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Correspondence Elsie N. Allen Art

Date: 1930 - 1950

Level of Description: Subseries

Material Type:

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 444264

Space Required/Quantity: 12 folders of correspondence and related materials, concerning Elsie Nuzman Allen's art collecting.

Title (Main title): Correspondence Elsie N. Allen Art

Part of: Allen-Holmes Collection.

Scope and Content

Scope and content: Scope and Content

There are 12 folders that contain letters, booklets, correspondence, news clippings, and art purchase lists. The documents in these folders all relate to primarily Elise Nuzman Allen (Henry Allen’s wife) and all pertain to different art dealings. There are notable names within these folders, some of which include John Taylor Arms who was a famous etcher and corresponded with Elise Allen. Arms was a successful graphic artist in the 1920’s and 30’s focusing on Gothic churches in France and Italy. He would also focus on American cities as well. Other noteworthy artists include John Steuart Curry who was born in Kansas and was a Midwestern artist. He was the first artist in residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and did several paintings/murals for Washington D.C. and Topeka. Robert Merrell Gage is another artist that gained national and some international credit. He was a sculptor from Topeka and is noted for a statue of Abraham Lincoln that resides on the grounds of the Kansas State Capitol. Next is William Allen White who was born in Emporia Kansas and was a renowned newspaper editor, as well as an author and politician. The last artist of higher note is Frank Lloyd Wright. He was an architect, interior designer, and writer who designed hundreds of houses, one of which was the Allen’s house in Wichita.

Scope and content: List of artists:

Kenneth Adams
Leslie Allen
John Taylor Arms
Henry Balink
Thomas Hart Benton
Alber Bloch
George Elbert Burr
Howard Cook
John Stuart Curry
Robert Langston Douglas
Matell Howe Farnham
Robert Merrell Gage
Eugene Higgins
Rockwell Kent
Ward Lockwood
LeRoy Daniel Moe Morris
Karl Matten
Carl Miles
Doel Reed
Albert Reid
Bridger Sandzen
Frank Lloyd Wright
Louis A. Wuerth

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Folder 1: Miscellaneous
  2. Folder 2: Art Dealers
  3. Folder 3: Kenneth M. Adams
  4. Folder 4: Mrs. Elsie Allen
  5. Folder 5: John Taylor Arms 1938-1944
  6. Folder 6: John Taylor Arms 1949-1954
  7. Folder 7: Baker University
  8. Folder 8: Henry Balink
  9. Folder 9: Thomas Hart Benton
  10. Folder 10: Albert Bloch
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