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Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906

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County: Russell

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Cemetery Name County City or Township Acres
Morgenstein  Russell    0.25 
Emanuel Gemeinde  Russell    7.32 
West Fairview  Russell   
Bunker Hill  Russell   
Hyde Park  Russell   
Luray  Russell   
Odd Fellows  Russell   
Well caved in on man body there  Russell   
Blooming Grove  Russell    0.75 
United Brethren  Russell   
Dunkers  Russell   
Dorrance  Russell   
Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel  Russell    2.03 
Ebenezer M.E.  Russell   
Trinity Congregational  Russell    0.625 
Emanuel Lutheran Church  Russell  A church  0.8 
Prairie Lawn  Russell  Big Creek Township 
St Mary's  Russell  Big Creek Township 
Cross Plain  Russell  Fairfield Township 
German Baptists  Russell  Fairfield Township 
German Lutheran Emanuel  Russell  May be cemetery 
Mount Hermon  Russell  Paradise Township 
Fairport  Russell  Paradise Township 
German Baptist  Russell  Plymouth Township 
Russell  Russell  Russell Township  20 
German Lutheran  Russell  Russell Township 
Blue Stem  Russell  South of Lucas 
Baby buried (section 13)  Russell  Spot unknown 
Amherst  Russell  Waldo Township 
Waldo  Russell  Waldo Township 
Winterset  Russell  Winterset Township 
Russell  Russell  city block #17 
Elm Creek Schoolhouse  Russell  two graves 

List of cemeteries published in the Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377. No names of persons buried are included in the report.

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