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Articles prepared for the Kansas State Centennial Commission

Creator: Baumer, Beverly Belle

Date: 1961

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Manuscripts Collection 1

Unit ID: 40001

Biographical sketch: Journalist, broadcaster; of Kansas.

Abstract: Articles about Kansans and Kansas history, places, and things. All were written for the 1961 statehood centennial observance.

Space Required/Quantity: 0.40 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Articles prepared for the Kansas State Centennial Commission

Titles (Other):

  • Baumer, Beverly
  • 59 articles written for the Kansas State Centennial Commission
  • Fifty-nine articles written for the Kansas State Centennial Commission
  • Articles written for the Kansas State Centennial Commission
  • Beverly Baumer collection


Biog. Sketch (Full): Beverly Baumer was born 23 September 1926 at Hays, Kansas. She graduated from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 1948. She worked as a staff reporter and free lance writer for various state and national newspapers and magazines including the Hutchinson News, Salina Journal, Wichita Eagle, and Kansas City Star. In 1961, she was hired by the State Centennial Commission to write about and publicize the centennial celebration of the State of Kansas.

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Other Finding Aid/Index: This finding aid lists the folder labels and subjects of the individual articles.

  1. Antiques auction: Ray Smith of Hutchinson

  2. Statue, D. K. Baty of Liberal: statue to honor pioneer women; Baty insisted it should not include a "mother with a gun."

  3. Big Barn, Jason Kirtland of New Cambria: oversize barn built in 1880's

  4. Slayings, Bender Family of Southeast Kansas

  5. Box supper at Cottonwood Falls: describes a re-enactment of an old-fashioned box supper

  6. Margaret Lowe Burke, woodcutter of Americus: history of collectibles

  7. Centenarians (2 articles): women who are 100 years old; second article expands on Mary Cole who was mentioned in the first article.

  8. Mule Skinner, Grace Collier, Santa Fe Trail: caravan of celebrants on the trail led by Grace Collier

  9. Composer Dale Asher Jacobus: composer of religious music who accompanied Carry Nation on a raid of a Holton saloon.

  10. Conservation Class, McPherson: first conservation class in Kansas organized by John Colyn

  11. Mary Collinwood of Pretty Prairie: woman who named Pretty Prairie and whose family acquired a fortune

  12. Davis Memorial, Hiawatha: famous memorial in Hiawatha Cemetery built by John Davis for him and his wife

  13. Designs, Lena Waltner of Newton: art instructor trying to preserve and duplicate early Mennonite art.

  14. Elevators, Hutchinson Grain Terminal Tours: one of the largest elevators in the world.

  15. Farms (2 articles): a) how sod homes were built and furnished, Kinsley Park; b) Modern farming, the rise of larger farms and modern irrigation methods.

  16. Artist, Mrs. Jean Fromen of Turon: housewife and painter who did religious paintings for Oral Roberts.

  17. Game Preserve, Glen Davis of Canton: history of buffalo and buffalo hunts in Kansas; Maxwell Game Preserve in Canton.

  18. Gas Museum, Hugoton: museum at the largest natural gas field in the world

  19. Geology (2 articles): a) Monument Rocks and Natural Bridge; b) Fossils and mineral deposits in Kansas.

  20. Georgia Neese Clark Gray of Richland: first woman treasurer of the U.S.

  21. Halstead Smorgasbord: Mennonite cooking and traditions in the context of the annual Smorgasbord.

  22. Jesse Harper of Sitka, Kansas: interview with former head football coach of Notre Dame who hired Knute Rockne.

  23. Hatchery at Pratt, Kansas, John Murphree: hatching fish and stocking ponds in Kansas

  24. Hutchinson, Home Economist and Puppets: Jane Savage, who uses puppets to teach Home Economics lessons.

  25. Minister, Rev. and Mrs. Samule Irvin of Highland: history of Presbyterian Indian Mission and founding of Highland town and College.

