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Labette County, Kansas

Date Established: February 26, 1867
Date Organized:
Location: Kansas map showing location of Labette County
County Seat: Oswego
Origin of Name: Tradition asserts that the name is from the French words la bte, meaning 'the beast.'; the story goes that Labette Creek, the second largest stream in the county, was named by a group of French trappers after an encounter with a skunk; the county then took its name from the creek. Other sources, however, state the stream and the county are named for Pierre Bete [also spelled Baete or Beatte], a French-Canadian trapper and trader who married into the Osage tribe and lived along the Neosho River in the 1830s and 40s. Pierre Bete served as a guide for Washington Irving during the author's tour across the prairie in 1832.
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Canada Township  194 
Chetopa (city)  1,125 
Elm Grove Township  823 
Fairview Township  237 
Hackberry Township  392 
Howard Township  346 
Labette Township  394 
Liberty Township  453 
Montana Township  164 
Mound Valley Township  835 
Mount Pleasant Township  1,335 
Neosho Township  182 
North Township  601 
Osage Township  848 
Oswego (city)  1,829 
Oswego Township  354 
Parsons (city)  10,500 
Richland Township  287 
Walton Township  708 
Total population: 21,607 

Township map of Labette County, 2000
1870 (9,973)
1880 (22,735)
1890 (27,586)
1900 (27,387)
1910 (31,423)
1920 (34,047)
1930 (31,346)
1940 (30,352)
1950 (29,285)
1960 (26,805)
1970 (25,775)
1980 (25,682)
1990 (23,693)
2000 (22,835)
2010 (21,607)
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