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Kansas Counties

Norton County, Kansas

Date Established: February 26, 1867
Date Organized: August 22, 1872
Location: Kansas map showing location of Norton County
County Seat: Norton
Origin of Name: In memory of Capt. Orloff Norton of Co. L, 15th Kansas Cavalry, who was killed by guerillas near Cane Hill, Ark., on 11 Nov 1864.
History: The county was organized largely at the behest of N.H. Billings, who presented a forged petition to the governor, followed by a largely fictitious census. Once the governor issued the proclamation of organization, naming Billingsville the temporary county seat, Billings returned to the county and in the first election in Sept. 1872 was elected state representative, county attorney, and county superintendent of schools. During the 1873 session, the legislature making sport of Billings's vanity renamed the county in his honor; the next year, the name of Norton was restored.
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Aldine Township  (Defunct)  
Almelo Township  (Defunct)  
Almena Township  (Defunct)  
Almena-District 4 Township  566 
Belle Plaine Township  (Defunct)  
Center Township  (Defunct)  
Center-District 1 Township  1,393 
Clayton Township  (Defunct)  
Crystal Township  (Defunct)  
Emmett Township  (Defunct)  
Garfield Township  (Defunct)  
Grant Township  (Defunct)  
Harrison-District 6 Township  (Defunct)  
Highland Township  (Defunct)  
Highland-District 2 Township  604 
Lenora Township  (Defunct)  
Leota Township  (Defunct)  
Lincoln Township  (Defunct)  
Modell Township  (Defunct)  
Noble Township  (Defunct)  
Norton (city)  2,928 
Orange Township  (Defunct)  
Rock Branch Township  (Defunct)  
Rockwell Township  (Defunct)  
Sand Creek Township  (Defunct)  
Solomon Township  (Defunct)  
Solomon-District 3 Township  180 
West Union Township  (Defunct)  
Total population: 5,671 

Township map of Norton County, 2000
1880 (6,998)
1890 (10,617)
1900 (11,325)
1910 (11,614)
1920 (11,423)
1930 (11,701)
1940 (9,831)
1950 (8,808)
1960 (8,035)
1970 (7,279)
1980 (6,689)
1990 (5,947)
2000 (5,953)
2010 (5,671)
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