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Case Files

Creator: Kansas. Supreme Court

Date: 1859-2013

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 191155

Restrictions: None

Retention Schedule ID: 0021-677

Space Required/Quantity: 3422.01 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Case Files

Scope and Content

Scope and content: Original documents relating to cases heard by the appellate courts including all documents required to initiate the appeal and any orders and rulings issued by the appellate courts. Types of documents found in individual case files may include but are not limited to briefs, mandates, court orders, appellee's petition for reviews, correspondence, and case briefs from the appellant's previous trial in question. The reasons for appeal regard a number of legal issues such as insufficient evidence, newly discovered evidence, a violation of constitutional rights, poor lawyer trial conduct, and contradictory rulings based on previous court judgments. The cases involve a variety of civil and criminal acts such as rape, robbery, sexual battery, murder, burglary, drug possession, drug selling, kidnapping, identity theft, illegal immigrants, and vehicle related violations or incidents. Attorney disciplinary case numbers are interfiled with other Appellate Court cases after 1992. The case files are organized by case number. See series 193836 "Case Files" for more case files.

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  • 1 - 888 (subseries II)
  • 100362, 100396, 100464, 100477, 100559, 100577, Index; 100559-100595, 100597-100647, 100649-100703, 100705-100734, 100736-100765, 100767-100850, 100852-100863, 100865-100887, 100889, 100891-100919, 100921-100995, 100998-100999
  • 10038 - 10459
  • 10460 - 10845
  • 10846 - 11203
  • 11204 - 11399
  • 11400 - 11713
  • 11714 - 12129
  • 117647
  • 12130 - 12488
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Indexes: For information about how to find Kansas Appellate Court case files, see our web page: Kansas Appellate Court case file searches.

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    Kansas. Court of Appeals
    Kansas. Supreme Court
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    Criminal law -- Kansas -- Cases
    Legal documents -- Kansas

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    Kansas State Agencies. Appellate Courts.
    Kansas State Agencies. Appellate Courts. Kansas Supreme Court.

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