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Kansas Physicians and Midwives, 1881-1900

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Name County Dates
Allen, A. A.  Cloud 1887
Atchison, Samuel  Cloud 1887
Beatty, George F.  Cloud 1887
Bedoud, T. J.  Cloud 1896-97
Bennett, Jane E.  Cloud 1887
Bergeron, V. A.  Cloud 1881
Bigelow, C. S.  Cloud 1887
Brieley, J. N.  Cloud 1887
Brierley, John H.  Cloud 1881
Brierly, J. H.  Cloud 1898
Burgnoise, P. C.  Cloud 1887
Campbell, A. W.  Cloud 1881
Carter, W. H.  Cloud 1881
Charmhlin, Eliza J.  Cloud 1887
Christian, R.  Cloud 1887
Coffey, G. W.  Cloud 1895-98
Collins, Lewis  Cloud 1881
Courtney, D. H.  Cloud 1887, 1892-97
Cushing, O. F.  Cloud 1887
Else, D. W.  Cloud 1892-97
Elso, D. W.  Cloud 1887
Fairchild, S. N.  Cloud 1887
Fairchild, S. V.  Cloud 1892-97
Fortney, F. O.  Cloud 1895-98
Gerard, A.  Cloud 1895-98
Girard, Arthur  Cloud 1899
Grigsby, A.C.  Cloud 1891-94
Grigsby, H. A. C.  Cloud 1895-98
Hall, James  Cloud 1887, 1892-98
Hall, L. D.  Cloud 1887, 1892-97
Hancock, E. A.  Cloud 1891
Harris, R. W.  Cloud 1887
Hartwell, Geo. N.  Cloud 1881
Hartwell, G. N.  Cloud 1887, 1892-98
Hayden, Wm.  Cloud 1881
Honey, Mrs. Sarah L. K.  Cloud 1895-97
Howard, F. DeV.  Cloud 1881
Jeannotte, J. A.  Cloud 1892-95
Jennotte, J. A.  Cloud 1887
Kirk, E. J.  Cloud 1887
Lacertte, A.  Cloud 1895
Lafontain, G. F.  Cloud 1887
La Fountaine, G. F.  Cloud 1892-94
Laughlin, D. F.  Cloud 1887, 1892-97
Laughlin, D. S.  Cloud 1881
Laughlin, D. T.  Cloud 1899
Lelands, A.F.  Cloud 1887
Leslie, C. F.  Cloud 1898
Letousman, Alfred  Cloud 1888
Mitchell, L B. P.  Cloud 1891
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The dates given are the years in which the individual was listed in the Kansas Board of Health reports published between 1887 and 1900 and/or Dickman's Medical Directory, published in 1881.

Entries in the Kansas Board of Health reports may contain the following information:

  • place of residence
  • age of individual
  • number of years in practice
  • medical school attended
  • graduation date
  • state or county of birth

Some of the dates of practice listed in the Board of Health reports are earlier than 1887.

The following information may be contained in Dickman's Medical Directory:

  • place of residence
  • name of medical school attended
  • graduation date
  • prior service as a Civil War military surgeon

For the complete text of the entries indexed here contact the reference staff of the Kansas Historical Society.

Completion of this index was made possible by Irene Stillie.

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