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Creator: Randolph, Anna Margaret Watson, 1838-1917

Date: 1701-1988

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: MICROFILM: MS 1665-MS 1668
Ms. Coll. 238

Unit ID: 40238

Biographical sketch: Abolitionist, temperance, woman suffrage advocate; wife; mother. Of Germantown, Ohio; Emporia, Kan.

Abstract: This collection contains a wide variety of material from a large number of people related to Anna (Watson) Randolph. The item dated 1701 is a page of notes from an abolitionist meeting in Cumberland County, Pa. The items span through the Watson and Keeler families to reach Anna (Watson) Randolph. Her papers make up the largest part of the collection. The clan of families generated papers of the families Keeler (spelled Keelor previous to 1828), Randolph, Vickery, and Rindom. Because family relationships are so important to this collection, a set of pedigree charts is included. Included in this collection are personal papers, genealogy, and misc. items. There are also genealogical notes on the following families: FitzRandolph, Keeler, Randolph, Rindom, and Watson. The collection ends with misc. items. Some individuals noted in the papers include Joanna Randolph Kelley Hollister, Perry Burdick Maxson, Mary J. Allen Perley, Ora Grant Rindom, Mary Jane Watson Short, and John Hampton Watson.


Microfilm Roll MS 1665:

Series 1: Personal papers

AMWR= Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph.    
Gibson, Frank C., Box 1 folder 1: Letter, 1961 October 5, addressed to “Aunt Alice.”    

Hollister, Joanna (Randolph) Kelley, 1870- Box 1 folder 2: Scrapbook, c. 1900-1950, concerns primarily the Randolph family.    

Jukes Family. Box 1 folder 3: Three letters; one written by Frank Jukes, 1873 December 23, addressed to his sister and brother; and two written by Lydia A. Jukes, 1883-1884, addressed to her children.    

Keeler, Clinton, 1828-1896. Box 1 folder 4: Civil War materials of Clinton Keeler while serving in the U.S. Army, Indiana artillery, 19th battery, including letters, 1864-1865, written to Caroline (Jukes) Keeler, and two $50.00 bills in Georgia currency.    

Keeler Family, Clinton. Box 1 folder 5: Wedding announcement for Inda B. (Keeler) Ward and R. E. Ward, a wedding invitation for Bertha (Carlin) Borges and Fredric G. Borges; and a quarterly ticket for Caroline (Jukes) Keeler in a Methodist Episcopal Church.    

Keeler, Frank, Box 1 folder 6: A letter, n.d., addressed to Frank Keeler and an obituary, n.d., of Frank Keeler.    

Keeler, Frank Marion, 1854-1925. Box 1 folder 7: A letter, 1893 [?] 19, addressed to his brother, and a stock certificate for the Bank of Merit.    

Keeler, Frank Marion, 1925 – Box 1 folder 8: Memorandum concerning the wisteria bush of the Watson family home in Ohio. See also Box 2, folder 7.    

Keeler, Joseph Randolph, - Box 1 folder 9: Letters, 1917-1918, while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, 2nd division, 79th company, 6th regiment, in Europe; and a newspaper clipping announcing the wedding of Joseph Randolph Keeler to Pearl Rosamond (Carter) Keeler.

Keeler, Mary Frank, - Box 1 folder 10: Emporia Grammar School diploma, 1908 May 29, photocopy. Original is in Oversize storage.

Keeler, Mary Lester (Randolph), 1863-1936. Box 1 folder 11: Papers concerning Mary Keeler’s horticultural business; a letter from Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph; a cemetery lot deed, and Mary Keeler’s funeral service.    

Keeler, Thomas, 1764-1851. See Thomas Keelor.    

Keeler hair. Box 1 folder 12: Locks of hair taken from a Keeler family Bible.    

Keelor, Thomas, 1764-1851. Box 1 folder 13: Papers, 1896, concerning the Revolutionary War service of Thomas Keelor.    

Lease, Mary Elizabeth (Clyens), 1850-1933. Box 1 folder 14: Newspaper clippings concerning Mary E. Lease.    

Maxson, Perry Burdick, 1826-1920. Box 1 folder 15: “Life of Perry B. Maxson—Pioneer of Kansas.” Author unknown.    

