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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Douglas

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Letter by Trudy Travis  Lawrence, Douglas County  Trolly tour of Atchison on Oct 11. 
Letter by Tommy Triplett  Lecompton, Douglas County  Map picture KS 
Letter by Leslie Tuttle  Lawrence, Douglas County  Details of Edith Umsheid's life in Lawrence. Moved to Lecompton 1937. 
Letter by Edithe Umscheid  Lawrence, Douglas County  Moved to Lecompton in 1937. Changes. 
Letter by Daniel Vanniecola  Lecompton, Douglas County  NY 
Letter by Juli Vierthaler  Lawrence, Douglas County  Student 
Letter by Cassie Walker  Lecompton, Douglas County  Jr yr high school, NY 
Letter by Keith Watts  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU-hope to be NFL football player 
Letter by Wendy Wayland  Lawrence, Douglas County  Goings on listening to footsteps on campus. 
Letter by Elizabeth Wells  Lecompton, Douglas County  Grantville Elem 
Letter by Kyle Wertin  Lecompton, Douglas County  Day, life 
Letter by Darren Wesbecker  Lawrence, Douglas County  Life I Kansas is boring. Play pool, foosball, play station. 
Letter by Abigail West  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU-WesternCiv-"Disagreement leads to Bettermentā?¦" 
Letter by Lauren Widell  Lawrence, Douglas County  KU-hope 100 yrs later campus beautiful as today 
Letter by Christie Wilbur  Lawrence, Douglas County  NY Terror. Feeling it could be World War III. 
Letter by Matthew Wilbur  Lawrence, Douglas County  Won against Basehor-Linwood . Rode bus to school 
Letter by Nathan Wilbur  Lawrence, Douglas County  Favorite sports-football, baseball, do tricks on bike 
Letter by Nikole Lea Wilkinson  Lecompton, Douglas County   
Letter by A.K. Winter  Lecompton, Douglas County  FCE, fed calves, served dinner to supreme court judges at museum 
Letter by Charlene Winter  Lecompton, Douglas County  KAFCE Committee Day in Community volunteer museum 
Letter by Margaret Colman Wulfkuhle  Lawrence, Douglas County  4th generation Colman on farm. Colmans there 143 years (Dg. and Shawnee County) 
Letter by Anna Zahniser  Lecompton, Douglas County  Rural area, school 
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