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Jim Slattery congressional records

Creator: Slattery, Jim, 1948-

Date: 1982-1995

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Ms. Coll. 823

Unit ID: 45705

Biographical sketch: Member U.S. House of Representatives, 1982-95 (Democrat), from Kansas; of Topeka. Full name: James Charles Slattery.

Abstract: The collection consists of Jim Slattery's papers while serving with the U.S. House of Representatives. Series include records pertaining to U.S. House floor activities, such as voting scores & records, copies of sponsored & co-sponsored bills, and speeches; correspondence, mostly incoming, such as from constituents or form letters; reference files for legislation and for constituents; calendars and events, including invitations; publications such as press releases; computing information, e.g. backup tapes; photographs; public statements (mostly speeches never given); awards and plaques; guest books; reports; and new member materials for orienting members of the U.S. Congress. Some topics of interest in Slattery's records include the superconducting super collider, aviation, the B-2 Bomber, the North American Free Trade Agreement, oil & gas, abortion, health care, welfare, veterans, the Persian Gulf, 1993 flooding, and environmental issues.

Summary: Jim Slattery Collection Series List

1) House Floor Activities

    a) Voting Scores and Records
    b) Sponsored and Co-sponsored Bills
    c) Speeches and Floor Statements

2) Correspondence
    a) Constituent
    b) Legislative
    c) Form Letters
    d) Intern

3) Reference Files
    a) Legislative
    b) Issue/Clippings
    c) Constituency
      i) Patronage files
      ii) Blue Books
      iii) Other

    d) General

4) Calendars and Events
    a) Schedules
    b) Invitations

5) Publications
    a) Columns
    b) Press Releases
    c) Postal Customer Mailings