Perley, Mary J. (Allen), 1839-1915. Box 1 folder 16: Biographical notes

Randolph, Anna Margaret Watson, 1838-1917

    Biographical notes. Box 1 folder 17
    Contract. Box 1 folder 18: 1903 August 1, made with Mary Jane (Watson) Short for living arrangements.    
    Daughters of Temperance. Box 1 folder 19: Paintersville, Ohio Chapter. Constitution and Bylaws, not dated.    
    Diary, 1858 August 17 – 1873 January 1 Box 1 folder 20
      (loose notes). Box 1 folder 21
      (grouped notes). Box 1 folder 22
      Drought. Box 2 folder 1
      Emporia – Fourth of July Celebrations. Box 2 folder 2
      Emporia – Schools. Box 2 folder 3 (See also Box 3, folder 10)    
      “Mott, Lucretia.” Box 2 folder 4
      “Quakers.” Box 2 folder 5
      “Slavery” Box 2 folder 6
      “Wisteria.” Box 2 folder 7 (See also Box 1, folder 8)
    Letters received. Box 2 folder 8: 3 items, 1889-1927. Other letters addressed to AMWR can be found in other sections of this collection. See also George Hall Randolph, Hampton Watson Randolph, and Mary Jane (Watson) Short.    
    Letters sent. Box 2 folder 9: 8 items, 1891-1907. Some letters contain information on the women’s suffrage movement. Other letters written by AMWR can be found in other sections of this collection. See also Mary Lester (Randolph) Keeler.    See also Oversize storage for a letter, n.d., addressed to Sallie [?].    
    Marriage certificate, Box 2 folder 10: 1859 December 12 with Joseph Vance Randolph.    
    Obituaries (of AMWR). Box 2 folder 11
    Real estate indentures. Box 2 folder 12: Seven items, 1872-1910, for the conveyance of real estate in Emporia, Kansas. See also Box 2, folder 22.    
    Speeches: Box 2 folder 13
      “First Ball in Emporia, The.”    
      “On Military Preparedness”
    Student notebooks. Box 2 folder 14: n.d.; some of these notebooks contain written accounts of AMWR’s trips and vacations.    
    Will, 1906 December 17. Box 2 folder 15

Randolph, Edward T., - 1977. Box 2 folder 16: Contains a court decree, 1977 November 14, from the California Superior Court, concerning the estate of Edward T. Randolph. Also contains letters from the California Superior Court, addressed to Ora Grant Rindom and Mary (Keeler) Rindom.    

Randolph, George Hall, 1861 – Box 2 folder 17: A commencement invitation, 1912 May 29, for Emporia High School; a letter, 1898 May 25, addressed to AMWR; and articles of co-partnership, 1887 January 1, with Joseph Vance Randolph and AMWR for an ice business in Emporia, Kansas.    

Randolph, Hampton Watson, 1874 – Box 2 folder 18: Also known as Watson H. Randolph; papers include invitations and programs for his graduation from Emporia High School in 1891; orations, 1896-98 entitled “The New Social Spirit” and “An Evening with Riley” and letter, 1898-1914, addressed to AMWR.
Randolph, John, 1805-1865. Box 2 folder 19: Letter, 1864 February 29, concerns the Democratic Party addressed to his children (otherwise unidentified).    

Randolph, John Hampton, 1866-1871. See John Hampton Watson. Box 5, folder 3.    

Randolph, Joseph Vance, 1834-1900.    
    Certificate of Appointment. Box 2 folder 20: 1897 January 28, (photocopy) of Randolph to the State Board of Pardons, granted by Governor John W. Leedy. Original located in Oversize storage.    

Microfilm Roll MS 1666:
    Letters. Box 2 folder 21: Seven items, including a letter, incomplete, n.d., written by John H. Randolph [?] while serving in Company H, 102nd Pennsylvania [infantry?] regiment; letters, n.d., to Governor Lewelling; and a letter concerning FitzRandolph genealogy.    
    Marriage certificate. See Box 2, folder 10.    
    Real estate indentures. Box 2 folder 22: 1859-1883, for the purchase of land in Emporia, Kansas. Related material found in Oversize storage. See also Box 2, folder 12.

Randolph, Lucile, 1877-1959. Box 2 folder 23: Real estate indentures, 1954, for land in Emporia; and her funeral service, 1959 February 28.    

Randolph, Watson H., 1874 - . See Box 5, folder 3.    

