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Kansas Counties

Greeley County, Kansas

Date Established: March 20, 1873
Date Organized: July 09, 1888
Location: Kansas map showing location of Greeley County
County Seat: Tribune
Origin of Name: In honor of Horace Greeley (1811-1872), the famed founder and editor of the New York Tribune, who advocated support of land grants for farmers and a government-financed railroad to the Pacific. Greeley argued that the settlement of the west by small farmers held the key to economic and social renewal in the United States, then torn by class and regional differences. He is best remembered for his advice, "Go west, young man."
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Colony Township  (Defunct)  
Harrison Township  (Defunct)  
Tribune Township  1,247 
Total population: 1,247 

Township map of Greeley County, 2000
1880 (3)
1890 (1,264)
1900 (493)
1910 (1,335)
1920 (1,028)
1930 (1,712)
1940 (1,638)
1950 (2,010)
1960 (2,087)
1970 (1,819)
1980 (1,845)
1990 (1,774)
2000 (1,534)
2010 (1,247)
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