6) Computing
    a) Systems/Mail Administration
    b) Backup Tapes

7) Photographs

8) Public Statements

9) Awards and Plaques

10) Guest Books

11) Reports

12) New Member Materials


Box List

Box 1 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings-- Persian Gulf, Superconducting Super Collider, Television Violence, Veterans Affairs Hospital Investigation, Slattery Profiles, Misc. Clippings (T1)
Box 2 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings--B-2 Bomber, Check Issue, Deficit Reduction Legislation, Environment /Interstate Waste, Flexel corporation (Unfair Trade Practices), Floods (1993), health Care Reform, Landfill Regulations (Subtitle D), Mustard Gas Tests (Veterans), Monroe School, NAFTA (T2)
Box 3 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings-- Misc. Newsclips and Editorials; Publications--Columns; Publications-- Press Releases  (T3)
Box 4 Publications--Press Releases--1989-1994; Publications-- Columns-- 1989-1994; Publications--Postal Customer Mailings  (T4)
Box 5 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings--Newsclips 1990-1992 (T5)
Box 6 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings--Newsclips 1991-1992, 1994; House Floor Activities--Speeches and Floor Statements--1980's (T6)
Box 7 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings-- Newsclips 1992-1994; Reports--1992 (T7)
Box 8 Awards and Plaques  (T8)
Box 9 Calendars and Events--Schedules 1990-1994 (T9)
Box 10 Reference Files--Constituency--Patronage files  (T10)
Box 11 Reference Files--General-- abortion/religion issues, North Topeka Head Start; Reference Files--Constituency--Patronage Files; Public Statements  (T11)
Box 12 Reference Files--General-- Bank of Horton; Reference Files--Constituency--Blue Books  (T12)
Box 13 Photographs; Public Statements  (T13)
Box 14 Calendars and Events-- Schedules 1988-1990; Correspondence--Intern  (T14)
Box 15 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 17 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 18 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 19 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 20 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings; Correspondence
Box 21 Calendars and Events--Schedules; Calendars and Events-- Invitations
Box 22 Photographs  (T13,T15)
Box 22 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings 
Box 23 Photographs  (T13,T15)
Box 24 Photographs  (T13,T15)
Box 25 Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 26A Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 26B Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 29A Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 29B Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 30 Calendars and Events--Schedules; Calendars and Events-- Invitations
Box 31A Reference Files--Issue/Clippings
Box 31B Correspondence--Constituent
Box 32 Calendars and Events--Schedules; Calendars and Events-- Invitations
Box 33 Calendars and Events--Schedules; Calendars and Events-- Invitations
Box 34 Calendars and Events--Schedules; Calendars and Events-- Invitations
Box 35 House Floor Activities--Voting Scores-- 98th, 99th Congresses; House Floor Activities--Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Bills-- 98th, 99th Congresses; Correspondence--Legislative-- 98th, 99th Congresses (DC1)
Box 36 House Floor activities; Reference Files
Box 37 Correspondence; Publications; Reference files
Box 38 House Floor Activities--Voting Scores--101st Congress; House Floor Activities--Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Bills--101st Congress; Correspondence--Legislative--101st Congress (DC4)
Box 41 Correspondence--Constituent--1989-1991 (DC7)
Box 42 Correspondence--Constituent March-May 1994
Box 43A Correspondence--Constituent-- June-Nov. 1994 (DC8)
Box 43B Correspondence--Constituent-- June-Nov. 1994 (DC9)
Box 44 Correspondence--Constituent-- June-Nov. 1994 (DC10)
Box 45 Correspondence--Constituent-- June-Nov. 1994 (DC11)
Box 46 Correspondence--Constituent-- June-Nov. 1994 (DC12)
Box 47 Reference Files--Legislative-- B-2 Bomber, General Aviation Revitalization Act, ISTEA/helmet provision, Anti-redlining insurance, SSI and AFDC, Cosponsor sheets; Reference Files--General-- B-2 Bomber, Army Civilian Aide, Fort Riley, Flexel GSP, Oil and Gas, Health care reform, Welfare, Commodities, NAFTA  (DC13)
Box 48 Correspondence--Legislative-- Aug. 1993-Sept. 1994 (DC14)
Box 49 House Floor Activities--Voting Scores and Records-- 103rd Congress; House Floor Activities--Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Bills-- 103rd Congress; Correspondence-- Legislative-- 103rd Congress (DC15)
Box 50 Correspondence--Constituent-- Oct.1991-1993 (DC16)
Box 51 Correspondence--Constituent-- 1994; Reference Files--Legislative--1993-1994; House Floor Activities--Voting Scores and Records-- On: Abortion, Foreign Policy, Congressional Pay Increases, Social Security COLAs, Federal Death Penalty, Women's Issues (DC17)
Box 52 Calendars and Events--Schedules--1983, 1984, 1985  (D18)
Box 53 Calendars and Events--Schedules--1986, 1987, 1988 (D19)
Box 54 Calendars and Events--Schedules--1989, 1990 (D20)
Box 55 Calendars and Events--Schedules--1991, 1992 (D21)
Box 56 Calendars and Events--Schedules--1993, 1994 (D22)
Box 57 Calendars and Events--Invitations--1983 (D23)
Box 58 Calendars and Events--Invitations--1984 (D24)
Box 59 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- 1985 (D25)
Box 60 Calendars and Events--Invitations--1986 (D26)
Box 61 Calendars and Events--Invitations--1987 (D27)
Box 62 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- Jan-June 1988 (D28)
Box 63 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- Aug-Dec 1988 (D29)
Box 64 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- Jan-May 1989 (D30)
Box 65 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- June-Dec. 1989 (D31)
Box 66 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- Jan-June 1990 (D32)
Box 67 Calendars and Events--Invitations--July-Dec. 1990 (D33)
Box 68 Calendars and Events--Invitations--Jan-May 1991 (D34)
Box 69 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- June-Dec 1991 (D35)
Box 70 Calendars and Events--Invitations--Jan-May 1992 (D36)
Box 71 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- June-Dec 1992 (D37)
Box 72 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- Jan-April 1993 (D38)
Box 73 Calendars and Events--Invitations-- May-Dec. 1993 (D39)
Box 74 Calendars and Events--Invitations--1994 (D40)
Box 75 Calendars and Events--Schedules-- books 1983-1994; Photographs  (D41)
Box 76 Guest books--1983-1994; Correspondence--Legislative-- Budget Committee Election Letters; New Member Materials (D42)
Box 77 Correspondence--Constituent  (D43)
Box 78 Reference Files--Legislative; Correspondence; House Floor Activities--Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Bills  (D44)
Box 79 Correspondence--Form Letters-- 1983-1987 (D45)
Box 80 Correspondence--Form Letters-- 1988-1994 (D46)
Box 81 Computing--Systems/Mail Administration; Computing--Backup tapes; Correspondence--Form Letters  (D47)
Box 82 Reference Files--General-- Nicaragua, El Salvador (D48)
Box 83 Reference Files-- General-- autism workshop, environment, disabilities, postal service, animal rights, arts/humanities, commemoratives; Reference Files-- Issue/Clippings-- z-bar ranch, superfund; Reference Files--Legislative-- Haskell/interior appropriations 103rd (D49)
Box 84 Reference Files-- Legislative-- safe drinking water act amendments 1993, scrap tire recycling 103rd; Correspondence--Constituent-- environmental 103rd  (D50)
Box 85 Reference Files--Legislative-- congressional affairs 102nd, Haskell/Interior Appropriations 102nd, D.C 102nd, NEA 102nd; Reference files-- General-- animal welfare, commemoratives; Correspondence-- Constituent-- misc. 102nd (D51)
Box 86 Reference Files-- General-- Evan Williams, Sarah Elder, Cadet Nurses (D52)
Box 87 Correspondence--Legislative; Correspondence-- Constituent  (D53)
Box 88 Publications-- Postal Customer Mailings; Reference Files-- General-- Superconducting Super Collider, Veterans Committee; Reference Files-- Issue/Clippings-- 103rd Congress;  Reference Files--Legislative-- 103rd congress- education, labor; Correspondence-- Constituent--1993 (D54)
Box 89 Computing-- backup tapes