Randolph family. (See also Box 1, Folder 2)    
    Lease. Box 2 folder 24: 1936 February 24, between the City of Emporia, and Mary (Keeler) Rindom, Emma L. Randolph, Dan Rowland and Fanny (Randolph) Vickrey, and Lucile Randolph.    
    Map. Box 2 folder 25: Undated photocopy, entitled “Randolph Addition to theTown of Emporia.” Original located in Oversize storage.    
    Miscellaneous. Box 2 folder 26: Contains a guest register and two newspaper clippings.

Randolph Sisters Millinery.    
    Day book, n. d. Box 2 folder 27
    Day book, enclosures. Box 2 folder 28

Rindom, Frank Oscar, 1881-1949. Box 2 folder 29: Newspaper clipping, n.d., photocopy.    

Rindom, Gail Grant, 1920 – Box 2 folder 30: Nine items, include primarily letters addressed to Gail Grant Rindom.    

Rindom, Joseph Vance, 1914 – Box 2 folder 31: Letters, 1921, to Santa Claus.    

Rindom, Mary (Keeler), -    
    Letters received, 1913-1979. Box 2 folder 32: Primarily from Ora Grant Rindom while in New York, New York in 1945.    
    Membership certificate. Box 2 folder 33: 1915 April 19, for Mary Keeler in the Daughters of the  American Revolution. Located in Oversize storage.    
    Miscellaneous papers. Box 2 folder 34: Primarily essays, entitled “The Tiffany Building,” and “Split Level Musings from Molly Yesteryear.”

Rindom, Ora Grant, 1889-1978.    
    Commonplace book, n. d. Box 3 folder 1
    Funeral papers, 1978 December – 1979 February. Box 3 folder 2
    Letters received, 1913-1978. Box 3 folder 3
    Letters sent. See Box 2, folder 32.    
    Mayorial papers, 1944, 1978. Box 3 folder 4
    Miscellaneous Papers. Box 3 folder 5

Rindom, Mary and Ora.  
    Letters received, 1913-1977. Box 3 folder 6: See also Box 2, folder 16.    
    Marriage. Box 3 folder 7: Include wedding announcements; wedding service, 1913 June 13; and newspaper clippings concerning Rindom wedding anniversaries.    
    Real estate papers. Box 3 folder 8: 1935-1972, for property in Emporia, Kansas.

Short, Mary Jane (Watson), 1830-1909.
    Biographical notes. Box 3 folder 9
    Contract. See Box 1, folder 18    
    Emporia – Schools. Box 3 folder 10: See also Box 2, folder 3    
    Letters, 1887-1898. Box 3 folder 11: Two items, including a letter to AMWR.    
    Recipe book. Box 3 folder 12

Tomlinson, Josephine (Keeler), 1910-1988. Obituary, 1988 May 18, The Emporia Gazette. Box 3 folder 13

Vickrey, Fanny (Randolph), 1865-1948
    Biographical notes. Box 3 folder 14
    Deed. Box 3 folder 15: 1924 February 20, for a cemetery lot in Maplewood Cemetery, Lyon County, Kansas.    
    Essays. Box 3 folder 16
      “Social Worth.”    
      “The Spirit of the American Revolution.”    
      “Pioneer Women.” Box 3 folder 17
    Letters, 1910-1941 Box 3 folder 18
    Miscellaneous papers.

Vickrey, Helen, -    
    Commonplace book, n.d. Box 3 folder 19: Formerly an account book, Helen Vickery used this bound volume to hold recipes and newspaper clippings.    
    Diaries, 1900-1903 Box 4 folder 1

Microfilm Roll MS 1667:
    Scrapbook, 1906-1924. Box 4 folder 2
    Whistling Soloist papers Box 4 folder 3: Programs, sheet music and endorsements (including one from William Jennings Bryan) concerning Helen Vickrey’s abilities as a whistling soloist.

Vickrey, Horace Nation, - . Scrapbook, n. d. Box 4 folder 4

Watson, Hanna (Lester), 1804-1879.    
    Commonplace book [n. d.] Box 4 folder 5
    Letter, 1857 July 31, Box 4 folder 6: Photocopy and typescript copy, addressed to Lucy [?] Original located in Oversize storage.

Watson, John, 1774-1864. Box 4 folder 7: Nondescript fragment, 1841.    

Watson, John Hampton, 1804-1883.    
    Account book, 1851. Box 5 folder 1
    Biographical notes. Box 5 folder 2
    Miscellaneous papers, 1828-1871. Box 5 folder 3: Include cards of entry into the University of Pennsylvania; a student notebook entitled, “Theory and Art of  Teaching,” a poem entitled “When Johnny Left Us” (concerning the death of John Hampton Randolph [1866-1871]), and Judge Watson’s instructions to a jury.

