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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
193269 Exhibits - Case No. 5116 - Gray County Enumeration List And Polling List Kansas. Supreme Court 1887S Government record (Series) No
196656 Exhibits - Case No. 5289 Kansas. Supreme Court 1887 Government record (Series) No
193275 Exhibits - Case No. 8745 - Freight Tariff Cost Lists For Kansas Railroads Kansas. Supreme Court 1891-1896 Government record (Series) No
193294 Exhibits - Case No. 9,432 Kansas. Supreme Court 1891S Government record (Series) No
193260 Exhibits - Johnson County Census Kansas. Supreme Court 1938-1939 Government record (Series) No
193261 Exhibits - Osage County Census Kansas. Supreme Court 1930S Government record (Series) No
193292 Exhibits - Oversized Material And Photographs Kansas. Supreme Court ND Government record (Series) No
218209 Exhibits - Stock Yard Plans - Case 19,419 Appellate Courts. Kansas Supreme Court 1914 Government record (Series) No
193296 Exhibits - Unidentified Case - City Of Paola Account Register Kansas. Supreme Court 1919S Government record (Series) No
218128 Exhibits - unidentified case Appellate Courts. Kansas Supreme Court 1935 (Series) No
196462 Exhibits-case No. 13,619 Kansas. Supreme Court 1903S Government record (Series) No
193154 Final Record Kansas. Supreme Court 1862-1879 Government record (Series) No
193239 Financial Records Kansas. Supreme Court 1899-1961 Government record (Series) No
220221 Harvey L. Webb et. al. vs School Dist. No. 90, Case #37427 Appellate Courts. Kansas Supreme Court 1948 - 1950 Government record (File unit) No
446143 In re Walter McGee, George Andrews, and George Buckner, petitioners, Kansas Supreme Court case no. 22,691 Kansas. Supreme Court July term 1919 Government record (Item) View
193155 Index To Final Record Kansas. Supreme Court 1873-1876 Government record (Series) No
197780 Inmate Files - Executed Prisoners Kansas State Penitentiary. Operations Division 1962-1965 Government record (Series) No
193241 Inventories Kansas. Supreme Court 1956-1973 Government record (Series) No
194068 Journals And Indexes Kansas. Supreme Court 1854-1975 Government record (Series) No
219801 Judge's Dockets Appellate Courts. Kansas Supreme Court 1975 - 1977 Government record (Series) No
193151 Judgment Docket Kansas. Supreme Court 1871-1883 Government record (Series) No
193244 Law Office Study Kenneth Warner 5764 Kansas. Supreme Court 1959-1961 Government record (Series) No
194067 Ledgers Kansas. Supreme Court 1899B-1912B Government record (Series) No
193159 Mandates Kansas. Supreme Court 1860B-1978 Government record (Series) No
305733 Mary Page Wright v. Julius H. Noell Kansas. Supreme Court 1876 Government record (File unit) View
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