001 
Letter by Myndi Willie  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Morris student, written 4/10/02 
Letter by Kimberly Wing  Morris/KC, Wyandotte County  Turner H.S.Unique perfect family 
Letter by Joyce Wisecarver  Armourdale/KC, Wyandotte County  P&G Human Relations, Overland Park home 
Letter by Berniece Woolery  Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County  Watched memorial service on TV 
Letter by Alice Worthington    WyCoFCE, Junction-Turner Dist Teacher 
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