Watson, John M.: Notes on the death of John M. Watson Box 6 folder 1

Watson family.    
    Abolitionist material, 1701-1857. Box 6 folder 2: See also Oversize storage.    
    Map, n.d. Box 6 folder 3: Reduction of original of the Midwestern United States showing the route taken by the Watson family from Ohio to Kansas in 1858. Original is located in Oversize storage.    
    Newspaper clippings (photocopies) Box 6 folder 4

White, William Allen, 1868-1944: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” Box 6 folder 5
Series 2: Genealogical Notes.    

Folders with more than one name contain overlapping material.    

Family Name(s)

FitzRandolph family. Box 6 folder 6

FitzRandolph, Keeler, Randolph, Rindom, and Watson families. Box 6 folder 7: See also Oversize storage (in the map storage area) for genealogical chart.    

Keeler family. Box 6 folder 8

Keeler, Randolph, Watson families. Box 6 folder 9

Randolph family. Box 6 folder 10

Randolph, Watson families. Box 6 folder 11

Randolph, Watson families (bound volume). Box 6 folder 12: See also Box 1, folder 2
Microfilm Roll MS 1668:
Watson family. Box 6 folder 13

Series 3: Miscellaneous. Box 7

Space Required/Quantity: 3.00 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Collection

Titles (Other):

  • Anna M. Randolph papers
  • Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph collection
  • Diaries
  • Papers
  • Randolph, Anna Margaret (Watson), collection
  • Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph papers : ms. collection no. 238 [Internet finding aid title]


Biog. Sketch (Full):

Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph, 1838-1917, was a member of a large network of families. She was born into the Quaker family of John Hampton Watson and Mary (Lester) Watson in Germantown, Ohio. John Hampton Watson was a well educated man who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a medical degree in 1829. Watson moved to Ohio in 1835 where he practiced medicine for a few years, then endeavored to secure admission to the Ohio bar in Greene County in 1844.

Two historical movements of the nineteenth century, combined with Watson's tenacious zeal for abolitionism, worked together to inspire him to move his family westward to Kansas. One was the growing debate over slavery in America; the other was the growth of territories and states on America's western frontier. As the Kansas Territory was opened to white settlement, the federal government decreed that the issue of the establishment of slavery in Kansas would be decided by popular sovereignty. Whether or not slavery would be permitted in Kansas would be determined by a majority of its citizens. This issue inspired Watson to move his family from his successful law practice and comfortable lifestyle in Ohio to the Kansas Territory in an effort to contribute to the number of anti-slavery citizens. A significant part of this manuscript collection -- in particular, the diary written by John Watson's daughter, Anna -- pertains to the Watson family's arduous and difficult move from Ohio to Kansas.

With such a background as this, it is little wonder that John Watson's children would be deeply involved in the social movements and political issues of the time. Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph, whose papers make up the principal part of this collection, was not only an enthusiastic supporter of abolitionism, but also the temperance movement, suffrage for women, populism, and when war broke out in Europe in 1914, she was passionate in her appeal for American neutrality. Anna's convictions manifested through her life were remarkable enough to inspire a television production by June Underwood in 1982 entitled "Glad Spirit: Anna Watson Randolph."

Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph came from and married into large families. The primary families of this clan are FitzRandolphs, the Keelers, the Randolphs, the Rindoms, the Vickreys and the Watsons. A characteristic of these families is a sense of patriotism: Thomas Keeler (1764-1861) was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, Clinton Keeler (1828-1896) served with the Indiana artillery during the Civil War, and Joseph Rindom Keeler served with the United States Marine Corps during World War I. The extended family as a whole rose to be prominent socially, professionally, politically and financially in the Emporia community. John Hampton Watson and F. O. Rindom were both judges. Watson nearly secured an appointment to the Kansas Supreme Court. Ora Grant Rindom was mayor of Emporia during World War II. The various branches of these families were involved in several real estate transactions, indicating an ability for profitable speculation.

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

This collection is contained in seven boxes and one flat oversize box. The Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph Collection contains a wide variety of material from a large number of people related to her. The earliest item in this collection is a page of notes from an Abolitionist meeting in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1701. From there, the collection spans through the Watson and Keeler families, reaching down to Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph whose papers make up the largest part of the collection. From her, this clan of families and the papers it generated spread through later descendants of the Keelers (spelled Keelor in generations previous to Clinton Keeler, born in 1828), the Randolphs, the Vickreys, and the Rindoms. Because family relationships are so important to this collection, a set of pedigree charts follow this Scope and Content note.