Space Required/Quantity: 85.00 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Jim Slattery congressional records

Titles (Other):

  • James Slattery papers
  • Congressional records
  • Records
  • Jim Slattery collection
  • Jim Slattery papers
  • Papers


Biog. Sketch (Full):

James Charles (Jim) Slattery was born to Charles and Rose O’Connell Slattery on August 4, 1948. He grew up in the farming community of Good Intent, Kansas, in Atchison County. Slattery attended Atchison’s public schools and went to Maur Hill High School in Atchison. After high school, Slattery attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. During his undergraduate studies, he was selected to attend the Netherlands School of International Business and Economics for one year (1969). He graduated from Washburn with a bachelor of science degree in political science in 1970. He went on to earn his juris doctorate degree from Washburn University Law School in 1974. He worked in real estate and practiced law in Topeka after he was admitted to the Kansas bar in 1975.

Slattery served as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives from 1973 through 1979 and was elected speaker pro tem in 1976. In 1982 he was elected to the 98th Congress and served in the House of Representatives until 1995. After five terms, he chose to not seek reelection, but instead returned to Kansas as the Democratic nominee for governor. He was unsuccessful in his bid and lost to Republican Bill Graves. He then returned to Washington, D.C., and worked for the law firm Wiley Rein LLP.

In 2008, Jim Slattery ran and lost the United States Senate race against incumbent Pat Roberts.

For more information see the Kansas State Historical Society web page, http://www.kshs.org/research/topics/politics/essay_congress.htm

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

Jim Slattery gave this collection of his papers and other historical materials to the Kansas State Historical Society in 1996. This collection was opened on January 1, 2010.

The Jim Slattery papers have been artificially divided into series headings in order to enhance their research value. House Floor Activities are records pertaining to Slattery’s activities on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. They include voting scores and records; sponsored and co-sponsored bills; and speeches and floor statements. Correspondence includes constituent or legislative mail or memoranda as well as form letters. Reference Files are compilations of information that could be useful or important to constituents, Slattery, and/or legislative action. This includes legislative files, issues/clippings, statistics and information on the 2nd District, and general information. Calendars and Events include schedules and accepted invitations. Publications encompass press releases, postal customer mailings, and columns. Computing consists of the systems/mail administration records and the backup tapes of the Slattery collection. There are many Photographs in the collection, mostly of Jim Slattery or fellow representatives. Public Statements consists primarily of speeches by Slattery that were not made on the House floor. The Collection also contains miscellaneous Awards and Plaques presented to Slattery. Guest Books are the record of visitors to Slattery’s Washington, D.C., office. Reports are formal compilations of information and generally include recommendations for action. New Member Materials are orientation materials presented to Slattery upon his induction into the 98th Congress.

Contents: Ser. 1. House floor activities -- ser. 2. Correspondence -- ser. 3. Reference files -- ser. 4. Calendars and events -- ser. 5. Publications -- ser. 6. Computing -- ser. 7. Photographs -- ser. 8. Public statements -- ser. 9. Awards and plaques -- ser. 10. Guest books -- ser. 11. Reports -- ser. 12. New member materials.


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Other Finding Aid/Index: Finding aid available from the Kansas Historical Society (Topeka) and on its website: http://www.kshs.org/research/collections/documents/personalpapers/findingaids/slattery_jim_collection_guide.pdf

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    Canada -- Treaties, etc. -- 1992 Oct. 7
    United States. Congress. House
    Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
    Speeches, addresses, etc., American -- Kansas
    Kansas -- Politics and government -- 1951-
    Persian Gulf
    United States
    United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century
    Slattery, Jim, 1948- -- Correspondence
    Slattery, Jim, 1948- -- Political activity
    Legislators -- Kansas
    Legislators -- United States
    Abortion -- United States
    Aeronautics -- United States
    B-2 bomber
    Environmental policy -- United States
    Floods -- United States
    Medical care -- United States
    Natural gas -- United States
    Petroleum -- United States
    Public welfare -- United States
    Superconducting Super Collider
    Veterans -- United States

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Use and reproduction: Information on copyright available from the Kansas Historical Society (Topeka).

Action note: Collection described by Elizabeth Shirley, Barnes intern, 2008.


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