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Kansas Counties

Neosho County, Kansas

Date Established: June 03, 1861
Date Organized:
Location: Kansas map showing location of Neosho County
County Seat: Erie
Origin of Name: Named for the Neosho River, which traverses the county. The river was named by the Osage Indians; some sources say it derives from the word ne-o-zho or ne-u-zhu, meaning clear water, while others assert it comes from the Osage words ne, meaning water, and osho or ozho, meaning a bowl or basin. In the latter etymology, the river is so named from the fact that it has many deep bowls or basins of water.
History: Formerly known as Dorn County.

At an election held in 1867, the county seat was located at the geographical center of the county. The following year, the issue again came to a vote, the rivals being Osage Mission and Erie. Erie was declared the winner, but a subsequent recount awarded the victory to Osage Mission. The clerk's records and tax rolls were surreptitiously removed from Erie for conveyance to the Mission, but were never found. Another election and round of litigation, settled in 1874 by the Kansas Supreme Court, moved the seat back to Erie.
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Big Creek Township  479 
Canville Township  550 
Centerville Township  476 
Chanute (city)  9,119 
Chetopa Township  861 
Erie Township  1,431 
Grant Township  350 
Ladore Township  371 
Lincoln Township  310 
Mission Township  934 
Shiloh Township  447 
Tioga Township  885 
Walnut Grove Township  299 
Total population: 16,512 

Township map of Neosho County, 2000
1870 (10,206)
1880 (15,121)
1890 (18,561)
1900 (19,254)
1910 (23,754)
1920 (24,000)
1930 (22,665)
1940 (22,210)
1950 (20,348)
1960 (19,455)
1970 (18,812)
1980 (18,967)
1990 (17,035)
2000 (16,997)
2010 (16,512)
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