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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Wyandotte

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Letter by James Parker  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction/Memaw, Granney, gramphs 
Letter by Chelsea Trizcinski  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Big family, pets!, describes house,school 
Letter by Jeanne M. Shove  Turner/KC, Wyandotte County  Junction5thGrTeacher 
Letter by Ro Jean Mustain  White Church/KC, Wyandotte County  NY, yard, TV, computer, choir, family 
Letter by Beverly Besack Johnson    FCE, Accessible Arts, Bus. & Professional Women 
Letter by Helen Steffey    WyCoFCE, lives in Shawnee. 10/11 drive to Lawrence to dtr 
Letter by Dorothy Vaughan    WyCoFCE, Lives in Fairmount of Leavenworth Co 
Letter by Shirley Jean Holland    WyCoFCE, born in Marshall Co, to Argentine in 1936 
Letter by Alice Worthington    WyCoFCE, Junction-Turner Dist Teacher 
Letter by Dolores Ford    WyCoFCE, American Royal Shows in KCMo 
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