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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Baylee Kilburn  Lecompton, Douglas County  Likes to play on monkey bars, spider web 
Letter by Kody Kody  Lawrence, Douglas County  Student, has dog, 4 cats and snake 
Letter by Taylor Korth  Lecompton, Douglas County  Come live in Lecompton-Beautiful Place 
Letter by Pete Krsnich  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU Student, NY 
Letter by Ginny Kubota  Lawrence, Douglas County  FCE 59er's, NY, does crafts 
Letter by Jeff Lewis  Lecompton, Douglas County  NY, family, school 
Letter by Shelby Lewis  Lecompton, Douglas County  Perry MS, info day, mother asst dir Spencer Mus of Art 
Letter by Justin Loeffler  Lecompton, Douglas County  School day 
Letter by Keista Logan  Lecompton, Douglas County  Car rider to school; has read 4 Harry Potter bks 
Letter by Greg Lorett  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, NY at length, music of times 
Letter by Sarita Mahiney  Lecompton, Douglas County  Parents divorced when 6. Haven't seen dad since. 
Letter by Tony C. Mannering  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, NY 
Letter by Justin Marino  Lecompton, Douglas County  Saturday ride dirt bike all day. 
Letter by Kyle Marshall  Lecompton, Douglas County  Skateboard, football, favorite subjects 
Letter by Katy E. Martin  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU English/Dance student, works w/computers 
Letter by Johnathan R Mathews  Lecompton, Douglas County  NY in depth. School, area location. 
Letter by Michael Mathews  Lecompton, Douglas County  Williamstown Elem, football & basketball at recess 
Letter by Mark Mattingly  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, from Overland Park, NY, ideas for future 
Letter by Briana McAtee  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU Student, all days similar 
Letter by Cherry McCabria  Eudora, Douglas County  Kaw Valley FCE member, AAUW. Harvesting corn, milo. 
Letter by Brendon McGarity  Lecompton, Douglas County  After school, watch TV, ride 4-wheeler, gymnastics 
Letter by Lauren McGarity  Lecompton, Douglas County  I like writing to people & I always hope they write back 
Letter by Danielle McHenry  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, NY, description of "today" 
Letter by Andre McHugh  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, NY, Homecoming Week, life. 
Letter by Brandon McMullin  Lecompton, Douglas County  Wrote letters to firemen of NY & thanked them 
Letter by Brad McNish  Lawrence, Douglas County  Student 
Letter by Ethan Merritt  Lecompton, Douglas County  Play Gameboy or Dreamcast. DBZ on TV. 
Letter by Matt Merritt  Lecompton, Douglas County   
Letter by Cindy Mersman  Lawrence, Douglas County  KS 
Letter by Lorena Meyers  Douglas/Johnson Counties, Douglas County  Brecheisen Patent 3204-Captain's Creek(Clearfield) 
Letter by Elizabeth Milam  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, NY, music therapy major-info for future 
Letter by Ashley Morris  Lawrence, Douglas County  student, Girl Scouts 
Letter by Lance Morris  Lecompton, Douglas County  Saturdays family goes to town. Buys food, video games 
Letter by Kathy Mulinazzi  Lawrence, Douglas County  Eng 2nd Language Class Dir. 
Letter by Kyle Murray  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, Play Station 2 computer game. 
Letter by Irene Myers  Lawrence, Douglas County  Loves to visit hometown of Lecompton. Visit Museum. 
Letter by Evelin Nadalutti  Lawrence, Douglas County  English 2nd Lang - 27-yr old in Pediatric Residency from Brazil. 
Letter by Kerry Neal  Lecompton, Douglas County   
Letter by Kristen Neibarger  Lecompton, Douglas County  Student 
Letter by Catherine Nichols  Lawrence, Douglas County  Stull Methodist Church, 12 miles W Lawrence 
Letter by Courtney Nichols  Lecompton, Douglas County  In school we play popup, sparkle-a spelling game. 
Letter by Greg Nieman  Lecompton, Douglas County   
Letter by Hazel J. Nitcher  Lawrence, Douglas County  Christmas in family 2001 and 1929. No release. 
Letter by Susan Novak  Lawrence, Douglas County  Editor & writer for KSHS. Sent "Letter to Future. 
Letter by Motoko Ojiro  Lawrence, Douglas County  English 2nd Lang from Japan 2 1/2 months ago. Husb KU grad st 
Letter by Alison Olenick  Lawrence, Douglas County  Student KU from NY.Clinton Lake, "Life I Dream Of" 
Letter by Amanda Osburn  Lecompton, Douglas County  Living in Lecompton is boring. Ride bike, walk to friend's. 
Letter by Ty Pattison  Eudora, Douglas County  Eudora Hi Sc-special ed instructor 
Letter by Rhiannon Pearson  Lecompton, Douglas County  Walk to school, do spelling works at babysitter 
Letter by Glenn Pease  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU, Clinton Lake-"Life I Dream Of" 
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