This collection is arranged alphabetically by name. The papers of married women are arranged according to married names. There is an index in the back to facilitate finding items not prominently listed in the Container List.

Related Material: When this collection was accessioned by the Kansas State Historical Society in 1993, it came with a vast number of photographs and photo albums. These items have been removed from the literary manuscript portion of the collection and those photos identifiable have been catalogued separately in the photo card catalog.

Contents: Roll 1 (MS 1665). Personal papers (ser. 1): Gibson, Frank (box 1, folder 1)-Randolph, Joseph, Certificate (box 2, folder 20) -- roll 2 (MS 1666). Personal papers (ser. 1): Randolph Joseph, Letters (box 2, folder 21)-Vickrey, Helen, Diaries (box 4, folder 1) -- roll 3 (MS 1667). Personal papers (ser. 1): Vickrey, Helen, Scrapbook (box 4, folder 2)-Genealogical notes (ser. 2): Randolph, Watson families (box 6, folder 12) -- roll 4 (MS 1668). Genealogical notes (ser. 2): Watson family (box 6, folder 13)-Misc. (ser. 3) (box 7).

Specific Contents Identified:

Headings or descriptors assigned to subsections of the material, for example labels on a particular box or group of boxes.

  • 1701 - 1988
  • From box 6, folder 7: oversize genealogical chart of FitzRandolph, Keeler, Randolph, Rindom, and Watson families
  • Oversize papers
  • Photographs


  • MS 1665: Personal papers: Gibson--Randolph, Joseph (cert. of app't) (box 1, folder 1--box 2, folder 20)
  • MS 1666: Personal papers: Randolph, J. (letters)--Vickrey, Helen (diaries) (box 2, folder 21-box 4, folder 1)
  • MS 1667: Personal papers: Vickrey, H.(scrapbook)-White; genealogical notes (box 4, folder 2-box 6, folder 12)
  • MS 1668: Genealogical notes: Watson; miscellaneous (box 6, folder 13--box 7)

Related Records or Collections

Associated materials: Photos and albums have been removed to the Kansas Historical Society's photograph collection.

Finding Aids: Finding aid available in paper format from the repository and in HTML format on its website, http://www.kshs.org/p/anna-margaret-watson-randolph-papers/14135

Index Terms


    Keeler family
    Randolph family
    Rindom family
    Vickrey family
    Watson family
    Emporia (Kan.)
    Germantown (Ohio)
    Hollister, Joanna Randolph Kelley, 1870-1955
    Maxson, Perry Burdick, 1826-1920
    Perley, Mary J. Allen, 1839-1915
    Randolph, Anna Margaret Watson, 1838-1917
    Rindom, Ora Grant, 1889-1978
    Short, Mary Jane Watson, 1830-1909
    Watson, John Hampton, 1804-1883
    Abolitionists -- Kansas -- Emporia
    American diaries -- Kansas -- Emporia
    Antislavery movements -- Kansas -- Emporia
    Frontier and pioneer life -- Kansas -- Emporia
    Quaker abolitionists -- Kansas -- Emporia
    Quakers -- Kansas -- Emporia
    Temperance -- Kansas
    Women abolitionists -- Kansas

Creators and Contributors

Additional Information for Researchers

Use and reproduction: Information on copyright available from the Kansas Historical Society (Topeka).

Add'l physical form:

Microfilm. Topeka, Kan. : Kansas State Historical Society, 1993; rolls MS 1665-MS 1668, lab no. 36315-36318; available for research or inter-library loan to Kansas libraries.

Personal papers (ser. 1): Gibson, Frank (box 1, folder 1)-Randolph, Joseph, Certificate (box 2, folder 20) : Microfilm (duplicate of Kansas Historical Society roll MS 1665). New Canaan, CT : Readex, 1991-97. Kansas Historical Society microfilm MF 4646, available for research or interlibrary loan to Kansas libraries; http://www.kshs.org/archives/49173

Cite as: Citations referring to this collection should include "Anna Margaret (Watson) Randolph Papers, Ms. Collection 238, State Archives & Library, Kansas Historical Society."

Holder of duplicates: The Lyon County Historical Society and Museum (Emporia, Kan.) has a microfilm copy of the collection.