  26. Hutchinson Jalopy Races: National Jalopy Race to be held in Hutchinson.

  27. Hyllinings Fest, Lindsborg: Svensk Hyllinings Fest held to honor Swedish who founded Lindsborg in 1868.

  28. Inman Ground Hog Day: celebration where "ground hog" (sausages, etc.) is served at community dinner.

  29. Kaufman Museum, Newton: Mennonite Museum operated by Charles Kaufman at Bethel College.

  30. V. A. Kear, Sodtown at Colby: only sod village built in America built by Verney Kear to honor original settlers.

  31. Ed Kirk, Sarsaparilla, Pratt: movie theater operator in Pratt.

  32. Lyons, Otto Habiger's Tin Can Ornaments: folk artist and his tin can art.

  33. Mrs. Neil McLeod, Auctioneer, Washington: Kansas' first woman auctioneer received her licensed in 1961.

  34. Maple Trees, Hiawatha: history of Theodore Korthanke, the "Johnny Appleseed" of maples in Hiawatha.

  35. Mrs. Meairs, Antiques, Hutchinson: Mrs. Vernon Meairs of Hutchinson's extensive antique collection

  36. Mennonites, Newton: largest Mennonite community in America and national headquarters of the Mennonite Church in Newton.

  37. Milk Parlor, Bill Bartholomew of Great Bend: one of Kansas' few automatic milking operations.

  38. Roy Miller of Lucan, Picnic Area: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller established public picnic grounds.

  39. J. P. Morgan, Bank Cashier of Yoder: young cashier shares name with famous banker.

  40. Mrs. G. F. Mueller, Braille: Mrs. Mueller operates a free Braille transcription service from her home.

  41. Clayt Myers, Trapper, of Turon: 83 year old farmer-trapper relates secrets of successful trapping.

  42. Mrs. Virgil Pate, Paper Hanger: the life of a lady wall-paper hanger.

  43. Frank Peppiatt of Lyons, Coronado: telephone company repairman who will play the role of Coronado in Centennial re-enactment of the Santa Fe Trail Caravan.

  44. Promenaders of Hutchinson: gropu of Centennial celebrants who march in Hutchinson in period clothing.

  45. Radio Announcer, Lois Blaine of Arkansas City, KSOK Radio: profile of local personality

  46. Redi-Wheat: Evolution and promotion of Redi-Wheat, a canned whole wheat product developers hope will revolutionize the wheat market throughout the world.

  47. Sweet William Skunk: history of children's literature character who is a skunk who wants to become a pet.

  48. M. G. Stevenson, Weather: 98 year old volunteer observer for the U. S. Weather Bureau in Ashland.

  49. Ruth Elizabeth Tanner, Children's Author, Gypsum: Tanner writes children's stories for magazines and novels.

  50. Claude L. Vaughan, Cherokee Strip, Arkansas City: Vaughan witnessed the original Cherokee Strip Run in 1893.

  51. Teepee Museum in Satanta, Kiowa Indian Tribe: history of the Kiowa in Satanta area.

  52. Twirler, Carol Ann Cox of Halstead: twirler who teaches baton twirling in Halstead.

  53. From Washboards to Automatics: history of washing clothes in Kansas from pioneer days to 1961.

  54. Well, Greenburg, Kansas: history of world's largest hand-dug well, built by AT&SF Railway Co., and its role as a tourist attraction.

  55. Youngs, Schmidts and Edigers: profiles of three families, their homes and the differences between pioneer and modern home life in Kansas.

  56. Zimmerman of Cedar Vale: life of miniaturist Frank Zimmerman and the eighty-four duplicates of houses and buildings in the pioneer town of Cedar Vale, which he constructed to commemorate the town's history and origins.

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    Kansas. Centennial Commission
    Stevens County Gas and Historical Museum
    Kansas -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
    Kansas -- Description and travel
    Kansas -- History
    Oklahoma -- History
    Rush County (Kan.) -- History
    Fuelwood cutting -- Kansas
    Collingwood, Mary
    Jacobus, Dale Asher
    Davis Memorial
    Fish culture -- Kansas
    Pioneer Woman Statue (Liberal, Kan.)
    Sod houses -- Kansas

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    Kansas State Agencies. Kansas Centennial Commission.

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