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Kansas Counties

Gray County, Kansas

Date Established: March 13, 1881
Date Organized: July 20, 1887
Location: Kansas map showing location of Gray County
County Seat: Cimarron
Origin of Name: Named for Alfred Gray (1830-1880), secretary of the Kansas Board of Agriculture.
History: Gray was created by combining Foote County with the southern half of Buffalo County.

Cimarron and Ingalls were rival candidates for the county seat. The voting took place on 31 Oct 1885 and both towns claimed victory. Both were armed to the teeth, and the governor was forced to send a detachment of militia to keep the peace. The county offices were moved to Ingalls in 1887, but after several rounds of litigation Cimarron emerged the winner.
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Cimarron Township  2,647 
Copeland Township  552 
East Hess Township  360 
Foote Township  99 
Hess Township  (Defunct)  
Ingalls Township  609 
Logan Township  207 
Montezuma Township  1,532 
Richland Township  (Defunct)  
West Hess Township  (Defunct)  
Total population: 6,006 

Township map of Gray County, 2000
1890 (2,415)
1900 (1,264)
1910 (3,121)
1920 (4,711)
1930 (6,211)
1940 (4,773)
1950 (4,894)
1960 (4,380)
1970 (4,516)
1980 (5,138)
1990 (5,396)
2000 (5,904)
2010 (6,006)
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